November 2014 (1) Candygrams

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Sunday, 11/9/2014---Women of Troy Exhibition Basketball vs. Concordia

Roshon FeganMy husband Jim and I were able to sit courtside for the USC Women of Troy basketball exhibition game versus Concordia. The entire Galen Center was filled with children from various Los Angeles Unifed School District (LAUSD) schools! They were chanting and cheering, LOUDLY! Then we heard shrills! A young man, whom we had walked past to get to our seats, was the object of their attention. He and his entourage walked around the entire lower section that encircles the court. All of the children in each section ran down to see him and possibly touch his hand. So many squeals! Trojan Candy asked an adult LAUSD chaperone who the young man was. His name was Roshon Fegan. I couldn't resist....I had to take his picture. Trojan Candy found out later that he is an actor, singer-songwriter and dancer. What a young talent!

Our Women of Troy started fast and easily scored on the Concordia Eagles. Here are three pictures of our players scoring free throws against Concordia.

Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams
Brianna Barrett
Brianna Barrett
Kristen Simon
Kristen Simon

ScoreThanksWe won big.

After their huddle, the team acknowledged the audience and thanked us for coming.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball.

What a weekend of USC sports!

Saturday, 11/8/2014---USC Men's Exhibition Basketball vs. CSULA

We went to the Men's Basketball Exhibition with Cal State LA at the Galen Center.

Men's Basketball Team
Our Men's Basketball Team stood at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.

We started the game slowly. We were down 14-1, then our offense kicked in. We won 87-68!

Samantha Tulin Taylor with Bailey
Trojan Candy got to meet friend Samantha Tulin Taylor's new son, Bailey! What a little cutie! FIGHT ON, Samantha!

FIGHT ON, Men's Basketball!

Friday, 11/7/2014---USC Women's Soccer vs. UCLA

Devon Pflueger, Strahinja Gavrilovic, and Nikola JovanovicTrojan Candy was sitting in the Coliseum waiting for the Women of Troy Soccer Team's match with UCLA to begin, when I heard a voice say, "Hi, Candy." It was friend Nikola Jovanovic (3/26/2014). He and two basketball teammates, Luis Strahinja Gavrilovic (11/16/2012) and Devon Pflueger, came to support the Women of Troy Soccer Team. They posed for this picture. Can you recognize Luis?

Soccer SeniorsThe Women of Troy Soccer Seniors and their families were honored on the big screen.

FIGHT ON, #27 Alex Quincey! FIGHT ON, #22 Heather Davis (9/29/2011)! FIGHT ON, #3 Jessica Musmanno (4/13/2012)! FIGHT ON, #1 Caroline Stanley (3/23/2012)!

Women of Troy Soccer team
Our Women of Troy Soccer Team on the sideline.
We played good defense.
We broke the regular season Soccer attendance record with 10,128!

Unfortunately, our team lost 2-0.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Sunday, November 2, 2014---Men's and Women's Basketball Trojan Tip-Off

The Galen Center opened at 11:30 a.m. for the Men's and Women's Basketball Tip-Off. Trojan Candy was there, so ready to take lots of pictures. I did just that!

Dance Force
The Dance Force was there en force!
Caleb and Donna Heinel
Three friends posed for pictures for yours truly. Donna Heinel and her son Caleb.
Larry Jung
Larry Jung and the Song Girls
Mel Hughes
Mel Hughes (8/24/2012) and the Song Girls.
Women's team
Trojan Candy went inside the arena to see our Women of Troy Basketball Team's exhibition game. Head Coach Cynthia Cooper huddled with the team.
Jordan Moore, Alexyz Vaioletama, and Jordan Adams
Jordon Moore interviewed Alexyz Vaioletama (6/23/2011) and Jordan Adams while Coach Cooper "photo bombed" their picture.
Dance Force
The Dance Force in action.
Women's team
The Women of Troy in action: shooting a free throw.
Women's team
and playing offense.
Nikola Jovanovic
Trojan Candy saw the Men's Team walk into the arena. Friend Nikola Jovanovic (3/26/2014) smiled for this picture.
Julian Jacobs, Malik Marquetti, Strahinja Gavrilovic and Jordan McLaughlin
Friend Luis Strahinja Gavrilovic (11/16/2012) posed with Julian Jacobs and two new players Malik Marquetti and Jordan McLaughlin.
Men's team
The men's team gathered on the benches to wait until they could take the court. Trojan Candy tapped Darion Clark on his shoulder and asked him to gather the team for a picture. He did! Here is the 2014 USC Men's Basketball Team.

After the Women of Troy's game ended, there was a three point shooting contest between the men and the women and a shooting contest involving two fans.

Courtney Jaco
Courtney Jaco competed for the Women.
Elijah Stewart
Elijah Stewart competed for the Men.
Brianna Barrett, Jordan Adams, Nikola Jovanovic, and Katin Reinhardt
Then Brianna Barrett, Jordan Adams, Nikola Jovanovic, Katin Reinhardt, and two fans competed in a layup, free throw, and half-court shooting contest.
Julian Jacobs, Jordan Moore, and Elijah Stewart
Jordan Moore interviewed Julian Jacobs and Elijah Stewart before the Men's exhibition.
Our Men's Team huddled before the start of the game.
Exhibition game
Gold team on offense.
Free throw
Kahlil Dukes shot a free throw for the Cardinal team.
Victor Gutierrez and Emilio
When the Men's exhibition was over, the fans stood in line to get autographs. Trojan Candy saw two friends near the front of the line, Victor Gutierrez and his grandson Emilio.

Trojan Candy was able to take pictures of both the Men's and Women's teams before the autograph session began.

The Men's Team:

Brendyn Taylor and Chass Bryan
Brendyn Taylor and Chass Bryan
Nikola Jovanovic and Luis Gavrilovic
Nikola Jovanovic and Luis Gavrilovic
Samer Dhillon and Katin Reinhardt
Samer Dhillon (3/26/2014) and Katin Reinhardt
Kahlil Dukes and Julian Jacobs
Kahlil Dukes and Julian Jacobs
Malik Martin and Darion Clark
Malik Martin and Darion Clark
Elijah Stewart and Malik Marquetti
Elijah Stewart and Malik Marquetti. Sorry, Malik. I'll take a better picture of you next time!

The Women of Troy:

Kristen Simon and Courtney Jaco
Kristen Simon and Courtney Jaco
Calvert McKenzie and Kaneisha Horn
Calvert McKenzie and Kaneisha Horn
Drew Edelman and Chyanne Butler
Drew Edelman and Chyanne Butler
Alexyz Vaioletama, Alexis Lloyd and Jordan Adams
Alexyz Vaioletama, Alexis Lloyd and Jordan Adams
Amy Okonkwo and Kristen Simon
Amy Okonkwo and Kristen Simon

It was so exciting to see old friends on the two teams and to meet our new players. Basketball season will be starting soon!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball Team!

Trojan Candy will be writing next about the Trojan Baseball Homecoming Banquet.

FIGHT ON, until then!