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Saturday, June 18, 2022---The Salute to Troy Program Part 2

USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn welcomed everyone. Then he presented the Marv Goux Award to Tim Tessalone. Trojan Candy followed Tim as he walked off the stage.

I finally managed to get his picture. Congratulations, Tim!
Walking just as quickly as I chased down Tim, Trojan Candy rushed back to her table. Then I heard my name. Turning around, I saw Half-Century Trojan friend Bob Padgett.
video 0041
On the stage, Mike Bohn introduced the 1972 Football Team, who celebrated their 50th Anniversary. My-son-in-law Gen took this video of the 1972 Football Team’s introduction.
video 3067
I took the next video of the speaker Charles Young’s speech.
Charles Young, the 50th Anniversary team speaker, was with teammates Mark Spino and Allan Graf.
Next, the 1997 Football Team, who celebrated their 25th Anniversary, was introduced.
Since I was right by the stage, I took pictures of friends and football alumni waiting to go on the stage. Good friend Isaac Flores smiled for me.

Then Trojan Candy went to the other end of the stage to take pictures.

The first alumnus in line at the steps was Drake London.
Then, Trojan Candy saw Marcus Allen (8/30/2012), who smiled for me.
Trojan Candy saw friend Matt Leinart next. After a big hug from Matt, I took this picture of Lendale White, Matt, and Coach Lincoln Riley.
video 00043
Here is Gen’s video of the introduction of famous USC football alumni who walked onto the stage.
video 3068
After the alumni were introduced, Marcus Allen spoke.
video 3069
Then Matt Leinart spoke and introduced Coach Lincoln Riley.
The famous USC football alumni paused for this photo op. From left to right: Drake London, Amon-Ra St. Brown (12/12/2018), Jurrell Casey (9/3/2009), Malcolm Smith (9/3/2009), Shaun Cody, Willie McGinest (8/27/2016), Lendale White, Matt Leinart, and Marcus Allen.
As Marcus Allen left the stage, Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of him with my friend Isaac Flores. Thank you, Marcus!

Before the team was introduced, Trojan Candy had a few minutes to take pictures of friends in the audience. I had to move fast!

Here are Dorothy Kim and Sunny Shepherd.
Next, I was able to take pictures of two tables of fellow USC Trojan Guild of Los Angeles members. Standing: Diane Morgan, Gail Brinlee, Cindy and Lance Wedegaertner and Sitting: Dr. Alnita Dunn, Dr. Betty Gross, and Dr. Margarite Williams.
In the second TGLA picture were standing: Dr.Cheryl and Dr. Elliott Schwartz, two visiting guests, TGLA President Sandy Johnston and sitting: USC Band parent Leslie Hunsaker, CR Robert’s son Craig Roberts, Caulin Creasia, newest TGLA member Dr. Cathy Creasia and CC Creasia.
Right near the TGLA tables, Trojan Candy took a picture of 50th Anniversary spokesperson Charles Young.

Now, it was time to meet our 2022 USC Football Team. Coach Riley introduced Defensive Backs Coach Donte Williams and Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch.

video 3070
Coaches Donte Williams and Alex Grinch spoke about the Secondary.
video 3071video 3072
The Secondary were introduced.
Here are the Defensive Secondary.
video 3077
Outside Linebacker Coaches Roy Manning and Shaun Nua introduced themselves and their players were introduced.
Here are the Outside Linebackers.
video 3078
Inside Linebackers Coach Brian Odom spoke about himself and his players were introduced.
Here are the Inside Linebackers.
video 3079
Coach Riley told us about Coach Dennis Simmons, who is the Assistant Head Coach/Outside Wide Receivers Coach, and Inside Wide Receivers Coach Luke Huard.
video 3080
Coach Huard introduced himself and then the Wide Receivers were introduced.
The Wide Receivers.
On the side of the stage, Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of John Jackson III with three wide receiver teammates. They were #40 Ty Shamblin, #80 John, #81 Kyle Ford, and #0 Terrell Bynum. FIGHT ON, Ty, John, Kyle, and Terrell!
video 3081
Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Josh Henson talked about the Offensive Linemen and then they were introduced.
Offensive Linemen.
video 3082
Kiel McDonald, the Running Backs Coach, told the audience, “That this is Running Back U.” Then our running backs were introduced.
Running Backs.
video 3083
Coach Riley and Tight Ends Coach Zach Hanson spoke about our Tight Ends. Then they were introduced.
Tight Ends.
video 3084
Next, Coach Riley spoke about our Special Teams. They were introduced in this video.
Special Teams.
video 3085
Coach Riley talked about the last group of football players, our Quarterbacks. Then they were introduced.
My Quarterbacks picture came out blurry because my flash didn’t work. Luckily, my good friend and fellow photographer, Ray Wong, let me use his picture. Thanks, Ray!
video 3086
My last video showed the Song Girls first, then the entire team on the stage. Coach Riley spoke first, then three players addressed the audience. The players were #13 Caleb Williams, #53 Shane Lee, and #57 Justin Dedich (2/7/2018). All three were so enthusiastic!

0133Check out Ray’s picture of Caleb Williams and his USC Victory Sign!

FIGHT ON, Caleb! FIGHT ON, Shane! FIGHT ON, Justin! FIGHT ON, USC Football!

3395As the fireworks were exploding, Trojan Candy ran over to the last Trojan Guild of Los Angeles first row table to take a picture. I ran in front of the Song Girls and trumpets as Conquest was being played! FIGHT ON, USC Song Girls! FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

3398Here is my picture of the third TGLA table. Standing from left to right were Susie McKeever, Christine Conway, Jim Herrera, Rose Sapia, TGLA President Sandy Johnston, Jeanne Niotta, Karen Chima, and Marcia Montez. Sitting from left to right were Mrs. Gary Bryant Sr. (mother of current Trojan #1 Gary Bryant), Gary Jr.’s brother, Gary Bryant Sr. (father of current Trojan Gary Bryant).

3399Trojan Candy then took pictures of family and more friends. This picture includes my sister Patti Poon, who, like I, is a TGLA member. From left to right were Patti Poon, Christine Conway, TGLA President Sandy Johnston, Dr. Cathy Creasia and her daughter CC Creasia.

3403Now it was time for family. From left to right in the back row were my brother-in-law Dudley Poon, my son-in-law Gen, grandson Kane, daughter Kelly and grandson Zane. In the front row is my sister Patti Poon and two dear friends, Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia.

3404Trojan Candy joined my family for this picture. Left to right: Patti, Dudley, Zane, Kane, Gen, Kelly, and Yours Truly, Trojan Candy.

3407Table friend Michael Yee said “Good Night and Keep Fighting On!”

What a memorable Salute to Troy!