February (3) and March (1) 2024 Candygrams

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Saturday, March 16, 2024---Women of Troy Tennis vs Arizona State

8954Today’s Women of Troy Tennis match vs Arizona State was very special. Women of Troy Tennis alumnae were invited to the match. Coach Alison Swain invited my husband Jim and me to a pre-match reception. We actually walked in with Women of Troy alumna Salma Ewing (1/22/2022). She played at USC in 2018-2022. Salma told us that she is now playing professionally. Trojan Candy took this picture of the coaches and guests at the reception. From left to right were Salma Ewing; Coaches Alison Swain, Elizabeth Begley, and George Wang; and Jim Yee.

In the hallway, Trojan Candy took this picture of alumnae Stacy Potter (2/2014) and Sheila McInerney with Coach Swain.

More guests arrived later. Then Becky Gramstrup took the entire group on a tour of Heritage Hall and the John McKay Center.

Here is a mural in Heritage Hall showing 23 athletes representing the twenty-one sports supported by USC.

At the entrance of the John McKay Center I took these pictures of the four walls which show the 23 athletes again.

Wall 1
Wall 2 with "The Twenty-One" which explains the mural that was in Heritage Hall.
Wall 3
Wall 4
Becky took this picture of our group in the John McKay Center lobby.
Trojan Candy took this picture of Salma Ewing, Stacy Potter, and ?.
Outside the John McKay Center was the statue of legendary Coach McKay.
Now, it was time for our tennis match vs Arizona State. The Doubles were played first. On Center Court were Emma Charney and Eryn Cayetano (1/21/2022).
At Court 2 were Lily Fairclough and McKenna Koenig (1/21/2022).
Parker Fry and Grace Piper played on court 3.

Our women won the Doubles point by winning on Courts 2 and 3.

8488video 8486
Next USC Women's Tennis Coach Dave Borelli was honored with the video above.
The scoreboard showed the singles lineup.
I took pictures on Court 5 of Lily Fairclough.
My next pictures were of Eryn Cayetano on Court 3.
Grace Piper played number 4 singles. She was the first player to win her match 6-4 and 6-2.
McKenna Koenig played on Court 6.
Emma Charney played number 2 singles. Emma won our third singles match to clinch the dual match.
Snow Han (1/21/2022) was number 1 singles. She won our second singles match.

Our Women of Troy beat Arizona State 4-0.

After our victory, the team met with USC alumnae players Barbara Hallquist, Giu Giu Olmos (3/23/2012), Stacy Potter, Lea Antonoplis, and Diane Stalder (4/2/2022).

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy!

Saturday, March 9, 2024---Women of Troy Water Polo vs St. Francis (PA)

Trojan Candy went to two Women of Troy athletic competitions today at USC. I started out at the Women of Troy Tennis match vs Washington State at Mark’s Stadium. Our women won the Doubles competition first. Then they started the Singles competition. At that time, I decided to walk over to the first home Women of Troy Water Polo match versus St. Francis of Pennsylvania.

When Trojan Candy walked into the Uytengsu Aquatics Center, the teams were still warming up. I took these pictures of the warm-ups.

Both teams were warming up.
The Women of Troy practiced shooting.
Then, the entire USC team warmed up together.
Now, it was time to introduce the teams. Here was the St. Francis Team.
video 8173
The Women of Troy Water Polo team was introduced.
video 8174
The two teams high fived each other.
video 8182
USC won the first Sprint. Then, Julia Janov scored the first USC goal at 7:25.
Here was the scoreboard.
video  8184
USC’s next goal was scored by Abigail Hendrix at 6:32.
video 8188
At 4:04 of the first quarter, Alejandra Aznar scored the third USC goal.
At 3:24 of the first period, USC’s Rachel Gazzaniga scored the 4th goal. (Sorry, Trojan Candy missed Rachel’s score.) Here was the scoreboard.

Next, at 2:57 of the first period, USC’s Emma Lawson scored her first goal to make the score USC 5-SFU 0.

At 0:54.1 of the first period, USC Emma Larson scored her second goal to make the score USC 6 – SFU 0.

8207St. Francis managed to score a goal at 0:33.1 of the first period. This was the score at the end of the first period.

Trojan Candy returned to our Women of Troy tennis match vs Washington State.

It turns out that our Women of Troy Water Polo team defeated St. Francis 22-6.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Water Polo!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024---USC Men’s Tennis vs Michigan

Our 2023-2024 USC Men’s Tennis Team started off well in the Doubles competition vs Michigan. This match was a preview of our Big Ten Tennis matches next year.

Here were Court 1 Trojans Peter Makk and Lodewijk Weststrate.
On Court 2 were Trojans Karl Lee (3/18/2023) and Oscar Weightman.
Volodymyr Iakubenko and Samuel Rubell played on Court 3.
video 7777
Volodymyr Iakubenko and Samuel Rubell lost their match 1-6. They shook hands with their opponents.
video 7786
Trojans Karl Lee and Oscar Weightman won their Doubles on Court 2 by the score 6-4.
video 7811
USC won the Doubles point when Peter Makk and Lodewijk Westrate won 7-6 on Center Court.

Next Trojan Candy took pictures of our USC singles players.

On Court 1, USC’s Peter Makk defeated Michigan’s Gavin Young 6-1, 6-1 which made the score USC 2 – Michigan 0.
Next, on Court 4, USC’s Volodymyr Iakubenko defeated Michigan’s Will Cooksey 6-2, 6-4 which earned USC a 3–0 lead.
Our third USC Single’s victory was on Court 2 where Oscar Weightman rallied back to beat Michigan’s Jacob Bickersteth 2-6, 7-5, 6-2.
Oscar’s victory won the match for USC 4-0 over Michigan.

Trojan Candy took pictures of the other three USC players whose matches were suspended.

On Court 3 was Lodewijk Westrate.
Karl Lee played number 5 singles.
My last Trojan played on Court 6. He was Samuel Rubell.
video 7905
The team celebrated by singing "Fight On!"

Keep FIGHTING ON, USC Men’s Tennis!