February (2) 2024 Candygrams

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Sunday, February 25, 2024---Women of Troy Basketball Senior Salute

1304Trojan Candy went to Galen Center for the Women's basketball game versus Utah which featured the Senior Salute. Thanks to my friend, Darcy Couch, who is the Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Brands, I was able go onto the game floor to take pictures and videos. Thank you, Darcy. Here is a picture that I had taken of my friend Darcy several years ago.

8738Trojan Candy’s first pictures were taken in the tunnel where three families were waiting for their daughters. My very first picture was of Kayla Padilla’s family. Left to right were Jacque, Ludy, Ava, Jordan, mom Joy, and dad Ian.

8739My second picture was of Rick Otto and Vanessa Angel. They are India Otto’s parents.

8741My third picture in the tunnel was of Kayla William’s family. They were grandma Barbara Harris, mother Pumi Williams, father Tony Williams, sister Kiara Williams and brother Brandon Williams.

At the tunnel entrance, Trojan Candy took this picture of the Dance Force.
video 76748750
Now, it was time for the Senior Salute. Here is Coach Gottlieb with two scrimmage Seniors.
The team watched the big screen first.
video 76758756
Then, the players were introduced. Senior #4 Kayla Williams was accompanied by her sister Kiara, mother Pumi, brother Brandon, grandmother Barbara Harris, and dad Tony.
video 76768758
The second Senior was #30 Roxane Makolo who was accompanied by two friends and Coach Beth Burns.
video 76778760
#24 Senior Kaitlyn Davis was introduced next. Here is Kaitlyn with her brother Victor, mom Cynthia, and twin sister Olivia.
video 76788761
The fourth Senior was #25 McKenzie Forbes. She is pictured with her Dad Sterling; three brothers Marcus, Max, and Mason; and grandfather Sterling, Sr.
video 76798764
#45 Senior Kayla Padilla was the next USC Senior introduced. Here is Kayla with her family. Dad Ian, Kayla, mom Joy, sister Jordan, sister Ava, and ? are in front.
video 76808765
The last USC Senior was #2 India Otto. India posed with her Dad Rick and her Mom Vanessa Angel.
video 00001
My husband Jim sat on the second level and took a video of the entire ceremony. Here is his video.
Trojan Candy took one iast picture of our six Seniors with Coach Lindsay Gottlieb. Left to right were Kayla Williams, Roxanne Makolo, Kaitlyn Davis, McKenzie Forbes, Kayla Padilla, India Otto, and Coach Lindsay Gottlieb.
Before the game started, Trojan Candy took pictures of the USC student support groups who were on the court. First were the Spirit Leaders.
Next was the Dance Force.
Finally, the world famous USC Song Girls.
Then, I took pictures of friends sitting courtside. Here were Michael Adler, Bill May, Sue Cimbaluk, and Doris and Mel Hughes.
Then a picture of Doris and friend Valerie Sampson.
video 7683
Now, it is time to meet our starting line up. Kayla Padilla, McKenzie Forbes, Kaitlyn Davis, Rayah Marshall, and Juju Watkins
video 7684
Here is the tip off of the game and our first basket.
Trojan Candy walked around and took pictures of friends in the stands. Tim Seno and Alicia smiled and gave me a “Fight On.”
At the south end of the court, Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Sam Chow with his friend Ray Chang.
Trojan Candy took pictures of these students with painted bodies in the front row of the student section.
Then I took a picture of a student whom my husband Jim and I see at Women of Troy volleyball matches and USC Men’s and Women's basketball games.
I saw USC Trojan Band Director Jake Vogel, his wife Jessica, and their three children.
Trojan Candy took this picture of my close friends who attend all of the Women of Troy basketball games. In front were Anna Adams, Karen Trust, and Anita Ybarra; behind them were Dudley and Patti Poon; and behind them were Raymond and Eiko Bates.
In the same row as Patti were Barbara and Hal Keimi.
Nearby were Carl and Stefanie Miller.
Across the aisle were Ann Palmer and Kandi Wopschall.
Trojan Candy walked up a few steps and took this picture of two close friends Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia (behind him).
At the top of the stairs were Gary and Rosalee Pechersky.

Unfortunately, the game was close, and we lost 68-74.

Our Women of Troy will FIGHT ON in the Women’s Pac-12 Tournament!