March 2020 (1) Candygrams

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Sunday, March 1, 2020---Women of Troy Basketball Senior Salute

My husband Jim and I arrived at the Galen Center early for the Women of Troy's basketball game with Colorado. We wanted to be ready to take pictures and videos of the Women of Troy Basketball Senior Salute. Trojan Candy was going to take pictures on the court of the ceremony, while Jim would take videos from the stands.

Trojan Candy took a picture of USC announcer Leland Waters first.

Then, I walked to the tunnel to take pictures of the Seniors' families. The first family Trojan Candy met in the tunnel was Kayla Overbeck's.

In the back row are Kayla's grandma Linda Overbeck, grandpa Greg Sincock, her dad Sean Overbeck, sister Simone, mother Shanon and dad Kalian Scott. In the front row are sister Keira, Grandma Sharon Sincock and sister Scarlett.
Next Trojan Candy met Stephanie Watts' family and took their picture. Here is Stephanie's mother Rhonda, brother Douglas and soon-to-be sister-in-law Genesis.
The last Senior parent in the tunnel was Aliyah Jeune's mother Kelly.
Trojan Candy rushed outside to the court for the Star Spangled Banner to take this picture of the team.
Now, it was time to honor the three Women of Troy Seniors. Associate Head Coach Jason Glover, Head Coach Mark Trakh, Associate Head Coach Aarika Hughes and Assistant Coach Erin Grant were ready to start the ceremony.
Senior Stephanie Watts was first. She was accompanied by her mother Rhonda, brother Douglas and soon-to-be sister-in-law Genesis. There were hugs from the coaches first.
Then Stephanie's family and coaches were photographed.
The next Senior to be honored was Aliyah Jeune. She was accompanied by her brother Anthony and her mother Kelly.
Aliyah posed with the coaches and her brother and mom.
Kayla Overbeck was the last Senior to be honored. She was accompanied by her sister Scarlett, mom Shanon, dad Sean and sister Simone.
Kayla got a big hug from Coach Trakh.
Then the coaches and the rest of Kayla's family joined her for this picture.
All three families posed for this picture.

Congratulations to our three Seniors. FIGHT ON, Aliyah! FIGHT ON, Stephanie! FIGHT ON, Kayla!

While Trojan Candy was on the court, Jim was in the stands taking this video of the ceremony. Thanks, Jim.
Now it was time for the introduction of our starters.
Here is the tip-off.
Alissa Pili scored USC's first basket.

The score at half time was Women of Troy 29 and Colorado 17.

At halftime, the USC Song Girls performed.
The Song Girls performed again.
The Dance Force also performed.
Alissa Pili scored the last point of the game. Our Women of Troy beat Colorado 66 to 55. A celebration ensued in my video.

Trojan Candy walked back down to the court while the Spirit of Troy was still playing.

I took this picture of Kayla Overbeck being interviewed.
Alissa Pili smiled for me while she was signing autographs.
Endyia Rogers posed for Trojan Candy next.
Angel Jackson and Coach Aarika Hughes smiled for this picture.
Kayla Overbeck gave Trojan Candy two FIGHT ONs.
Then, Kayla posed with Coach Aarika Hughes.

After the game there was a reception in the Founder's Room. Jim and I went to it.

In the Founder's Room Coach Trakh started the program with an introduction of the three Seniors.
Senior Aliyah Jeune came back up on the stage to thank everyone.
After the program ended, Trojan Candy walked around to take pictures and interview the three Seniors. I saw the cake first.
Here are my friends at our table. Sitting were Patti and Dudley Poon, Jim Yee, and Barbara and Hal Keimi. Standing were Walt Greene, Stefanie Miller, Masako and Richard Murakami.
Next, Trojan Candy saw Kyra White and her mother Jennifer.

0644Friends Percy Williams and Tim Seno were sitting with Kaathy Rax.

0646Luckily, Trojan Candy saw Senior Aliyah Jeune. I took her picture and then did a quick interview. Aliyah started playing basketball when she was nine years old. Aliyah attended Rutgers then Morehead State before she came to USC. At USC she is earning her Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Aliyah's hobby is shopping. She likes hip hop, rap and R&B music. Aliyah's favorite movie is "Creed." After earning her Master's degree, Aliyah wants to play professional basketball. Good luck in the WNBA draft, Aliyah, and FIGHT ON!

Next, Trojan Candy saw Senior Kayla Overbeck. I took her picture and then interviewed her.

Kayla majored in History. Her favorite food is steak and sushi. As for movies, Kayla has two favorite movies. She likes Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and "Top Gun." As for music, Kayla likes country music the most. FIGHT ON, Kayla!

Kayla and Aliyah joined Coach Trakh and the third Senior Stephanie Watts for this cake picture.
Trojan Candy found Freshman Angel Jackson and her mom Barbara Johnson next.
At the same table Trojan Candy took this cute picture of three more freshmen. They were at the top Endyia Rogers, Kyra White and Alissa Pili.
I caught up with Aliyah Jeune and her family for this picture. They are her dad Patrick, mom Kelly, Aliyah and her brother Anthony.
Kayla Overbeck posed with some of her family. In the back were sister Simone, Kayla, Skylar, Summer and mom Shanon. In the front were Grandma Sharon, sisters Scarlett and Keira.
On the other side of the room Alissa and her brother Brandon Pili posed for Trojan Candy. Brandon is a Defensive Lineman on the USC Football Team, and he attends all of Alissa's games.
Trojan Candy met two more Women of Troy Basketball freshmen. They were India Otto and Alyson Miura.
Several guests posed for this picture with Endyia Rogers and Kayla Overbeck.

At the back row were Jim Femino, Fred Mickaelian, Cheryl Schwartz, Monica Morita, Kayla, Sandy Johnston, Tim Seno and Larry Jung. In the middle row were Sue Femino, Christine Ofiesh and Patti Poon. In the front row were Endyia Rogers and Wandy Jung.

There were several fellow TGLA members at the reception. Cheryl Schwartz, Sandy Johnston, Christine Ofiesh and Patti Poon posed with Desiree Caldwell.
Then Trojan Candy took this picture of TGLA hubbies. Jim Yee, Elliott Schwartz and Dudley Poon smiled for me.
As Jim and I were leaving, I took this picture of more friends. Sitting at the table next to ours were Carole and Tom Zide and Mel and Doris Hughes. Standing were Kathy and Herb Goodman.
Jim took this last picture of Christine Ofiesh, Wandy Jung, Sandy Johnston, Becky Gramstrup, Trojan Candy and Patti Poon.

What an incredibly memorable day!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!