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Friday, August 18, 2017---USC Salute to Troy and More - Part 1

Trojan Candy rushed to USC four hours before the annual USC Salute to Troy was to begin. I made it to Soni McAlister Field at 2:00 pm in time to get a voucher for a replica Women of Troy 2016 NCAA Championship banner.

Then, after putting my bags on the bench, I walked over to the Galen Center upstairs gym to watch and take pictures of the USC 2017 Women of Troy Volleyball Team. They were playing a USC Alumni Team. Trojan Candy recognized three of the alumni. They were Katie Fuller and two 2017 USC graduates, Christopher Orenic (5/13/2017) and Taylor Whittingham (1/8/2017).

It was hard to recognize our 2017 Women of Troy Volleyball Team. They all wore jerseys without names.

Womens Volleyball and Alumni
This video shows the entire team and the Volleyball Alumni.
Women of Troy Volleyball Team
The 2017 Women of Troy Volleyball Team huddled.
Next, the Alumni huddled.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

Championship BannersNow it was time for Trojan Candy to walk back to Soni McAlister Field to watch the USC Women of Troy Soccer Team play in their season opener versus UC Davis. When I arrived, the score was 0-0. I saw that the new 2016 NCAA Women's Soccer Championship Banner was hung up by our 2007 NCAA Championship Banner. Here is a picture of both of our NCAA Championship banners. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

The match was fast moving. The action seemed to be mostly on the opponent's side of the field. That's good! We scored a goal at 21:41. I didn't get a picture of the goal, but here are two action pictures. We went into halftime ahead 1-0.Soccer gameSoccer game

During the halftime, Trojan Candy got in line to get my Championship Replica Banner. Thank you, USC Marketing Department and FIGHT ON!

After halftime, it was time to walk over to the Loker Track Stadium to check in for the Salute to Troy event. At 2:30 pm there were already quite a lot of Trojans standing in line. After checking in, I stood in line under the shade of a sparse tree waiting for my family to come.

Henry and Amara NwosuWhile in line Trojan Candy met Senior outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu's dad Henry and mom Amara.

Unknown to me as I was waiting in line, friend Sandy Johnston, whose husband Rex Johnston is a USC football alumnus, had a friend who took pictures at the pre-Salute to Troy football alumni reception in Heritage Hall. The next 10 pictures of alumni of various USC Football Teams were taken by Liz Matheny. Thank you, Sandy and Liz!

?, Bruce Luizzi, and Shane Foley
?, Bruce Luizzi, and Shane Foley
Steve Lehmer and Adrian Young
Steve Lehmer and Adrian Young
Paul Salata and C.R. Roberts
Paul Salata and C.R. Roberts
?, Zack Kusnir, Sid Smith, and Bob Steuber
?, Zack Kusnir, Sid Smith, and Bob Steuber
Jeremy ?, Lou Byrd, and Maurine Lewis
Jeremy ?, Lou Byrd, and Maurine Lewis
Ron Ayala and Brad Fielder?
Ron Ayala and Brad Fielder?
Ron Ayala, Brad Fielder?, Greg George, and Reg Fielder
Ron Ayala, Brad Fielder?, Greg George, and Reg Fielder
Rex Johnston, Lou Byrd, Paul Salata, CR Roberts, Bob Padgett, and ?
Rex Johnston, Lou Byrd, Paul Salata, CR Roberts, Bob Padgett, and ?
Shane Foley, Seamus Callanan, Rick 'Truck' Miller, and Dave Anderson
Shane Foley, Seamus Callanan, Rick "Truck" Miller, and Dave Anderson (4/20/2015).

?, Shane Foley, Bruce Luizzi, ????My family arrived around 4:30 pm. They included my two grandsons Zane and Kane, who live in Northern California. The gate opened at 5:30 pm and everyone rushed into the stadium to find their tables. After locating their tables, some went to get their food and others lined up for one of the three autograph lines. My daughter Kelly and I roamed around with Zane and Kane seeking autographs from players who were entering the stadium. This is when Trojan Candy took galores of pictures.

Kane, Liam Jimmons, and ZaneThe USC players started walking into the stadium a few at a time. Redshirt Freshman Defensive Lineman Liam Jimmons (2/3/2016) was one of the first ones.

Zane, Quincy Watts, and KaneThen, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. Quincy Watts (2/1/2014), with a big smile on his face, waved at me. I walked my two grandsons over to meet him. Trojan Candy took this picture of Zane and Kane with the Assistant Coach-Sprints, double 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist. FIGHT ON! Quincy!

More USC players walked on to the field. Trojan Candy took one picture after another of my grandsons getting their autographs.

Damon Johnson and Kane
The players were Freshman Snapper Damon Johnson (2/1/2017),
Zane and Michael Brown
Redshirt Freshman Placekicker Michael Brown,
Bryce Matthews
Freshman Outside Linebacker Bryce Matthews,
Kane, Jalen Jones, and Zane
Redshirt Junior Cornerback Jalen Jones,
Zane, Roy Hemsley, and Kane
Redshirt Sophomore Offensive Tackle/Guard Roy Hemsley (2/4/2015),
Kane and Matt Lopes
Redshirt Senior Safety Matt Lopes,
Wyatt Schmidt
Redshirt Junior Placekick Holder Wyatt Schmidt,
Kane, Viane Talamaivao, and Zane
Senior Offensive Guard Viane Talamaivao,
Kane, Corbin Jountti, and Zane
and Redshirt Senior Tailback Corbin Jountti.
Wyatt Schmidt
My grandsons ran to Table 1 where their Great Uncle Dudley was standing in line. They were able to get autographs of Redshirt Junior Center/Offensive Guard Toa Lobendahn and Redshirt Senior Center Nico Falah.
Iman Marshall, Kane, and Zane
Then, Junior Cornerback Iman Marshall signed for them.

Now, it was back to the field. It was hard for Trojan Candy to keep up with all of the action. The boys and their mom Kelly got one autograph after another.

Kane, Jackson Boyer, and Zane
The players were Redshirt Senior Wide Receiver Jackson Boyer,
Kane, Joseph Lewis IV, and Zane
Freshman Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis IV,
Rasheem Green, Kane, Zane, and James Toland IV
Junior Offensive Tackle Rasheem Green and Redshirt Senior Tailback James Toland IV,
Josh Fatu and Zane
Senior Defensive Tackle Josh Fatu,
Zane and Olajuwon Tucker
Senior Outside Linebacker Olajuwon Tucker,
Velus Jones, Jr. and Kelly
Redshirt Freshman Wide Receiver Velus Jones, Jr. (1/29/2017),
Daniel Imatorbhebhe and Kelly
Redshirt Sophomore Tight End Daniel Imatorbhebhe,
Christian Herrera and Zane
Redshirt Senior Inside Linebacker Christian Herrera,
Vavae Malepeai and Kelly
and Redshirt Freshman Tailback Vavae Malepeai (1/29/2017),
Sam Darnold
Trojan Candy went back to Table 1 and sneaked in this picture of Redshirt Sophomore Quarterback Sam Darnold (12/14/2016) signing autographs now. He wasn't there when Zane and Kane walked through the line earlier. Bummer!
Michael Pittman Jr. and Kelly
Next, I found my grandsons and Kelly again on the field. The players who signed were friend Sophomore Wide Receiver Michael Pittman Jr. (2/3/2016),
Zane and Brandon Pili
Freshman Defensive Tackle Brandon Pili,
Oluwole Betiku Jr. and Zane
friend Sophomore Outside Linebacker Oluwole Betiku Jr. (2/3/2016),
Greg Johnson and Zane
Freshman Cornerback Greg Johnson,
Trevon Sidney and Zane
Redshirt Freshman Wide Receiver Trevon Sidney,
Zane and Hunter Echols
Freshman Outside Linebacker Hunter Echols,
Chase McGrath and Kelly
and Freshman Placekicker Chase McGrath.
?? and Clay Helton
Just before the program was going to start, this couple presented Head Coach Clay Helton a Lucian painting that they got numerous players to autograph. What a FANtastic gift!

What an unbelievable USC autograph session!