September (3) and October (1) 2021 Candygrams

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Friday, October 8, 2021---USC “Sunset” Football Rally for Parent’s Weekend

The first “jock” rally of this 2021 football season that Trojan Candy attended was during Parent's Weekend. My husband Jim and I went to the Heritage Hall patio and waited from 4:30 until 5:00 pm. Where was the band? Where was the team?

The nice New York parent, who came for his second USC Parent’s Weekend, was also waiting with us at the Heritage Hall patio also. He received a text message on his phone and told us that the “Sunset” Football Rally was at Cromwell Field. He and we started out for Cromwell Field. When we reached the gate, Trojan Candy almost ran to the bleachers that were filled with USC parents. I forgot to thank the New York parent for telling us that the location was changed from last year. I’ll do it now, “Thank You!”

I managed to work my way to the Band Director’s ladder, and luckily found a seat on the first row. Where was my husband? Where was my New York parent? No more time to ponder.... The rally was starting!

video 0609
The Spirit of Troy played and the Silks performed, while the USC Song Girls, the USC Spirit Leaders, and the twirler Emily Tutnick waited for the team holding up their two “victory” fingers.
video 0612
Trojan Candy took this close video of the Spirit Leaders since they were standing right in front of me.

video 0613Our football team entered at the Loker Track Stadium Gate as the Spirit of Troy played “Fight On.”

When all the team gathered together in front of the Spirit of Troy, Director Jake Vogel asked the team, “Where is the Offense?” Then the Spirit of Troy played the Offense theme. Then, Director Jake asked the team, “Where is the Defense?” Then the Spirit of Troy played the Defense theme.

video 0614The guest speaker climbed up the director’s ladder to speak. He was someone that Trojan Candy has known since June 24, 2010. Lenny Vandermade is currently the “Offensive Quality Control Analyst” for the team. I interviewed him in Heritage Hall. Lenny told the team to “Visualize what you’re going to do. Give them nothing. We take everything!” As Lenny stepped down, the Song Girls performed to “Tusk.” Then the team really enjoyed “Tusk.”

video 0615
My last video of the “Sunset” Pep Rally was of the “SoCal Spell out” and Lenny holding up the Sword while the Spirit of Troy played “Conquest.”
video 0019
Later I found out where my husband Jim was viewing the pep rally. He was standing near the tower toward the north end of the stadium. His first video shows another view of “Conquest.”
video 0020
Then his second video showed our players walking out toward the buses.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021---Mike Bohn Talks USC Athletics at Town and Gown

As the official photographer for USC TGLA, Trojan Candy roamed around the Town and Gown patio taking pictures that included my fellow members. All of us are also Town and Gown members.

Greeting Town and Gown members as they entered the patio was Patti Poon.
Kate Farlow smiled with Bonnie Suffridge and Gwen Fritzinger.
At the check-in table, Sandy Johnston posed with fellow volunteer Marcia Kreditor.
Three USC TGLA ladies were Hospitality volunteers. They were Kate Farlow, Cheryl Schwartz and Janyce Teasley.
Jean Getchell posed with Sue Vogl.
Lisa Up de Graff and Sharon Schmidt checked in guests.
Town and Gown Board members Kari D. May and Liz Rollice smiled for this picture.
Hilary Crahan, Dorothy Conte, Yvonne Bogdanovich, Ann Palmer, Nikki Dana, and Juel Collins posed for Trojan Candy.
Nearby were more USC TGLA members .They were Carol Wright, Ann Palmer, Nikki Dana, Dorothy Conte, Juel Collins, and Sandy Johnston.
By a nearby tree, Trojan Candy took this picture of Virginia Naeve and D’Arcy Dietrich McLeod.
Here are Ayuko Siegel, Patti Jamgotchian, Carol Fox and Liz Rollice.
Trojan Candy sees Larry and Wandy Jung everywhere!
Nearby were Edie Etmekjian and Evelyn Wilson.
Sara Pfirrmann and USC TGLA’s Patti Madden were near the fountain.
Najwa Hanel and Carol Fox smiled for me near the fountain.
Near the sign-in table were Sandy Johnston, Janeanne Dimpel, Pat Whitman, D'Arcy McLeod and Christine Ofiesh.
Next, Trojan Candy gathered USC TGLA members D’Arcy McLeod, Sandy Johnston, Christine Ofiesh and Patti Poon for this nice shot.
Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of Athletic Director and Speaker Mike Bohn with my sister.
Patti’s husband Dudley Poon arrived for the meeting.
Then, Mike Bohn posed with Wilma Pinder, Colleen Stroyke and Christine Ofiesh.
Mike Bohn posed with Sandy Johnston.
Then he posed with Christine Ofiesh.

Phew! Mike was really busy posing with beautiful Town and Gown members!

My last outdoor picture was of Cathy Creasia and Sandy Johnston.
video 0555
Now, everyone moved inside. The Spirit of Troy Pep Band greeted us in this video.
Trojan Candy took a picture of Spirit of Troy Director Jake Vogel.
I also photographed Spirit of Troy Executive Assistant Cynthia Wiese.
Fellow USC TGLA member Carol Wright posed with her Town and Gown scholar Elyse Pollack.
video 0557
Carol then introduced Elyse in this video. Elyse thanked Town and Gown for the scholarship they bestowed upon her.
video 0588
Now it was time for our guest speaker to come to the podium. Colleen Stroyke presented our Athletic Director Mike Bohn. Mike talked about the athletic programs at USC.
video 0559
Then there was time for questions.
video 0560
Mike fielded more questions.
What an informative and INVIGORATING Town and Gown meeting!

Saturday, September 25, 2021---2021 NCAA Women Track and Field Champions Are Presented

Trojan Candy took several videos of the Coliseum big screen during the USC-Oregon State football game.

video 0510
The first video is of the Spirit of Troy’s pre-game show.
video 0512
Student Veteran Danny Santos was introduced on the big screen. Congratulations, Danny!
video 0514
Traveler galloped around the entire field as the Spirit of Troy played "Conquest." This has been a USC tradition for sixty years. FIGHT ON, Traveler!

video 0516Now it was time for our team to come out of the tunnel. Five USC Gold Medal Olympians---Amanda Longan, Paige Hauschild, Raj Benjamin (4/28/2019), Michael Norman (4/28/2019) and Kaleigh Gilchrist (11/18/2020)---led the team out. At the end of my video, the four USC football captains met at the middle of the field for the coin toss.

video 0528
Trojan James McCord was introduced on the big screen as a "Hero Among Us." Congratulations, James!
video 0533
The “star” video Trojan Candy took was of the 2021 Women of Troy NCAA Track and Field Championship Team. Check out the rings the ladies showed. Then, I also recorded the ladies going back to their Coliseum seats.
video 0540
The Spirit of Troy halftime performance was FANTASTIC! They performed Olympic music as USC Olympians walked onto the field. Then, each USC Olympian was featured on the Coliseum big screen. One of the best halftimes Trojan Candy has ever seen!
video 0541
My last Coliseum big screen video was of Anna Cockrell (9/10/2021). Anna was the 2021 Honda Track and Field Award Winner. Congratulations, Anna!

What outstanding Coliseum Big Screen videos!