April 2015 (3) Candygrams

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Monday, April 20, 2015---The Bill Seinsoth Heritage Hall Medallion

My husband Jim and I were able to meet USC Baseball Alumnus Bill Seinsoth's nephew, Dave Anderson, and give him Bill's Heritage Hall Medallion.

The three of us talked for forty-five minutes about Bill, USC baseball and football, Arcadia High School and mutual friends. We could have talked longer, but I had an appointment to go to.

1978 National Championship ringDave is a USC Football Alumnus, who played the center position on the 1978 National Championship Team. Yes, that is his Championship ring! Dave said that one of his teammates and good friend was Paul McDonald (2/27/2009). Trojan Candy met and interviewed Paul when I volunteered at Heritage Hall. Now, I'm interviewing Dave!

At USC, Dave was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Dave spoke of the many friends he made at USC...Justin Dedeaux, Rick Caruso, Brad Budde and Anthony Munoz to name a few.

Then, Dave spoke of his uncle, Bill Seinsoth. Bill attended Arcadia High School where he was the starting pitcher on the baseball team. He was the C.I.F. Player of the year and was drafted in his Senior year. Luckily, Bill decided to attend U.S.C.

Next, Dave talked about his uncle's career at USC. He said that Bill played first base. In his Senior year he was also a power hitter. Bill was an All-American. In the 1968 College World Series, Bill was voted the Most Outstanding Player. He was honored with a Heritage Hall Medallion since he was an All-American on a championship team. After he graduated from USC, Bill was the 8th player picked in the MLB draft. He was the #1 pick of the Dodgers. Dave played one year in the Dodger's farm club, the Bakersfield Dodgers, in 1969. His roommate was Ron Cey!

Unfortunately, Bill never played in the majors. He died in a solo car crash and never played a game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. What a loss. Rod Dedeaux said. "If Bill Seinsoth had lived, there's a good chance that no one would have ever heard of Steve Garvey." FIGHT ON forever, Bill!

Heritage Hall medallionThis is a picture of Bill Seinsoth's medallion that we gave to Dave.

Dave Anderson and Jim YeeDave and my husband Jim posed for this picture. It was so nice to meet and talk with Dave. FIGHT ON, Dave!

Dave has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/biginjundave.

Saturday, April 18, 2015---USC Men's Volleyball Senior Night

Tonight's opponent for our men's volleyball team was Cal Baptist.

Team huddle
Our men huddled before the last regular season match.
Cristian Rivera
During the match, I was able to take pictures of each Senior serving. Here's Cristian Rivera (12/7/2012) concentrating on his serve.
Micah Christenson
Senior Micah Christenson is getting ready to serve.
Tyler Cundiff
Senior Tyler Cundiff is serving.
Robert Feathers
Senior Robert Feathers (11/9/2012) is about to serve.
Chris Lischke
Senior Chris Lischke is waiting to serve.

Our men swept Cal Baptist in three sets, 25-21, 25-17, and 25-19.

Senior night
Now it was time to honor our five Seniors.
Trojan Candy ran down from the stands to get this picture of the Senior families in line.
Robert, Heidi and Tyler Cundiff
Then I was able to get pictures of each Senior with his family. Tyler Cundiff was first with his parents Heidi and Robert.
Lauren, Aly, Chris and Pia Lischke
Then Chris Lischke was introduced with his sisters Lauren and Aly and his mother Pia.
Edda, Cristian and Wilberto Rivera
Cristian Rivera was third with his parents, Edda and Wilberto.
Catherine, Elizabeth, Robert and Patty Feathers
Robert Feathers followed with his sisters Catherine and Elizabeth and his mother Patty.
Charlene, Micah and Bob Christenson
Micah Christenson was announced last with his parents Charlene and Bob. Micah will be the setter on the USA team in the 2016 Olympics.
Seniors, coaches, and teammates
After the ceremony, Trojan Candy ran out onto the court to get more pictures. The team and coaches with the five Seniors.
Seniors and families
The five Seniors and their families.
Robert and Tyler Cundiff
Next, I took pictures of individual Seniors and their families. Tyler Cundiff with his dad Robert. FIGHT ON, Tyler!
Catherine, Elizabeth, Robert and Patty Feathers
Robert Feathers with his mother Patty and sisters Catherine and Elizabeth. FIGHT ON, Robert!
Pia and Chris Lischke
Chris Lischke and his mother Pia. FIGHT ON, Chris!

Edda, Cristian, ?, and Wilberto RiveraCristian Rivera with his mother Edda, father Wilberto, and ? FIGHT ON, Cristian!

Candy Yee and Micah ChristensonI didn't see Micah Christenson, so we decided to leave. As we were leaving, we found Micah in the lobby meeting and taking pictures with several fans. My husband Jim was able to take this picture of yours truly with Micah. I wished him good luck in the MPSF and the Olympics! FIGHT ON, Micah!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball!

Thursday, April 16, 2015---Women of Troy Tennis vs. UCLA

Trojan Candy arrived for the Women of Troy tennis match against crosstown rival UCLA.

Spirit of Troy
Excitement was in the air already. The Spirit of Troy was also ready!
Star Spangled Banner.
The two teams stood for the Star Spangled Banner.
Video of huddle
Our team huddled in the video above. Let the Doubles begin.

Unfortunately, the Bruins won 2-0 in the Doubles to take the first point.

During the intermission between the Doubles and the Singles, Trojan Candy walked over to Heritage Hall to run an errand.

Hayley CroneSenior Women of Troy Volleyball player Hayley Crone smiled at me as I walked out of Becky Gramstrup's office in Heritage Hall. I thought to myself, "Now is the perfect time to interview Haley." So, I did. Hayley told me that her job at Heritage Hall is her first work experience. She is majoring in Communications. As a child living in Temecula, Hayley loved riding horses. She said that it was so relaxing for her to ride her horse. Hayley and her older sister Hillary would also compete in horse shows. Her other childhood interest was dance. She was the tallest girl in her dance class. This is when, the owner of the dance school advised her to play volleyball. So, Haley started playing volleyball when she was in sixth grade. She started playing club volleyball when she was 14. Trojan Candy is so glad that she became a Trojan! On an even more personal note, Hayley doesn't go to too many movies. She "loves" all foods as well as alternative music and jazz. I took this picture of Hayley in the Heritage Hall lobby. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Hayley!

When I got back to Mark's Tennis Stadium, the Singles had already started.

Sabrina Santamaria
On Court 1 Senior Sabrina Santamaria (4/11/2014) finished first losing in a tight match against #1 ranked Robin Anderson.
Madison Westby
On Court 4 Freshman Madison Westby actually spained her ankle and almost had to forfeit because of injury. Physical Therapist Drew Morcos treated Madison, and she was able to continue.
Gabby Smith
Freshman Gabby Smith lost in three sets on Court 5 to give UCLA a 3-0 lead.
Danielle Lao
As all the action was going on, Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face. Tennis alumna Danielle Lao came to watch the match. Naturally, I took her picture. FIGHT ON, Danielle!
Zoe Scandalis
On Court 3, Senior Zoe Scandalis won in two sets to earn USC's first point. Her victory started the comeback.
Meredith Xepoleas
Another Freshman, Meredith Xepoleas (2/28/2015), won in 3 sets on Court 6.
Giuliana Olmos
Next Giuliana Olmos won in three sets on Court 2.
Tie score
This tied the match at 3-3. Can we win it?
Madison Westby
Back to Court 4. If you look closely at Madison's left ankle, you can see the tape.
Video of Madison Westby's win
My video above shows the exciting finish to the comeback and the team celebration!
Final score
The scoreboard tells it all!
Pac 12 Champs
With the win, our Team won the Pac 12 Crown! The team poses with the Pac-12 Trophy.
Madison Westby and Darcy Couch
Madison happily poses with SID Darcy Couch. I congratulated Madison on her accomplishment!
Gabriella DeSimone, Sabrina Santamaria, and Zoe Scandalis
Then, uh-oh! As Sabrina held the trophy, the etched glass fell off and shattered.
Broken trophy
Sabrina said that she didn't do anything....the glass just fell off.

Gabriella DeSimone, Sabrina Santamaria, Zoe Scandalis, and Casey ReedeOur four Seniors were elated! There's no greater feeling than beating the Bruins on the way to the Pac 12 Championship!

FIGHT ON, 2015 Undefeated Pac-12 Champs!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!