March (3) 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, March 25, 2023---Women of Troy Tennis “Alumnae Day”

[Video] video 2736The Women of Troy Tennis Team competed against the Stanford Cardinal today at Marks Stadium. It was “Alumnae Day.” The ceremony started after the Doubles matches were finished. Trojan Candy took this video of the ceremony. Anna Maria Fernandez Ruffels was the first player to be honored. She was a member of USC's team which won national championships in 1979 and 1980. However, she couldn't attend, but her sister Elisa Fernandez Zimmerman was supposed to accept the honor in her place. Unfortunately, Elisa was delayed by traffic and did not make the ceremony in time. Heliane Steden Sieg was the second player honored. She was a three time All-American at USC. She led two Trojan national championship teams in 1983 and 1985. Professionally, Heliane played in the 1986 U.S. Open and in the 1987 French Open. Her older daughter Maddy Sieg is a Freshman at USC now and is playing at center court today vs Stanford.

video 2759
[Video] Trojan Candy took this video of #5 ranked Maddy defeating Stanford’s #28 Angelica Blake in the third set. Maddy’s winning score was 6-1, 3-6, 6-2. FIGHT ON, Maddy!
After today's match finished, Trojan Candy took these two pictures of Heliane with her family. Unfortunately, Heliane’s son is not pictured.

Heliane is definitely a Trojan for LIFE! She currently serves on the USC Board of Trustees.

Congratulations, Heliane and KEEP FIGHTING ON!

Saturday, March 18, 2023---Meet the USC Men’s Tennis Team

My husband Jim and I were so lucky to be invited to the “Meet the USC Men’s Tennis Team” reception at the Heritage Palms Country Club in Indio. It took us some time to drive down to Indio.

En route, I took two pictures of the mountains that were covered with snow.
We arrived at the Heritage Palms Country Club on time at 5:00 pm. What a beautiful entrance.
Once inside, we were greeted by Brent Watson and Becky and Scott Gramstrup.

When we walked inside the dining area, we saw our Men’s Tennis Team seated at one large table. Naturally, Trojan Candy didn’t waste any time. I got my camera and started taking pictures of the team right away.

Stefan Dostanic (1/22/2023) posed with Lodewijk Weststrate.
Peter Makk and Karl Lee smiled for me next.
Sam Rubell posed with Wojtek Marek.
Ryan Colby and Jaxson Masi joined Samuel and Wojtek for this picture.
Trojan Candy has known Bradley Frye (11/15/2018) since I interviewed him as a freshman. Brad posed with my husband Jim.
Next, I decided to take pictures of the other guests. At the nearest table were Ginny and Dave Gorrie and ? and Betty Herle.
At the next table were Kerri and Barbara Husley and Cindy and Greg Smith.
Greg and Cindy Smith stood behind Judy and Tom Dougherty and Ginny and Dave Gorrie.
The next table was my table. Standing were my husband Jim and Becky’s husband Scott Gramstrup. Sitting were Assistant Athletic Director Brent Watson, Volunteer Assistant Coach Bryce Pereira, Assistant Coach Eric Johnson (2/24/2015) and Becky Gramstrup.
USC Tennis Alumnus Jake Putnam, USC Tennis Alumnus and host Tom Edlefsen, and Head Coach Brett Masi were standing, while hostess Sunny Edlefsen, USC Tennis Alumnus Rafael Belmar and USC Tennis Alumna Claudia Hernandez Belmar were seated.
video 2725
[Video] Now it was time for the program to start. Coach Masi introduced his coaches and recalled fond memories.
video 2726
[Video] Next, Coach Masi had his team introduce themselves.
I took this picture of the entire team.
video 2727
[Video] Then, Rafael Belmar spoke about his uncle Rafael Osuna who was on the best Men’s Tennis Team ever...the 1963 USC Team.

[Video] video 2729To finish the program, Coach Brett talked about this year’s USC Men’s Tennis team. Then he spoke about our match vs Pepperdine tomorrow.

8174Even though the program was over and some of the team left, Trojan Candy saw that the newest team member Karl Lee was still sitting at the table. This was the time to interview him. Karl transferred from UCLA to USC as a sophomore. He told me that it is AWESOME to be at USC. He is majoring in Math and Engineering. Karl said that he practices tennis for two and a half hours every day, and works out an hour in the gym three times a week. More personally, his favorite food is sushi. He doesn’t watch much television. His favorite movie is “How to Train a Dragon.” Karl said that he really likes the sound track of “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Karl says that he studies a lot and watches tennis. He likes to hang out with good friends and explore food. Karl’s roommate is Learner Tien. Karl told me that Learner is playing in a tournament now. Trojan Candy told Karl that I am so glad that he is a Trojan now. FIGHT ON, Karl!

8180Nearby, Trojan Candy saw that Claudia Hernandez Belmar was still sitting at her table. I went over to talk with her. She told me that she played at USC in 1984 and 1985. She said that her 1985 USC Women’s Team was the NCAA National Champion! Claudia told me that she still stays in touch with teammates Cecilia Fernandez, May Norwood, Denice Yu and Jenny Purdy. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Claudia!

8179As Jim and I were leaving, I was able to take a picture of our two hosts. Thank you so much for such a special evening, Sunny and Tom Edlefsen! KEEP FIGHTING ON, Sunny and Tom!

What a fantastic memorable evening!