February 2020 (4) Candygrams

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Friday, February 28, 2020---Nice Women of Troy T-Shirts!

My husband and I attended the Women of Troy basketball game against Utah at the Galen Center.

As you can read in the PREVIOUS PAGE, Trojan Candy and my husband Jim attended the HBO premiere of "Women of Troy" on the USC campus. Each guest at the premiere received a custom Women of Troy basketball jersey. Our names were pressed along with a player's number. Thirty-one was Cheryl Miller's number and forty-four was Cynthia Cooper's number.

0463After our Women of Troy beat Utah 69-66, and we were enjoying the post-game celebration, Jim, my sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon and I modeled our basketball jerseys for my friend Aileen Osato (8/15/2008). Thanks for taking this picture of us, Aileen. After all, it was your idea!

In the game, two freshmen played very well. Alissa Pili scored 29 points, and Endyia Rogers scored 18 points.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy! Beat Colorado next!

Friday, February 28, 2020---Women of Troy Tennis vs. UCLA

My husband and I attended the 2020 Women of Troy tennis non-conference match against UCLA at Marks Stadium.

Our Women of Troy Tennis Team stood on the court for the "Star Spangled Banner."
Then, they did their pre-match ritual. Sorry for the overexposure. My camera must have been set incorrectly.
Here is the doubles lineup.
Next, the team did their pre-match pep rally.
Believe it or not...my husband Jim's first cousin Bobby Ko also came to the match. Bobby is the volunteer M.D. for the UCLA Lady Bruins.
The Doubles were contested first. On Center Court, Eryn Cayetano played net as Angela Kulikov (4/5/2019) served the ball.
Payton Saca and Constance Branstine (4/13/2018) played together on Court 2.
On Court 3, Estella Jaeger served as Danielle Willson waited for the return volley.
Both Eryn and Angela jumped for joy when they defeated the #1 ranked UCLA Doubles Team 6-1.
Then, they shook hands with the Bruins at the net.
Constance and Payton lost 1-6. They shook their umpire's hand.
On Court 3, Estella and Danielle lost a close match 4-6. They shook their umpire's hand.

Unfortunately, the Bruins won the Doubles point and led 1-0 going into the Singles matches.

Trojan Candy will introduce the Singles matches in the order that they finished.

On Court 3 Senior Sydney Van Alphen waited for a serve.
Here is Sydney serving.
After losing 2-6, 2-6, Sydney congratulated her opponent.
Then Sydney shook her umpire's hand.
Senior Angela Kulikov was our number 1 Singles.
After winning in the Doubles, Angela lost 3-6, 2-6 in the singles. She shook hands at the net.
Then Angela shook hands with the umpire.
On Court 5, Ana Neffa served the ball in the match that she won 7-6(6), 6-2.
Then Ana shook hands at the net.
She shook hands with the umpire.
On Court 6 Senior Constance Branstine won her first set 6-4, but lost 4-6, 4-6 in the next two sets.
Constance congratulated her opponent.

At this point, the Bruins had won the match by 4-1, but the last two matches continued on.

Eryn Cayetano served this ball as number 2 Singles and won the first set by 7-6 (1).
Eryn lost the second set by 1-6, but came back to win the third set by 6-4 to earn USC its second point of the match.
Eryn hugged her opponent at the net.
USC Head Coach Alison Swain congratulated Eryn.

0425In the final match on Court 4, Danielle Willson won the first set 6-4, lost a close 6-7 (5) second set, and lost 3-6 in the third set.

Our Women of Troy Fought On, but lost 2-5 to the Bruins in this non-conference match.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!