May 2018 (6) Candygrams

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Sunday, May 13, 2018---Our Women of Troy Water Polo Team Beat UCLA and Stanford to Win their Sixth NCAA Title!

ScoreboardOn Saturday, May 12, 2018, our Women of Troy Water Polo Team had a big lead of 8-2 against the UCLA Lady Bruins in the third period of our Semi-Final match in the NCAA Championships.

Final ScoreHead Coach Jovan Vavic had substituted liberally throughout the match, and we easily beat the Bruins 10-6 to reach the NCAA Finals on Sunday, May 13th. Our women hardly celebrated their victory over the Bruins. They knew that there was one more victory to go. We still have to beat the "rough" Stanford Cardinals to capture our sixth NCAA Women's Water Polo Championship. However, Trojan Candy was there to savor the victory!

Women of TroyOn Sunday, May 13th, my sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley Poon, friend Stephanie Miller and yours truly, Trojan Candy, arrived at noon for the 3:00 p.m. Championship match vs Stanford. I took this video of our Women of Troy Water Polo Team when they entered the stadium. The team was greeted with "Fight On's!"

Naturally, Pat, Dudley, Stephanie and I were the first in line and the first to climb the very steep stairs to the seats in the Uytengsu Aquatics Center. I was able to sit in my favorite and best place to take pictures on the south side of the Center.

To my left was this banner.
Warm up
Our team warmed up.
Spirit of Troy
Naturally, the Spirit of Troy was there.
Here are the trophies for the Champions.
Now, the players were introduced.
Our Women of Troy huddled before the game.
Getting ready
Then our starters jumped in the pool together and swam to their positions for the Sprint.
Hayley McKelvey and Paige Hauschild
Ready, Hayley McKelvey #9 (on left) and Paige Hauschild #5!
USC huddle
Coach Vavic called for a huddle in the first period.
Stanford huddle
Stanford also huddled.
Our first goal
Our first goal by Senior Brianna Daboub #11 tied the score at 1-1 at 2:46 of the second quarter.
Our second goal
Our second goal by Sophomore Denise Mammolito #8 tied the score at 2-2 in the third quarter.
Our third goal
Freshman Paige Hauschild tied the score at 3-3 to end the scoring in the third quarter.
Our first lead
On our first possession of the fourth quarter, Denise Mammolito scored her second goal to give us our first lead at 4-3!

We lead 5-4!With the score tied 4-4 with Stanford, our women broke out on a fast break. Trojan Candy could hear and feel the crowd excitement starting from the west end of the stadium and growing larger and larger as our women neared the Stanford goal. Then, there was an eruption of cheers when Denise Mammolito completed a "hat trick" with her third goal with 1:07 left in the match. I just barely recorded the leading (and eventually winning) goal!

Last seconds and Victory celebration
This video shows the last seconds of the match and the Women of Troy VICTORY Celebration! Notice who gets pulled into the pool by Coach Vavic.
Handshakes and huddle
Both teams shook hands and then our women huddled with their teammates.
Victory huddle
The Champions huddled in victory.
Trophy presentation
Our NCAA Women's Water Polo Champions received their trophies.
See the scoreboard above and our jubilant team beneath.
Trojan Candy took this picture as we were leaving the stadium. Oh, what a feeling!

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Women of Troy 2018 NCAA Water Polo Champions!