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Friday, September 20, 2019---Dr. Carol Folt's Inauguration

My blog about the Presidential Inauguration for Dr. Carol Folt is posted at my main "athletic blog" not here at the TGLA blog. It includes several TGLA members. CLICK OR TAP HERE to go to that article.

Thursday, September 12, 2019---TGLA Welcomes Dr. Carol Folt!

USC's Alumni Association sent out an email asking USC organizations to take pictures for a "Welcome Dr. Carol Folt" campaign and email them to University Communications. These pictures were to be shown on big screens during the Inauguration.

Luckily, our TGLA Board had a meeting today so that I could take pictures in front of the Doheny Library. I brought in University Communications signs that my husband Jim printed out for us to hold.

4838Here is the 2019 TGLA Board welcoming our new USC President Dr. Carol Folt! In the front row are Carol Thueson, Anna Liberovsky, Jean Getchell, Cathy Beyer, Barbara Hance and Terri Boyle. In the back row are Ann Palmer, Judy Lieb, Sharon Schmidt, Sandi Hamper, Nikki Dana, Patti Madden and Sandy Johnston.

4829Because Trojan Candy also wanted to welcome Dr. Carol Folt, I included this picture that Ann Palmer took of Anna Liberovsky, Barbara Hance, Trojan Candy and Terri Boyle. Thanks, Ann.

FIGHT ON, Dr. Carol Folt!

Sunday, September 8, 2019---Back to School Scholarship Celebration

Trojan Candy decided to attend the Town and Gown "Back to School Scholarship Celebration" in order to interview one of our Trojan Guild scholars. Jessie Tien is a dual TGLA and Town and Gown Scholar. What an accomplishment!

When I arrived, all of the Town and Gown Scholars were inside for a meeting. Then, luckily, the scholars walked out to the patio. Trojan Candy walked around looking for Jessie Tien. Unfortunately, I couldn't find her. I did meet a young lady scholar, Samantha, who told me that Jessie was sitting at Table 9 with her. I thanked Samantha.

So, Trojan Candy walked around the patio still looking for Jessie.

I did see dual TGLA and Town and Gown members Christine Ofiesh and Ann Palmer. They posed with Sara Pfirrmann.
Town and Gown member Sally Edwards and Scholar Nicole Bannigan smiled for me next.
Just then, the Spirit of Troy marched into the patio.

They played outside first, then ushered all of the guests back inside. That is when, Trojan Candy walked inside.

Trojan Candy found Table 9. There was TGLA member D'Arcy McLeod sitting with several scholars.

I found Jessie Tien, and took a picture of D'Arcy and her.

Now I quietly interviewed Jessie as the food was being served. Jessie, who is from Walnut, is majoring in Occupational Therapy. She is a Senior doing Graduate work in Autism, Sensory Motor Networks, the Brain and Creatvity. More personally, Jessie likes to bake mochi. She enjoys Dragon Boat Racing. Jessie's favorite book is "Her" that is written by Margaret Atwood. Her favorite music artist is French Kiwi Juice.

My TGLA members, meet Jessie Tien.
Trojan Candy asked Samantha Noor, who is Jessie's friend and fellow Town and Gown scholar, to join Jessie for this picture. Jessie and Samantha do research together. They went to get their lunch.
Next in line were Christine Ofiesh and Town and Gown Scholar Arianna Wood. Arianna's mother, Sharon Dolezal Wood, is a Town and Gown and TGLA member.
The last Town and Gown Scholar I photographed was Elyse Pollack. She was sitting with TGLA member Carol Wright and her scholarship benefactor, Carol's husband Brad Wright.

Congratulations to all Town and Gown 2019-2020 Scholars!

Saturday, August 24, 2019---TGLA at USC Rossier's Centennial Celebration

Trojan Candy arrived a little early at the Skirball Cultural Center where the Rossier's Centennial Celebration was being held. I waited outside on the patio with my sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley Poon and good friends Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia. Lai Tan, Patti and I were teachers and Genaro was a principal in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The doors opened at 4:00 p.m. When the five of us walked into the lobby, we saw that there were several historic displays. Then, I saw two familiar faces. Delta Phi Kappa Sorority Sister Lily Nakatani and friend Sue Nakayama saw me also. Both of them were teachers. I asked them to join us. Then, Matt DeGrushe, Director of Major Gifts, walked over to say, "Hello."

Naturally, Trojan Candy took a picture of everyone.
There was a backdrop for photo ops right next to us, so all of us walked over to take our pictures. Lai Tan and Genaro went first.
Sue, Lily and yours truly went next.
Then, Patti and Dudley had their picture taken.
Trojan Candy was on the move now……looking for TGLA members. I saw Christine Ofiesh talking to the Dean Karen Symms Gallagher. They both smiled for me.
Then, Trojan Candy saw two more TGLA members. Genaro took this picture with my camera. (Yours truly, Christine Ofiesh, Sandy Johnston, Town and Gown member Linda Givvin, Ann Palmer and her friend Julie Flad Ed.D.)

Now, I walked outside and saw one of the guests of honor. Our TGLA member Carol Fox would be receiving the "Alumni Service Award."

Carol posed with her son Chris (whose eyes are opened!) and Christine Ofiesh. Christine is everywhere!
Next, I took a picture of Carol with her Town and Gown friend, Sally Edwards.
One of the displays in the lobby featured Dr. Theodore Chen. I had a class with Dr. Chen and his wife.
Just a few minutes before the doors were going to open, Trojan Candy took this picture of Sandy Johnston and her husband Rex.

Luckily, Trojan Candy was one of the first guests inside the large auditorium. Patti and I chose the first table located in the center of the room that was right in line with the podium. A perfect location to take pictures.

Five of us sat there, while Lily and Sue were at an adjoining table.

Later, Sandy, Rex and their three friends joined Sue and Lily.

video 4405
As the program began, Trojan Candy was able to take this video about our "100 Years."

Trojan Candy walked up the center aisle, sat in an open seat and took pictures and videos. The Chair of the USC Rossier Board of Councilor Reveta Bowers presented the awards.

Here is the slide of the Alumni Service Award Honorees including Carol Fox.
video 4429
Here is my video of Carol Fox receiving her award.
Carol Fox spoke at the podium.
After the ceremony ended, I was able to take this picture of Dean Gallagher and Carol Fox.

Now, it was time to eat. There were serving stations in each corner of the room. The most popular station was the sushi. After a few bites, Trojan Candy took more pictures.

Lai Tan and Genaro wanted me to take a picture of them with Los Angeles Times Education Editor Elaine Woo.
Then, I took a picture of Sandy and her friends. Here are Sandy, Roger Stewart, Roger Rossier, Rex and Susie McKeever. Yes, the School of Education is named after Barbara and Roger Rossier!
Then, Trojan Candy took a picture of just the men. Roger Stewart, Roger Rossier and Rex Johnston.
Genaro took this picture of Patti and yours truly with Dean Gallagher. I'm in three pictures!
Genaro took this picture of Patti, Sandy, Carol and me. Whoa! Four pictures!
Totally unbelievable…..Trojan Candy was in a fifth picture! Lily, Sue, Sandy, Patti and yours truly posed together.

Now it was time to go home.

What a fabulous Rossier's Centennial Celebration!