November 2019 (3) Candygrams

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Friday, November 22, 2019---UCLA Pregame Pep Rally

Trojan Candy went first to the reception in the Bashor Lounge of Heritage Hall. Then I walked out to my favorite spot to take pictures and videos of the UCLA pregame pep rally in the Heritage Hall patio.

Then I saw two familiar faces. They were Bill and Barbara Delgado whom I had met on my 2015 flight to Dallas, Texas. We were all going to the USC-Alabama game.
Trojan Candy took a video of the Pep Squad and the USC Song Girls as we all waited for the Pep Rally to start. It is the night before our game against the Bruins.
Then, the Spirit of Troy marched in from their practice at Loker Track Stadium. Our Football Team walked into the Heritage Hall patio from John McKay Center.
Special Teams Coach John Baxter climbed up the ladder and asked Dr. Art Bartner to step up on the ladder and be honored by the team.
I took this picture of Dr. Bartner.
Now, it was time to honor a Senior football player. Senior John Houston climbed up the ladder to address the team.
Here is what John Houston told the team.
"Conquest" was played and John was privileged to wield the sword.
After the Pep Rally ended, Trojan Candy took this picture of John and his family.
Next I took a picture of the Pep Squad.
Three fans posed with the USC Song Girls.
Then, a gentleman took this picture of yours truly with our new Athletic Director Michael Bohn.

What an invigorating pep rally. Beat the Bruins tomorrow!

Saturday, November 16, 2019---USC Football at Cal

On Friday, November 15th, my husband Jim and I drove up to Northern California for the Cal game. It was very cold up north. On game day, we drove to Berkeley and parked our car a few blocks from the Cal Memorial Stadium.

We walked to the Bancroft Hotel for an Associates Tailgate. We walked past several Cal Fraternity and Sorority Houses. There were parties all along our route. We saw fellow Trojans at many of these parties.

We found the Bancroft Hotel.
Here is the Bancroft Hotel entrance.
At the dining room, the Associates Senior Executive Director, Adam Bart, and Kylie Mace greeted us.
Trojan Candy had this picture taken of Jim and me and the Sherman family at our School of Education table. They are Karen, Jo, Chris, Nora and Jack Sherman.
Then, I saw three friends at a nearby table. Louie Wong, Sue Cimbaluk and Mary Jo Wong smiled for me.
At the other Education table, Trojan Candy saw friends Rachel and Ron Beal and Walt Greene.
Jim and friend Matt DeGrushe gave Trojan Candy the Victory Sign.

Everyone stayed as late as they could in the dining room for two reasons. We were watching Utah "kill" the Bruins, and it was very cold outside. Why did our game have to start at 8:00 p.m. tonight?

The stadium was nearby. The stairs are getting steeper and steeper every two years.

Jim and I found our seats. The teams were warming up. Cal's stadium lights are so dim compared to our Coliseum's.
The Spirit of Troy was not far away from our seats.
Our Trojans huddled before returning to the locker room.
Minutes later, our Trojans took the field.
Here's the coin toss. Cut off the end.
Michael Pittman scored a touchdown with 0:43 left in the second quarter.
The Spirit of Troy performed during the halftime.
Here's Drake London's touchdown with 12:11 left in the third quarter.
Chase McGrath hit a field goal with 7:30 left in the third quarter.
The last USC touchdown that Trojan Candy could record near my end of the field was of Stephen Carr (12/13/2017) scoring with 2:29 left in the third quarter.
Trojan Candy definitely liked this score!
We won 41-17! Our victorious Trojans heard "Conquest" by the Spirit of Troy.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!