April (4) 2022 Candygrams

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Saturday, April 23, 2022---USC Spring Football Game

Trojan Candy’s daughter Kelly, son-in-law Gen, and two grandsons Zane and Kane, who are from northern California, came down to see the USC Spring Football game in the Coliseum. Each of us were given a t-shirt. Then we shopped at the USC sports apparel shop. There were a lot of USC fans shopping for team apparel.

2099Next, Trojan Candy waited inside the tunnel, that has an elevator that takes you up to the Scholarship Tower, with Kelly, Zane and Kane. Unfortunately, the grandsons didn’t get any autographs of USC athletic alumni. Trojan Candy did see a Heritage Hall friend whom I met in 2010 when my husband Jim and I were volunteering at Heritage Hall. Helen Yan (6/24/2010) was working at the Galen Center that summer. So nice to see you again, Helen!

Trojan Candy sat in the stands since the game was going to start. Here is the coin toss.
The “Spring Game Rules” were shown on the Coliseum big screen.
The Red Team huddled.
Here is an offensive play by the Red Team.
Trojan Candy walked down to where Kelly and Zane were sitting. Zane was trying to get autographs from USC football alumni. As soon as I got down to the front row, I took this picture of Drake London.
Then, Zane got Robert Griffin III’s autograph.
Zane got another autograph. If you recognize him, please email me his name.
Next, Trojan Candy saw a dear friend! Zach Banner (10/11/2012) smiled his big smile for me. Then he signed his autograph for Zane and told my grandson what great friends we are. So nice to see you again Zach!
video 2448
Trojan Candy walked back to my seat and gave my Canon digital camera to Gen. I asked him to take some videos of some game action. He took three videos for me. The first video was of a good run by #12 on the Red Team.
video 2449
There was a good catch by #10 Kyron Hudson of the Red Team in this second video.
video 2453
The third video showed a Red Team 45 yard touchdown catch by #81 Kyle Ford.
video 2491
Trojan Candy took this last video of the Coliseum big screen. It was an interview with Head Coach Lincoln Riley.
The final score of the game was shown on the Coliseum big screen.

Now, it was time to meet the players on the Coliseum turf. Trojan Candy roamed around taking pictures of any football player that I could take a clear picture of. I didn’t try to get any autographs.

I was able to take a better close-up picture of Drake London. Drake signed lots of autographs for children.
Here are the players. #70 OL Bobby Haskins
#79 DL De’jon Benton.
#6 DB Mekhi Blackmon
#49 WR Grant Zane
If you know him, please email me his name.
#8 WR C.J. Williams
#77 OL Jason Rodriguez
#4 DB Max Williams
#7 QB Miller Moss
#66 OL Gino Quinones
#21 DB Latrell McCutchin with my grandson Kane
#34 LB Eli’jah Winston
If you know him, please email me his name.
#0 DL Korey Foreman

Trojan Candy was able to take quite a few pictures of our USC football players.

2154As the field was clearing, Trojan Candy saw two football alumni friends. I took this picture of my grandsons with J.R. Tavai (8/26/2011) and Tony Burnett (9/9/2010).

2157As we left, I took a picture of my family near the Torch.

What an exciting day of football!