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January 26, 2023---Our USC Men’s Basketball Game vs UCLA

Trojan Candy’s evening started out in the Galen Center’s Founder’s Room before the Men's basketball game against UCLA. The room was filled with Trojan supporters, and you could feel the excitement in the air for the crosstown rivalry game.

My sister Patti Poon and hubby Jim posed for me before Coach Enfield took the podium.
Trojan Candy rushed up to get a picture of Coach Enfield before he got on the podium. Our friend Rashaad Moore introduced our Head Coach.
Coach Enfield smiled for me and then spoke about the shoes he wore tonight. He told the audience that the coaches bought the shoes as a contribution.
After the program ended, I took a picture of friend Ray Wong and his brother Howard.
After the teams warmed up, our team huddled before the Star Spangled Banner was sung.
1529video 1531
[Video] Trojan Candy’s friend Keith Williams Jr. was honored again to sing the Star Spangled Banner.
video 1534
[Video] Now it was time to introduce the USC starting lineup.
video 1535
[Video] Here is the tipoff.
USC had only two free throw attempts the entire first half. Drew Peterson (4/14/2022) took both of them (made one) at the 16:18 mark.
video 1547
[Video] Every game, a USC-NBA basketball alumnus is featured. Tonight it was DeMar DeRozan.

video 1553[Video] At the next time out, our Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams was honored on the big screen.

Now it was halftime. Trojan Candy was determined to take a picture of Caleb with my three friends. On Thursday, December 15th while he was riding in a cart enroute to the Women of Troy basketball game, Caleb saw three older Trojans walking very slowly to the Galen Center. Caleb had the driver stop the cart. Then he had the three Trojans get in the cart and dropped them at the Galen Center door. My three friends told me what Caleb had done for them. At that game I wanted to take a picture of Caleb with them, but it was too hard for handicapped Hal Keimi to walk back down the stairs for the picture. So, instead I wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times about Caleb’s thoughtfulness. Below is my letter. The L.A. Times published an abbreviated version of my letter on Sunday, December 25th in their “Letters” section.

Here is a copy of my original letter:

Instead of stressing Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and his fingernails, everyone needs to know how caring and thoughtful Caleb really is. On Thursday, December 15th, while riding a cart to a women’s basketball game at the Galen Center, Caleb spotted a handicapped Senior citizen Trojan, his wife and a friend walking very slowly to the game. Caleb had the cart driver stop to pick up the three elder Trojans and transport them right to the entrance. How do I know this charitable event happened? The handicapped man is my close friend Hal Keimi. He told me about Caleb’s thoughtfulness. Caleb’s Jesuit upbringing has made him so caring about his fellow man. What a thoughtful Trojan!
Candy Yee

With determination I walked over to where Caleb was sitting courtside right in front of the USC student section. While trying to get his attention, I took a few pictures of Caleb.

Here is Caleb talking to one of his teammates.
Then he posed with Tommy Trojan!
More conversation with more football teammates.
Then he posed with another fan. Later the little girl got a tee shirt in the T-shirt toss.

6998Finally, I was successful in getting Caleb's attention. He looked at me and said, “I know you!” I smiled and asked him if he would like to take a picture with the three elder Trojans that he had given a cart ride to Galen Center. Caleb said, “Yes.” Then I led him to where they were sitting in front of our seats in section 106. Enroute several fans asked for pictures, and Caleb said he would be back. Once he followed me up the stairs to where Hal Keimi was sitting, everyone in the section were astonished. When Caleb saw Hal, Barbara and Richard, he kneeled down next to Hal, shook his hand, and told me to “Take a nice picture.” Here is the picture I took even though there was chaos behind him. Now everyone will know what a nice person our Heisman Trophy winner is! Thank you for following me, Caleb!

Unknown to Caleb, his parents were sitting in the section 105. Two friends of mine, Wandy and Larry Jung, who sit in section 105 three rows up from Hal, sent me this picture that was taken with Caleb’s parents Carl Williams and Dayna Price. Wandy and Larry are in the foreground. In the next row behind them are Caleb’s parents [Dayna is wearing Caleb's number shirt]. Thank you for the picture, Wandy!

Now, halftime was over. Even though USC was down by 25-37 at the half, our team came out with renewed energy and gradually cut the lead behind Boogie Ellis' play. The Galen Center was rocking with all of our cheering.

video 1559
[Video] Boogie (4/14/2022) lit up the Galen Center with this three-pointer to narrow the score to USC 40 UCLA 41 at 14:24 on the game clock.
We forged ahead of the Bruins with a steal and assist by Boogie Ellis to Reese Dixon-Waters (4/14/2022) with 12:14 on the clock. The score was USC 44 UCLA 43. At 11:54 a timeout was called.
video 1568
[Video] During the timeout, the Trojan Dance Force entertained everyone.
video 1573
[Video] Boogie shot another three point basket to increase the USC's lead to 47-43.
video 1580
[Video] Boogie threw an assist to Drew Peterson who dunked the ball to increase the lead to 52-43 at 9:48.
video 1584
[Video] The assist by Boogie to Drew was the “Assist of the Game.”
Our freshman #3 Vincent Iwuchukwu made two free throws to make the score USC 54 UCLA 49 at 6:49.
video 1591
[Video] Here is the “Play of the Game” when Boogie earned an assist to Reese Dixon-Waters who scored the go-ahead goal at 12:14.
video 1594
[Video] With less than 3 minutes left, our team played tough defense and excellent offense.
video 1596
[Video] Now the Bruins had to start fouling. Boogie shot four free throws in a row that included two technical free throws to make the score USC 75 UCLA 60 with 19 seconds left.

We came from 12 points down at halftime to a 77-62 VICTORY over the Bruins. Boogie Ellis was the Player of the Game. He scored 31 points with 27 of them in the second half. He was also 10 for 10 in free throws in the 2nd half.

video 1601
[Video] After the game, the teams shook hands.
video 1602
[Video] Then the team celebrated to "Conquest." Boogie held up the sword.
video 1603
[Video] The team exited with hand slaps and hugs with the Trojan fans.
video 1604
[Video] The Spirit of Troy, Song Girls, Trojan Dance Force, and Spirit Leaders performed.
video 1608
[Video] Coach Enfield was interviewed.
video 1609
[Video] Boogie came out for his interview.

What a FANTASTIC 2nd half comeback and VICTORY!

FIGHT ON USC Men’s Basketball Team!