September (2) 2021 Candygrams

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Saturday, September 11, 2021---USC Beach Volleyball and Track NCAA Champions are Honored

Trojan Candy took videos of the Coliseum big screen during the USC-Stanford football game. I don’t normally write about football losses, but there were so many side stories tonight.

Before the game started I took pictures of two groups of friends.

First, Trojan Candy saw TGLA friends Elliott Schwartz, Sandy Johnston and Cheryl Elliott.
Then, I saw friends who drove from Texas to see the game. Georgia and Doyle Hanchera and Lauren and Brandyn Duff had sat behind us before the Coliseum was renovated, and before they moved out of California.
video 0431
I took a video of our team warming up. FIGHT ON, USC Football!
video 0432
Our Spirit of Troy performed their pre-game show next.
video 0433
Then, they performed the Star Spangled Banner.
video 0435
USC Football alumnus Jurrell Casey led the team out of the tunnel. Trojan Candy interviewed Jurrell (9/3/2009) at Heritage Hall when he was a sophomore. FIGHT ON, Jurrell! Included in this video was the coin toss.
video 0436
Sam “Bam” Cunningham was honored on the big screen next.
Trojan Candy had given Sam his Heritage Hall medallion (2/1/2014) at the Heritage Hall reopening. FIGHT ON FOREVER, Sam!
video 0445
“Heroes Among Us” recipient Randall Parkes was honored next. Randall was the 2011 Marine Special Operation Command Marine of the Year. He will be retiring on September 30th after twenty years of service to his country. FIGHT ON, Randall!
video 0450
The highlight of the big screen videos I took today was the honoring of our NCAA Champion Women of Troy Beach Volleyball team. Our women showed the crowd their beautiful championship rings! My graduate friend, Joy Dennis (3/2/2017), showed everyone her two rings!
video 0451
Then our team walked back to their seats. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!
video 0452
The family of Sam Cunningham was honored on the big screen.

video 0457Meet our 2021 Individual Track and Field NCAA Champions! They are Isaiah Jewett (9/10/2021) in the 800m; Kaelin Roberts in the Indoor 400m; Anna Cockrell (9/10/2021) in the 100m and 400m Hurdles; and Jasmine Jones, Angie Annelus, Lanae-Tava Thomas and TeeTee Terry (2/6/2020) in the 4x100m Relay. FIGHT ON, USC Track and Field!

video 0459
Trojan Teammate Trivia is a fun video to watch. The roommates are #84 Tight End Erik Krommenhoek (12/12/2018) and #62 Offensive Lineman Brett Neilon. Enjoy the banter! FIGHT ON, Erik! FIGHT ON, Brett!
video 0478
My last big screen video shows highlights from our Men’s Water Polo earlier victory over the Pepperdine Waves 22 -7.- FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Water Polo! You can see my blog about the USC-Men’s Water Polo victory below.

What an entertaining Coliseum Big Screen!

Saturday, September 11, 2021---USC Men’s Water Polo vs Pepperdine

My husband Jim and I arrived at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center at game time. We were lucky to find two seats in the middle of the south side of the stadium.

Both teams were warming up.
video 0418
Then, the teams lined up on the north side of the stadium for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

video 0419
The USC players were introduced.
video 0420
USC players huddled together and then the starters jumped in the pool.
video 0422
Now, the match began. Trojan Candy took this video of USC’s Jake Carter’s goal at eight seconds into the game. He scored so quickly!
Jacob Mercep scored our second goal with 7:02 left in the first quarter.
At 6:13 of the first quarter, Chris Sturtevant scored a goal to make the score USC 3 – Pepperdine 1.
Marcus Longton [out of the picture] scored a goal at 5:22!
Forty seconds later, Marcus Longton [barely in picture] scored his second goal at 4:42. The score is now USC 5 – Pepperdine 1.
Trojan Candy took this picture of our USC goalie Nic Porter.
At 1:59 of the first quarter, Chris Sturtevant scored his second goal to make the score USC 6-Pepperdine 1.
Here is a USC poolside huddle.
Next, I took this picture of a Pepperdine poolside huddle.
video 0423
Topping Chris Sturtevant’s two goals, in this video Marcus Longton scored a penalty shot for his third goal of the first quarter with 17 seconds left! Marcus had his “hat trick” all in the first quarter! Amazing, Marcus!
Pepperdine scored their second goal with 2.8 seconds left in the first quarter. At the end of the quarter, the score was USC 7 – Pepperdine 2.
At 6:14 of the second quarter, Hannes Daube [out of the picture] scored a goal to make the score: USC 8 – Pepperdine 2.
Pepperdine scored two straight goals to close the gap to USC 8– Pepperdine 4. However, at 3:33 of the second quarter, Jake Ehrhardt’s goal made the score USC 9 – Pepperdine 4.
I missed the next goal by Jacob Mercep at 1:52 of the second period. The score is now USC 10 – Pepperdine 4.
video 0426
In this video, at 1:11 of the second quarter, Jake Ehrhardt scored the 11th goal of the match for USC.
Jake Carter scored his second goal with 41 seconds left in the second quarter to make the score USC 12 - Pepperdine 4.
With 23.5 seconds left, Pepperdine scored a goal to make the score USC 12 – Pepperdine 5.
video 0427
During halftime Trojan Candy recorded this video about our Men’s Water Polo Seniors. FIGHT ON, USC Water Polo Seniors!
In the third quarter at 6:59, Marcus Longton scored his fourth goal!
Thirty-nine seconds later Chris Sturtevant scored his third goal to make the score 14 to 5.
video 429
Then, at 2:15 Jake Ehrhardt scored his third goal with a penalty shot. The above is a video.
video 0430
At 1:46 Jacob Mercep scored his third goal with a penalty shot. This is another video. The score was 16 to 5.
At 0:52 of the third quarter, Carson Kranz scored the fifth USC goal of the quarter.
USC’s sixth goal of the third quarter was scored by Chris Sturtevant. It was his fourth goal!
video 429
The score at the end of the third quarter was USC 18 and Pepperdine 6.
In the fourth quarter, Jake Ehrhardt lobbed a shot toward the goalie.
Jake Ehrhardt's lob went in! He scored his fourth goal to make the score USC 19 – Pepperdine 6.
With 4:15 left, Marcus Longton’s FIFTH GOAL through two Pepperdine Waves made the score USC 20 – Pepperdine 7. Way to go, Marcus!
Then, at 3:28 Wyatt Barker’s goal made the score USC 21 – Pepperdine 7.
What would become the last USC goal was scored by Tony Nardelli at 0:23.
Tony’s goal made the final score USC 22 – Pepperdine 7.

What a USC offensive showcase!

FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Water Polo!