April 2019 (3) Candygrams

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019---Trojan Basketball Awards Dinner

Trojan Candy arrived at the Town and Gown early for the annual Trojan Basketball Awards dinner. I took pictures of friends as they walked into the lobby.

Barbara Cameron, Doris Hughes, Tara Quarrie and Louie Wong
The first friends I saw were Barbara Cameron, Doris Hughes, Tara Quarrie and Louie Wong.
Kent Hollenbeck
Trojan Candy saw friend Kent Hollenbeck whom I see at every men's basketball banquet.
Rose and Craig Anderson
Nearby were two USC Associates friends. I see Rose and Craig Anderson at lots of USC events.
I saw Coach Andy Enfield with his wife Amanda and basketball donors Jim and Sue Femino.
Richard Flores, Patti Poon and Joseph Hopper
Next, Trojan Candy was so happy to see good friend Richard Flores. He smiled for my picture of him with my sister Patti Poon and Joseph Hopper.
Abe Somer and Dann Angeloff
There were two familiar Half-Century Trojan friends, Abe Somer and Dann Angeloff, who smiled for this picture.
Bennie Boatwright
Trojan Candy walked outside to look for basketball players. Then I saw friend Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015)!
Bennie Boatwright
I gave him a newspaper article that he hadn't seen before.
Lynn Swann, Bennie Boatwright, Nick Rakocevic and Alex Weber
I walked inside and saw Athletic Director Lynn Swann was standing near some players. So Trojan Candy asked if he wanted to be in a photo with Bennie Boatwright and Nick Rakocevic (8/26/2016). As you can see, he did join them along with Dr. Alex Weber.
Nick Reader
Trojan Candy saw a Half Century Trojans Scholarship recipient and Team Manager Nick Reader (2/20/2019) next. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Nick!
Derryck Thornton, Mason Leib, Matthew Chen and Jonah Mathews
Two more Team Managers, Mason Leib and Matthew Chen, joined Derryck Thornton (10/24/2017) and Jonah Mathews (4/12/2017) in this picture.
Chuck O'Bannon
I caught Chuck O'Bannon (4/19/2018) in the patio outside.
Kent Hollenbeck and Sam Chow
Inside Town and Gown Trojan Candy saw good friend Sam Chow with Kent Hollenbeck.
Derryck Thornton, Elijah Weaver, Jonah Mathews and Kevin Porter, Jr.
Back in the lobby, Trojan Candy took this silly picture of Derryck Thornton, Elijah Weaver, Jonah Mathews and Kevin Porter Jr. (10/16/2018).
Dudley and Patti Poon, Trojan Candy, Eiko Bates, Mary Haltom, Leroy Edwards III, Raymond Bates, Mel and Doris Hughes and Barbara Cameron
All the guests were seated. The guests standing at my table were Dudley and Patti Poon, Trojan Candy, Eiko Bates, Mary Haltom and Leroy Edwards III. Sitting were Raymond Bates, Mel and Doris Hughes and Barbara Cameron.

Elijah WeaverTrojan Candy spotted him sitting at his table. Since the buffet line was long, I knew that I had enough time to walk over and interview Elijah Weaver. So I did. Elijah is majoring in Communication. He said that he chose USC because he liked all the coaches. Elijah's favorite food is pancakes. His favorite music is Hip Hop and Rap. Elijah's favorite movies are scary movies. Another Trojan after my own heart! His favorite musician is Young Thug. FIGHT ON, Elijah!

Andy Enfield and Steve LopesAt the beginning of the program, Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes presented Head Coach Andy Enfield with a basketball for a trophy. Coach Enfield had coached his 100th USC Victory over Southern Utah on December 21, 2018. Congratulations Coach Enfield!

Now, it was time for Coach Enfield to give his team awards. He gave awards to the Senior Basketball Managers first.

John Kirwan and Andy Enfield
First was John Kirwan.
Nick Reader and Andy Enfield
Next was Manager Nick Reader.
Mason Leib and Andy Enfield
The third Manager was Mason Leib.
Matthew Chen and Andy Enfield
Matthew Chen was the last Manager to be honored.
Trophies and gifts
These are the trophies and gifts that Coach Enfield would give to his players.
2018-2019 Basketball Season
Next a video was shown reviewing our 2018-2019 Basketball Season.
Transfers and returnees
The second video is about our transfers coming and returning players for next year.
This video shows all of the awards that Coach Enfield gave this evening.
Andy Enfield and Bennie Boatwright
The last video features Coach Enfield and Bennie Boatwright.
2018-2019 Team and Andy Enfield
The 2018-2019 Team posed with Coach Enfield.
2018-2019 Team
Then, the team posed for Trojan Candy.
Dudley Poon, Bennie Boatwright and Patti Poon
My last picture of the night is of Bennie Boatwright with Dudley and Patti Poon.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball Team!