October (2) 2021 Candygrams

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Saturday, October 30, 2021---USC Homecoming

USC Homecoming is finally here and we are celebrating on campus! Trojan Candy arrived early to the USC campus to help set up the USC TGLA Homecoming booth. As we were setting up, two very familiar faces came up to look at our products. My Delta Phi Kappa Sorority sister Lily Nakatani and her husband David, have stopped by our USC TGLA booth for several years to support our scholarship fund.

A passerby young man took this picture of the three of us.
I took this picture of the USC TGLA ladies who set up our booth. They are Patti Poon, Terri Boyle, Christine Ofiesh, Judy Lieb and Jean Getchell.
Here are some of the merchandise that we were selling.
More merchandise. Come and visit us at out booth next year.

0252Another familiar face came to our USC TGLA booth. Tanya Moran-Adolph, whom Trojan Candy met in the Half-Century Trojans, came with her friend, Melissa Charpiel. Melissa and Tanya posed with my sister Patti Poon.

0254One of our USC TGLA scholars, Amy Altman, came to volunteer at our booth. I took her picture with our volunteers.

Thanks for your help, Amy!

While I was volunteering at the USC TGLA booth, my husband Jim had walked over to the upstairs gym in Galen Center and used his iPhone 6s to take pictures of the Women of Troy basketball team open practice.

Courtney Jaco (3/24/2017), a women’s basketball alumna, now works as the Director of Player Development.
Here is our current point guard Desiree Caldwell (3/22/2019).
The players warmed up with sprints.
And more sprints.

He took pictures of the two sets of NCAA Women's Championship banners that hang on the gym walls.

Here are the first two banners.
The next two banners are the banners that Jim and I donated (2/17/2013) for the Women of Troy NCAA Champions of 1982-1983 and 1983-1984.
video 0357
Last, Jim took this video of the Women of Troy practicing fast break drills.

It is so nice that Trojan Candy can be in two places at the same time! Thanks, Jim!

0261Jim and I met at the Track and Field Reception located at the Colich Track and Field Center. Trojan Candy looked around for any USC Track and Field athletes. There were five of them, but I was lucky to talk with and interview only three of them. I walked over to their table, and noticed a familiar face. She was Kyra Constantine (5/4/2020). Trojan Candy caught up with Kyra. She majored in Communication and Business. She is now running professionally and competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She ran in the 400m and 4x400m for her home country Canada. Keep FIGHTING ON, Kyra!

0259The next USC Track and Field athlete Trojan Candy interviewed, who was sitting next to Kyra, was Austin Allen. Austin is a Junior from Maryland who competes in sprints and jumps. He is majoring in Communication. Austin’s older brother Eric is a USC Senior and competes in Sprints. More personally, Eric is a big fan of popcorn. His favorite popcorn is Kettle Corn. As for his favorite movie, it is “The Dark Knight.” Eric has many hobbies. He likes photography, art, swimming and meditation. Eric told Trojan Candy that his new experience is to “dream what you want to have.” Let’s hope that all of Austin’s dreams come true! FIGHT ON, Austin!

0265The third Trojan whom I interviewed today was graduate student Angie Annelus. Angie was the 2018 and 2019 NCAA 200m Champion. She competed in the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Angie majored in Communication at USC and is now earning her M.S. in Communication Management. She trains at USC and is running professionally for Adidas. More personally, Angie’s favorite food is cheese. She likes to paint when she is bored or stressed out. Her two favorite movies are “Beastly” and "A Bronx Tale.” It was so nice to interview another USC Olympian! KEEP FIGHTING ON, Angie!

0266After Trojan Candy finished interviewing Angie, I took this picture of my friends who also attended the USC Track and Field reception. Standing were Dudley and Patti Poon, USC track alumnus Jeff Williams, Jerry Ensom, Jim Yee and sitting were Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz.

As Trojan Candy left the tent, I took this picture that shows how close Lane 8 is to the new Colich Track and Field Center.
video 0709
On to the Coliseum for the pre-game show. The Spirit of Troy celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Traveler in this video.
video 0710
USC Alumnus Lendale White led our team out of the tunnel. Then there was the coin toss.
video 0713
Keaontay Ingram scored a touchdown to give USC a 7-0 lead over the Arizona Wildcats.
video 0723
United Airlines “Heroes Among Us” honored USC Veterans Vince Smith, Colonel Sean McBride and James Lopez.
video 0725
In the second quarter Drake London scored a touchdown on a two-yard reception.
video 0728
Our USC Men’s Basketball Team was introduced on the Coliseum big screen.
video 0736
The entire stadium was in shock when Drake London was hurt. The entire team knelt on one knee when Drake was carted off the field. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Drake!
video 0738
Gary Bryant, Jr. scored a touchdown just before the half to give the Trojans a 35-14 lead.
video 0742
The Spirit of Troy halftime was awesome. One thousand USC Band alumni joined the Spirit of Troy and Dr. Art Bartner on the field.
video 0747
Our Women of Troy Basketball Team was introduced on the Coliseum big screen.
video 0752
In the third quarter Alex Stadthaus kicked a field goal to increase the lead to 38-21.
video 0760
In the fourth quarter Alex Stadthaus scored another field goal.
video 0766
My last video is of the Spirit of Troy and our team who celebrated a 41-34 win over Arizona.

FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Friday, October 29, 2021---Spirit of Troy “Sunset” Football Rally

The night before our Homecoming Game vs Arizona, the Spirit of Troy, with some in Halloween costumes, staged a football rally with the team. Watching in the stands were sixty years of Spirit of Troy Alumni, who will be performing during half time tomorrow for Homecoming. Trojan Candy was there too.

video 0690Trojan Candy took this video of the band practicing before the team arrived.

video 0691Then, the team arrived and all of the action came alive.

FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy!

FIGHT ON, USC 2021 Football Team!

Saturday, October 9, 2021---Carson Palmer Honored during the USC vs Utah Football Game

Trojan Candy walked with my hubby Jim, sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley around the Fan Fest area at the Coliseum before the USC-Utah football game.

We saw Traveler posing for pictures.
Then, Patti Poon posed with Ryan Abraham, the founder of USCFootball.com.
Near the Coliseum, I saw a familiar face. There was Heritage Hall friend Rebecca Morin and her daughter Sierra, who is a Senior at USC. Sierra is majoring in Health and Human Sciences with a minor in Occupational Therapy. FIGHT ON, Sierra!
Then inside the Coliseum, Patti and I saw a friend who is an usher at the Galen Center. Joseph Dominguez and she posed for Trojan Candy.
video 0651
My blog features one of USC’s most famous Heisman Trophy Winners, Carson Palmer! Carson was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Today, he led the USC Team out of the tunnel in this video.

Then, during the game, Carson was featured on the Coliseum Big Screen. Here are five pictures that I took:

Carson as a Trojan quarterback.
Carson rolling out.
Carson inducted into the College Hall of Fame.
Carson is number 1 draft pick in 2003.
Carson taking a hike from the center.
video 0676
Next, there were “Celebration Moments” about Carson shown in this video.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Carson!