April 2015 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, April 11, 2015---Women of Troy Tennis Senior Salute

Trojan Candy walked from the Uytengsu Swim Stadium where Swim with Mike was being held to the Marks Tennis Stadium. Coach Richard Gallien decided to schedule the Senior Salute for the match against Colorado this morning instead of before the UCLA game on Thursday, April 16th, so that our team would not be overly distracted.

SeniorsCongratulations"Congratulation Seniors" shone on the scoreboard as well as the names of our four Seniors.

Coach Gallien invited anyone from the stands to come down to the court to take pictures. Trojan Candy was on the court, lickety split.

John McGillen
Already on the court was USC photographer John McGillen (5/3/2014). Trojan Candy sees John at least once a week at an event. He smiled for this picture.
Sabrina Santamaria, Casey Reede, Zoe Scandalis, and Rich Gallien
Then, Coach Gallien gave each Senior a bouquet and a hug.
Sabrina Santamaria, Casey Reede, Gabriella DeSimone, and Zoe Scandalis
The four Seniors posed together. Sabrina Santamaria (4/11/2014), Casey Reede (11/12/2014), Gabriella DeSimone, and Zoe Scandalis.
Ivan, Sabrina, and Anneli Santamaria
Each Senior was introduced with her parents. Sabrina Santamaria was introduced first with her parents Ivan and Anneli. FIGHT ON, Sabrina!
Marc, Casey, and Pat Reede
Senior Casey Reede was second. Her parents Marc and Pat joined her. FIGHT ON, Casey!
Dewain Baker, Zoe Scandalis, and Aneesa Baker
Zoe Scandalis posed first with step-dad Dewain Baker and her mom Aneesa. FIGHT ON, Zoe!
William and Zoe Scandalis
Then, her dad William Scandalis joined Zoe for this picture.

The last Senior was Gabriella DeSimone. Trojan Candy has seen her parents Bob and Sue standing on the balcony over Court 6 taking pictures of Gabriella. Now it was my turn.

Bob, Gabriella, and Sue DeSimone
Here is a picture of Gabriella with her parents Bob and Sue. FIGHT ON, Gabriella!
Coaches West Nott and Rich Gallien joined the Seniors in this picture.
Pat Haden, Sabrina Santamaria, Gabriella DeSimone, Zoe Scandalis, and Casey Reede
Athletic Director Pat Haden posed with the four Seniors.

Paige Keating, Sarah Teichner, Gabby Smith, Meredith Xepoleas, Madison Westby, Zoe Scandalis, ?, Giuliana Olmos, Casey Reede, Zoe Katz, Sabrina Santamaria, and Gabriella DeSimoneThe entire team posed for a picture before the match began. Paige Keating, Manager Sarah Teichner, Gabby Smith, Meredith Xepoleas (2/28/2015), Madison Westby, Zoe Scandalis, ?, Giuliana Olmos (2/28/2015), Casey Reede, Zoe Katz (2/28/2015), Sabrina Santamaria, and Gabriella DeSimone

Our women swept Colorado 7-0.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis Team!

Trojan Candy was off to the Spring Football game at the Coliseum.

Saturday, April 11, 2015---Swim with Mike

Peter Daland PoolThe Uytengsu Aquatics Center was so crowded when Trojan Candy arrived at 10.00 a.m. at the 35th Swim with Mike event. To view more Swim with Mike pictures, CLICK HERE.

Davonte Nunnery and Kevon SeymourThe Peter Daland Pool was glistening in the sunlight.

Trojan Candy immediately looked for any football friends by the pool. I wasn't disappointed. I saw Davonte Nunnery and friend Kevon Seymour (8/16/2012) first. Trojan Candy didn't recognize Kevon at first! He got a different haircut! He looks good! FIGHT ON, Davonte! FIGHT ON, Kevon!

Leon McQuay III, Davonte Nunnery and Kevon SeymourFriend Leon McQuay III joined Davonte and Kevon. FIGHT ON, Leon!

Jonathan Lockett and Jalen GreeneTwo new football friends posed for Trojan Candy. They were cornerback Jonathan Lockett and quarterback Jalen Greene. FIGHT ON, Jonathan! FIGHT ON, Jalen!

Ricky Town, Connor Spears, Grant Moore, Nick Schlossberg, Wyatt Schmidt, Stefan Smith, and Reid BudrovichCody Temple and Greg TownsendThen, I walked over to friend Ricky Town (2/4/2015). Boldly I asked Ricky to gather some of his teammates for a picture. Connor Spears, Grant Moore, Nick Schlossberg, Wyatt Schmidt, Stefan Smith, and Reid Budrovich obliged with big smiles! FIGHT ON, Ricky!

It was so nice to visit with football friends Cody Temple (5/3/2012) and Greg Townsend, Jr. (4/26/2012). Both of them are Seniors this year! More about Cody later. FIGHT ON, Cody! FIGHT ON, Greg!

Kenny Bigelow, a volunteer and Leon McQuay IIIAs I walked toward the pool, I was able to take this picture of a smiling Kenny Bigelow, a volunteer and Leon McQuay III. FIGHT ON, Kenny!

Ron OrrAt the pool, I was able to actually get this picture of Ron Orr, the creator of the Swim with Mike Scholarship Fund! He is all over the place during Swim with Mike. What a friend he has been over the years! Ron allowed Trojan Candy to volunteer at Heritage Hall for almost nine years!

The "Football Team/Song Girl Relay" was finally ready to start. Trojan Candy took pictures of three lanes.

Lane 1
Lane 1
Lane 2
Lane 2
Lane 3
Lane 3

Click on the three thumbnails below to view videos for all of the action.

Video 1
Video 1
Video 2
Video 2
Video 3
Video 3
All relay participants
Here is a picture of all Relay participants in the center of the pool.
Relay parcipants
Closeup of a few Relay parcipants
Relay parcipants
Closeup of more Relay parcipants
Wyatt Schmidt, Nick Schlossberg, Grant Moore, Connor Spears, Reid Budrovich, and Kevin Carrasco
Just out of the pool, six football Relay players posed for Trojan Candy. They were Wyatt Schmidt, Nick Schlossberg, Grant Moore, Connor Spears, Reid Budrovich, and Kevin Carrasco.
Chris Brown
Then I took this picture of relay football player Chris Brown.
Andy Dobrzynski, Daniel, and his friend Paul
After the relay, Trojan Candy saw friend Andy Dobrzynski, his grandson Daniel and his friend Paul.

Adam BartNext, Trojan Candy saw Adam Bart. Adam is the Senior Executive Director of the USC Associates. I see Adam at almost every USC event!

John Morris and Willie McGinestTrojan Candy did not take pictures this year of the formal ceremonies. Instead I walked back to the Mark's Tennis Stadium to photograph the Women of Troy Tennis Team honoring their four Seniors. That blog entry will be posted next.

After the Women of Troy Senior Ceremony was finished, Trojan Candy walked back to Swim with Mike. I was lucky to take this picture of Swim with Mike recipient John Morris with USC Football Alumnus Willie McGinest!

Anthony Munoz and Tony Boselli
Standing nearby were football alumni Anthony Munoz and Tony Boselli.
Steve Sarkisian
Coach Steve Sarkisian posed for me next.
Cody Temple and Tyler Schilhable
Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Cody Temple and Swim with Mike scholarship recipient Tyler Schilhable. Cody told me that his fiance will be having their baby son next week. Congratulations, Cody!

I was able to take four more pictures of friends before going to the barbecue.

Don and Jim (sitting) Winston and Steve Lopes
Don Winston, his son Jim Winston (a former Swim with Mike scholarship recipient), and Steve Lopes stopped to pose for me.
Fred Uytengsu and Nate Higgins
Fred Uytengsu smiled and posed with Swim with Mike scholarship recipient Nate Higgins. Fred told me that his family from the Philippines also flew into Los Angeles to attend a wedding shower for his daughter. Congratulations, Fred!
Mike Nyeholt and Phillip Ribeiro
Mike Nyeholt (for whom Swim with Mike was originated) smiled for this picture with my friend Phillip Ribeiro. Phillip lives in Northern California and comes down every year to attend Swim with Mike. What dedication!
Julian Bonse
I finally ran into friend Julian Bonse before leaving for the barbecue.
Gregg and Evita Millward
In the barbecue line, Trojan Candy was fortunate to see friend Gregg Millward and his new wife of nine months Evita. Congratulations Evita and Gregg!
Nathaniel Hsieh
Trojan Candy made a new friend who was in the buffet line in front of me. Nathaniel Hsieh is a pre-law student at USC. His aunts, Vicki Ho and Belinda Lim, were in the same USC sorority as my sister Pat and I were. We were all members of Delta Phi Kappa. What a small world! FIGHT ON, Nathaniel!
Mel and Doris Hughes and Pat and Dudley Poon
Talking about my sister Pat, my final picture at Swim with Mike is of my friends Mel and Doris Hughes and my sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley Poon.

What a busy day at Swim with Mike!