May (2) 2021 Candygrams

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Sunday, May 16, 2021---Final Day of the Pac-12 Track and Field Championships

10Today was the busiest day of the Pac-12 Track and Field Championships. Every event was the Final. My husband Jim and I were assigned to usher the competitors to the south side of the Loker Track stadium to exit after their event. Jim did the job all by himself while Trojan Candy went back to help with the baskets. Many of the same volunteers returned to work in the west end of the infield. The basket area was the busiest, especially since we had to spray each basket with disinfectant and constantly had to carry full baskets to one location and empty baskets back to the chairs. The events occurred so quickly. Believe it or not, it was fun to do! My good friend Ray Wong, a fellow volunteer, took this picture of the ever busy basket area. You can see me on the left with the white mask and USC hat.

All of my pictures were taken in between the events or after the meet had concluded.

During a break, Trojan Candy took this picture of Mecca McGlaston, Anna Cockrell and Jasmine James.

Anna had just won the 100 meter hurdles in 12.79 seconds. Jasmine finished second and Mecca finished third. FIGHT ON, Mecca! FIGHT ON, Anna! FIGHT ON, Jasmine!

Davonte Burnett, who just won the 100m dash at 10.05 seconds, gave me a "Fight On!" FIGHT ON, Davonte!
Friend TeeTee Terry (2/6/2020) and Lanae-Tava Thomas smiled for me.

In the 100 meter dash TeeTee finished first in 11.02 seconds while Lanae-Tava finished third. FIGHT ON, TeeTee! FIGHT ON Lanae-Tava!

My good friend Ray Wong took this amazing picture of Isaiah Jewett winning the 800 meter run in 11.45.16.
Then Trojan Candy took this picture of Isaiah receiving his first place trophy.
Then, Isaiah posed with his mother Venus for me. Venus was a fellow volunteer today. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Isaiah!
The next award ceremony was of Cameron Samuel, who won the 400 meter hurdles in 49.09 seconds. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Cameron!
My last award ceremony picture was of our 4x400 meter relay.

Our men won the relay in 3:05.29. Standing on the victory stand were Brian Herron and Isaiah Jewett, and in front were Nicholas Ramey and Cameron Samuel. FIGHT ON, Brian! FIGHT ON, Isaiah! FIGHT ON, Nicholas! FIGHT ON, Cameron!

Trojan Candy took more candid pictures. Friend TeeTee Terry posed with her dad Antwan.
Our Women of Troy won the Pac-12 Track and Field Title! Congratulations Women of Troy!
The Women of Troy gathered for this picture.
Here is my video of the celebration.
This is the first of three snapshots of the celebrating Women of Troy.
Another picture.
Anna Cockrell and ?
As Trojan Candy waited for our Women of Troy to make their Victory Lap, I saw some familiar faces in the stands. Earnest Sears III, Jalyn Jackson, and Matthew Katnik gave Trojan Candy a "Fight On!"
Our Women of Troy took their Victory Lap.
Then, the team danced in celebration.
Next the "Athletes of the Meet" were announced on the big screen. USC's Davonte Burnett was the Men's Athlete of the Meet. Congratulations, Davonte!
USC's TeeTee Terry was the Women's Athlete of the Meet. Congratulations, TeeTee!

2265My last picture of the night was worth waiting for. While I was volunteering earlier I met fellow volunteer Serena Cockrell. I told Serena that I would take a picture of her with her daughter Anna. In the picture from left to right were Anna's friend John Thomas, her boyfriend Parker Sims, Anna, her mom Serena and her dad Kieth. Trojan Candy had met USC baseball player John Thomas (2/6/2020) at a Half Century Trojans event. FIGHT ON, Thomas!

What a fabulously exciting day!

6544Ray, thank you for your pictures.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Track and Field!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Track and Field!

Saturday, May 15, 2021---Second Day of the Pac-12 Track and Field Championships

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were fortunate to be able to volunteer at the Pac-12 Track and Field Championships at our Loker Track Stadium. As I volunteered, I met new track friends and saw "old" track friends.

2158The first "old" friend I saw was fellow Pac-12 Track Meet friend and volunteer also, Monica Morita. Jim and I met Monica when she was a tutor at Heritage Hall and we were volunteers in the Heritage Hall lobby.

2160Jim and I walked onto the field where we were assigned. Jim was assigned to the Long Jump, and I was assigned to the Basket area where the runners store their street clothing and other items in individual plastic baskets. I was supposed to provide water bottles to the runners after they finished their race. Trojan Candy saw good friend, Ray Wong, who brought his professional size camera. Ray was also assigned to do the baskets. He posed for a picture with two other volunteers who were also assigned to the baskets.

2188Before the second day of the Pac-12 competition began, I was standing near the Long Jump track, when I met two USC Track alumni. They were walking over to the bookstore when they both walked up to me and asked if I was taking pictures. Naturally, I said that I wanted to take their pictures, and then I interviewed both of them. Trojan Candy interviewed Candice Davis first. Candice, who was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a two sport athlete in high school. She was a power forward in basketball and ran track. Candice was twice named Michigan Athlete of the Year by Gatorade. At USC she majored in Political Science. In track, in 2003 to 2007, Candice competed in the 100m high hurdles and the 4x100m relay. Now, Candice, who returned to Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the Head of H.R. Talent and Culture at the Eisenhower Center. She and her husband, who she whispered to me is a Bruin, have three children. There are two daughters, Gianna who is 8, Gionia who is 3, and one son, Bruin is 1. Candice assured me that her son Bruin will attend USC. She likes to travel and considers herself an "indirect" recruiter for USC. Candice is gratified that USC has given her a golden opportunity. FIGHT ON, Candice!

2183My second new Track friend, Nate Anderson, patiently waited as I interviewed his friend Candice. Nate was a freshman at USC in 2007 when Candice was a senior. He is from Portland, Oregon, and majored in American Studies. Nate ran the 400m, 800m and 4x400m relay at USC. Nate is the Co-Owner and V.P. of Operations at AnyTime Fitness in Pinole, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. That's how Nate is staying in such good shape! Then, Nate told Trojan Candy that during the COVID-19 pandemic, he and his family taped two shows of the contestant show "Family Feud." The tapings were at Steve Harvey's private studio in Atlanta, Georgia, because taping was prohibited in Los Angeles. Nate said that he earned 175 of the 200 points needed in the "Fast Money" segment to win $20,000! He and his family happily won the $20,000. FIGHT ON, Nate!

After Trojan Candy finished the previous paragraph about my friend Nate Anderson, my husband Jim, who edits and posts my blog to the internet, discovered that I had interviewed Nate when we were volunteering in Heritage Hall. On February 12, 2010, Nate came to the Heritage Hall desk where I interviewed him. Neither of us hadn’t remembered his first interview eleven years ago! To read Nate’s first interview, CLICK HERE. Nate is the same in many ways and is now different in others. FIGHT ON, again, Nate!

2205Trojan Candy's third friend was a current USC Field athlete. USC senior Earnest Sears III posed for me near the high jump structure. I didn't want to bother Earnest with an interview since he was competing today. I actually met Earnest and his family at a USC Track banquet on Sunday, December 1, 2019. CLICK HERE to see Earnest and his parents. I do know that Earnest was born in Palmdale, CA, and is a Communication major at USC. FIGHT ON, Earnest!

2207My next picture was of Drew DeKruyf. He is Assistant Director of Operations for Track & Field and was in charge of all the volunteers. FIGHT ON, Drew!

2210When Trojan Candy went on a short break, I just happened to see good friend Matt Katnik. Matt won second place in the Pac-12 Shotput! I took this picture of Matt holding his trophy. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Matthew!

2215Later, Trojan Candy took a dinner break. There I saw Nate Anderson with a friend. Nate's friend, Jason Price, was actually Nate's USC Track teammate. Naturally, I took Jason's picture and interviewed him. Jason competed in the 200m, 400m, and relays in 2006 to 2010. He majored in Business in Real Estate Development. Now, Jason works for Sales Force in San Francisco. He mentors others in career development. For himself, he likes to work out and go hiking. Unbelievably, Jason told Trojan Candy that he has no favorite foods. He does like to watch PAC-12 events and ESPN documentaries. FIGHT ON, Jason!

2216Before Trojan Candy returned to the field to volunteer, I took pictures of USC Track athletes who were sitting in the stands. First I met Alyssa Brewer, George Gleason and Jennifer Daly. Alyssa is a junior who competes in the distances and in Cross Country in the fall. George is a Graduate transfer who competes in the distances. Jennifer is a senior who competes in the distances and in Cross Country in the fall.

2219George left, and then Jemima Russell joined Alyssa and Jennifer. Jemima is a junior from Victoria, Australia, who competes in the 800m and in Cross Country in the fall. FIGHT ON, Alyssa! FIGHT ON, George! FIGHT ON, Jennifer! FIGHT ON, Jemima!

Trojan Candy met so many new Trojan friends today! I can't wait until tomorrow for the Finals.

FIGHT ON, USC Track and Field!

Monday, May 10, 2021---Our Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Wins Their Third NCAA Title!

Congratulations to the Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team for winning USC's third NCAA Championship yesterday. Our women played UCLA six times during the season. We beat them four times! The score of the NCAA Championship match was USC 3 – UCLA 1. For the record, Tina Graudina and Megan Kraft were pair 1, Julia Scoles and Sammy Slater were pair 2, Haley Hallgren and Hailey Hayward were pair 3, Joy Dennis and Delaynie Maple were pair 4, and twins Audrey and Nicole Nourse were pair 5.

Trojan Candy has been lucky to have taken pictures and to interview Women of Troy Beach Volleyball team members since March 7, 2013, when the Merle Norman Stadium was opened.

COVID-19 took away 2020, but Trojan Candy was able to take pictures and/or interview eleven members of this 2021 NCAA Championship Team before this year. Sorry for not having any pictures of the new Graduate students #31 Bo Chulo and #25 Julia Scoles and the Freshmen #21 Olivia Bakos, #40 Hallie Carballo, #33 Caitlin Cumming, #15 Lauren Harrison, #22 Megan Kraft, and #23 Delaynie Maple. I'll take pictures of you and interview you next year!

Alphabetically, they are

#5 Paige Dreeuws, Senior.
#30 Mollie Ebertin, Junior (center).
#20 Josannah Vazquez, Senior (leftmost).

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!