August 2015 (2) Candygrams

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015---USC Football Picture Day

My daughter Kelly, my grandson Zane and I arrived at the John McKay Center at 9:30 a.m. We were able to meet a few new players.

Quinton Powell, Don Hill and Zane
Quinton Powell and Don Hill posed with Zane.
Greg Townsend, Jr.
It was so nice for Trojan Candy to visit with friend Greg Townsend, Jr. (4/26/2012).
Jonathan Lockett and Isaac Whitney
Friends Jonathan Lockett and Isaac Whitney (2/4/2015) posed for this picture. Isaac, Kelly and I talked about his grandmother whom we met at the practice yesterday. Isaac and I agree that she is quite a character!
Deontay Burnett
The last picture is of Deontay Burnett.

Since a team meeting was scheduled for 10:30 a.m., the three of us walked over to Heritage Hall.

While touring the second floor, Trojan Candy saw cardinal and gold football uniforms on the field in front of the John McKay Center. The three of us darted down to the field. It was time for the team pictures! The players were lined up numerically from one to ninety-nine.

Football team and staff
Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of the team, coaches and managers. Click the thumbnail to see a high resolution picture and zoom in on it.

After the team picture was taken, Trojan Candy walked among the players.

The photographer was now taking position pictures. It was the perfect time to take pictures of new and old friends.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Jalen Greene, Max Browne and Darreus Rogers
JuJu Smith-Schuster (5/26/2015), Jalen Greene, Max Browne and Darreus Rogers were sitting together on the end of the benches.
Richie Wenzel, Toa Lobendahn and Nico Falah
Then I saw Richie Wenzel, Toa Lobendahn and Nico Falah.
Zane and Zach Banner
Next, I had Zane pose with good friend Zach Banner (10/11/2012). Yes, Zach is HUGE!
Max Tuerk, Chad Wheeler and Jordan Simmons
Three offensive linemen, Max Tuerk, Chad Wheeler (3/23/2012) and Jordan Simmons (7/13/2012) smiled for this picture.
Ryan Dillard and Erick Jepsen
Long-time friends Ryan Dillard and Erick Jepsen (5/3/2012) turned around for this picture. Every one else in the picture was watching the position pictures being taken.
Justin Davis
Trojan Candy caught up with Justin Davis.
defensive players
Then, I saw many defensive players waiting together. I got their attention and took this picture.
Soma Vainuku and Zane
Trojan Candy took Zane over to meet Soma Vainuku (1/21/2011) and to take this picture of them.
James Toland IV and Robby Kolanz
James Toland IV and Robby Kolanz gave me a "Fight On!"
defensive players
Luckily, I saw defensive players pose for another picture. I was there lickety split to snap this picture!
Non-scholarship players
After the photographer took the picture of the non-scholarship players, they posed for a group picture in the middle of the field. Trojan Candy got there just in time.
Wyatt Schmidt, Robby Kolanz and Nick Schlossberg
Near the John McKay Center, Wyatt Schmidt, Robby Kolanz and Nick Schlossberg smiled for me. Robby is everywhere!

Don Hill, Lamar Dawson and ZaneAfter that picture, the rest of the team started walking back into the John McKay Center. Kelly, Zane and I decided to continue our tour of Heritage Hall. As we walked toward Heritage, two familiar faces were walking towards us. Don Hill and Lamar Dawson (7/14/2011) posed with Zane. It was so nice to visit with Lamar again. Then, boldly, I asked Don if I could interview him. Lamar just smiled. He had been interviewed by yours truly four years ago! Don said that I could. FIGHT ON, Lamar!

Don HillDon, who is from Boise, Idaho, is a red-shirt Sophomore. He is majoring in Sociology. Kelly smiled with approval. She majored in Sociology at Harvard. Don started playing football in the fifth grade. He is an Outside Linebacker on the team. I asked him more questions as quickly as I could since he had to return a phone call. Don said that his favorite food is pizza. His favorite movie is one that he just saw with the team, "Straight Outta Compton." Lastly, he likes to listen to music. Gucci Mane and Nane are his favorite artists. How's that for a quick five minute interview! Trojan Candy has not lost her touch! Thank you and FIGHT ON, Don!

Another super exciting day at USC!

FIGHT ON, my beloved USC Football Team!