September 2019 (2) Candygrams

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Friday, September 20, 2019---Presidential Inauguration for Dr. Carol Folt

My husband Jim and I arrived on campus very early because Trojan Candy was able to march in the USC Procession "Alumni" group representing the Boards of USC Trojan Guild of Los Angeles (TGLA) and the Half Century Trojans (HCT).

There was a continental breakfast reception in the Associates Park for all honorees. Trojan Candy was looking for USC TGLA and HCT Board Members.

My first picture was of Dudley and Patti Poon, Alan and Candy Duncan, Kate Farlow and Karen Davison. Patti, Kate and I are USC TGLA Members, while Candy and Karen are HCT Board Members.
Jim and friend Mary Jo Wong posed for this picture.
Bob Padgett (HCT), Sharon Dolezal Wood (TGLA), Keck Medical School Student Flag Bearer, Sandy Johnston (TGLA President), Jerry Ensom and Trojan Candy (TGLA and HCT) grouped together.
Next were seated HCT Board Members Violet Lorenzen, a Student Flag Bearer, DeeDee Moffat-Brewer, and Marilyn Thomas. Abe Somer and Seymour Canter were standing.
TGLA members Christine Ofiesh, Sharon Dolezal Wood and Kate Farlow smiled for me.
Patti and Dudley Poon, good friend Richard Flores and yours truly posed together.
Now I found some more HCT Board Members. They were Alan Duncan, President Bob Frinier and Sara Jane Philippi Bettge.
Rex and Sandy Johnston, Nancy Chiang, Associate Senior Vice-President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach, Jetty Fong and Patti Poon smiled for me.
Then Sandy Johnston, Kathleen and Bob Campos and Rex Johnston were next. Sandy and Rex are everywhere!
TGLA former President Carol Fox smiled with David Hagen.
Near the buffet table Trojan Candy saw friends Rebecca Branham, Wandy Jung, Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Senior Haley Hallgren (2/22/2018), and Larry Jung.
Jim and I walked by the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association. They joined together for this picture.
Next, Trojan Candy saw friend Mike Donovan III (MD3) and his friend Doug Solorzano.
Nearby were ladies Susan Cannan, Cinda K. Lucas, D'Arcy McLeod, Sharon Dolezal Wood,Valerie Weiss, and Christine Ofiesh.
Wilma Pinder and Sandy Johnston smiled for me.

Now it was time for all of the guests to line up in their appropriate Procession group for the march from Bovard Auditorium into Alumni Memorial Park. The TGLA Board Members and the HCT Board Members lined up in the USC "Alumni" group.

Trojan Candy posed with my sister Patti Poon and Jetty Fong in front of the Alumni banner.
I took a picture of my fellow TGLA Board members in front of the banner. They were D'Arcy McLeod, Christine Ofiesh, Kate Farlow, Jerry Ensom, Rex and Sandy Johnston and Sharon Dolezal Wood.
Next I took a picture of HCT Board members Bob Frinier, Sara Jane Philippi Bettge and Neil Martin.
On the sidewalk was HCT Board member Dann V. Angeloff with Rex Johnston standing behind him.
Sandy Johnston posed with USC Alumni Association (USCAA) Board of Governors President-Elect John Iino.
Then Trojan Candy took a picture of Bob Frinier with John Iino.
I was able to take this snapshot of USCAA Board of Governors. They are Kev Zoryan, Clint Sallee, John Iino, Nadine Watt, and Craig Farkas.
Nadine Watt and Kev Zoryan smiled for me next.
My good friend Richard Flores smiled for this picture just before the procession started. The Alumni group followed the Parents of USC delegates.
Trojan Candy took this video of the TGLA and HCT Board members who walked in the Procession.
Then I recorded this video as I walked in the Procession.
Trojan Candy took a picture of my hubby Jim who had been taking a video of me.
Then I took a picture of my brother-in-law Dudley Poon.
Next I saw TGLA friend Rita Evans next to USC Associates and fellow 1968 USC Graduate Frank Stirling.
Just in front of them was friend Paul Kovich.
Trojan Candy walked up to take a picture of the platform party on the stage in front of Doheny Memorial Library.
Then, I took a closer picture of President-to-Be Dr. Carol Folt with interim President Dr. Wanda Austin.
Trojan Candy turned around and saw our "Alumni" flag bearer. I had written his name down in a notebook, but I have lost the notebook. Perhaps he can email me his name.

Trustee Chair Rick Caruso made introductory remarks for this ceremony. Then student government officers, community leaders and representatives from the faculty and staff saluted Dr. Carol Folt.

Finally, Rick Caruso bestowed upon her the twelfth USC Presidency.

Dr. Wanda Austin presented her the Presidential Medallion and congratulated her.

Dr. Folt then made her inaugural speech which was inspiring.

Congratulations, Dr. Folt!