April 2019 (4) Candygrams

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Friday, April 19, 2019---USC Men's Tennis Senior Day

Today is the USC Men's Tennis Senior Day at Marks Stadium. The match vs. Arizona started with the Star Spangled Banner.

Star Spangled Banner
After the National Anthem, the USC Senior Day was announced.
Team huddle
Next, the USC Men's Tennis Team huddled.
Laurens Verboven and Brandon Holt
The Doubles competition started. On Center Court were Laurens Verboven and Brandon Holt (4/14/2017).
Riley and Tanner Smith
The Smith brothers, Riley (11/15/2018) and Tanner, were paired on Court 2.
Jack Jaede and Daniel Cukierman
Jack Jaede (11/15/2018) and Daniel Cukierman (2/10/2018) played #3 doubles.

The USC men won the Double's point 2-0.

Now, it was time for the Senior Day Celebration. Trojan Candy took the still pictures and my husband Jim took the videos.

Tanner Smith was the first Senior to walk out. He was followed by his family.
Tanner and Tammie Smith
Then, Tanner hugged his mom Tammie.
Logan Smith
The second Senior was Logan Smith (2/16/2016).
Logan Smith and Kris Kwinta
Logan received a souvenir album from Coach Kris Kwinta.
Shawn, Lily, Kiana and Logan Smith
Logan posed with his father Shawn, mother Lily and sister Kiana.
Jack Jaede
Jack Jaede was the third Senior to be honored.
Riley Scott and Jack Jaede
Jake hugged friend and USC Swimmer Riley Scott.
Laurens Verboven
The fourth Senior Laurens Verboven had a big smile on his face.
Laurens Verboven and Peter Smith
Laurens hugged Coach Smith.
Laurens Verboven, Kris Kwinta and Deiton Baughman
Laurens received his album from Coaches Kris Kwinta and Deiton Baughman.
Julia Adams and Laurens Verboven
Then, Laurens hugged his girlfriend Julia Adams who made his big head.
Jake DeVine
Jake DeVine was the fifth Senior to be honored.
Jake DeVine and Kris Kwinta
Jake received a bouquet and album from Coach Kris Kwinta.
Daniel, Laurel, Jake, John, Luke and Julia DeVine
Jake's family joined him on the court. They were Daniel, Laurel, Jake, John, Luke and Julia DeVine.
Juan Granizo and Peter Smith
Student Manager Juan Granizo was the last Senior honored. He posed with Coach Smith.
Awards ceremony
Jim took a video of the entire ceremony.
Seniors, families and friends
Trojan Candy managed to take this picture of the Seniors and their families and friends.
Team, families and friends
This is a video of the Seniors, families, friends and teammates.
Shawn, Lily, Kiana and Logan Smith
I rushed to take a better picture of Logan Smith and his family.
Laurens Verboven and Julia Adams
Trojan Candy took a nicer picture of Laurens Verboven and his girlfriend Julia Adams.
Jake DeVine
Now, it was time for the Singles to start. Senior Jake DeVine was on Court 6.
Riley Smith
Riley Smith was returning a volley on Court 4.
Daniel Cukierman
Daniel Cukierman played #2 singles.
Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt was waiting for a serve on Center Court.
Mor Bulis
Freshman Mor Bulis was ready to serve on Court 5.
Laurens Verboven
Laurens Verboven was getting ready to receive service on Court 3.
Laurens Verboven
Laurens was USC's first to win his singles match.
Laurens Verboven
Laurens thanked the judge.
Laurens Verboven
Laurens proudly wrapped a Belgian flag on his shoulders.
Laurel, Jake, Julia, Daniel, Luke and John DeVine
Trojan Candy walked to Court 6 and was able to take a nicer picture of Jake DeVine with his family. From left to right were Mom Laurel, Jake, sister Julia, brothers Daniel and Luke and Dad John.

Jack Jaede and Riley ScottI took another picture of Jack Jaede and his girlfriend Riley Scott.

Riley ScottTrojan Candy asked Riley if I could interview her, and she said, "Yes."

Riley, like Jack, is a Senior. She majored in International Relations. She competed in the Breaststroke at USC. Riley likes to watch all kinds of sports. Her hobby is cooking. She likes to make "shakshouka," a dish of poached eggs. Riley's favorite book is "The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11." Congratulations Riley and FIGHT ON!

Brandon Holt won his Singles to give USC a 3-1 lead.
Mor Bulis
On Court 5 Mor Bulis clinched our victory over Arizona with a 6-7 (3), 6-3, 6-4 victory!
Our men did a final huddle.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!

Julia Adams, Laurens Verboven, Marniik Sevens, Warel Waytjens, Chloe Derenette, Andy Schelleuens and Joppe DeVroede
As Jim and I were leaving, I saw Laurens Verboven with his friends from Belgium. They were from left to right: Julia Adams, Laurens, Marniik Sevens, Warel Waytjens, Chloe Derenette, Andy Schelleuens and Joppe DeVroede.
Thibault Forget and Sarah Kane
Standing nearby was friend Thibault Forget (2/28/2015) and his friend Sarah Kane.

What a memorable day for Trojan Candy!