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Wednesday, May 9, 2018---Graduating Women of Troy Student-Athletes Celebration

My husband Jim and I were invited to the Graduating Women of Troy Student-Athletes Celebration, and we arrived right on time at 5:00 p.m. at the Bashor Lounge in Heritage Hall. This is where previous Celebrations were located. But, no one was there! Luckily, a young lady told us that the Celebration was at the Founder's Room in the Galen Center. Jim and I hurried back to our car and Jim dropped me off near the Leavey Library. I literally rushed to the Galen Center steps, where there was supposed to be a picture taken of all the Women of Troy Seniors at 5:00 p.m.

No one was on the steps, so I went quickly to the Founder's Room. A few of the Women of Troy Seniors were already there. I took out my camera and started to take, what else? pictures!

Gussie Johns, Alexis Kardias, Gabby Smith and Madison WestbyI saw two very familiar faces. They were Tennis Seniors Gabby Smith (2/10/2018) and Madison Westby (4/13/2018), and they were talking with two Women of Troy athletes. Trojan Candy found out that both ladies played Lacrosse. In my picture were Gussie Johns, Alexis Kardias, Gabby Smith and Madison Westby.

Alexis KardiasTrojan Candy was able to interview both Gussie and Alexis. Alexis Kardias, who is from New Jersey, majored in International Relations and Global Business. She plans to work as a law consultant. Alexis played the "attacker" position in lacrosse. More personally, her hobby is cooking and hanging out with her friends and teammates. As for her favorite food, Alexis likes cookie dough ice cream. Alexis likes two movies the best..."Big Money" and "Good Will Hunting." Her favorite television show is "Grey's Anatomy." So nice to meet you, and FIGHT ON, Alexis!

Gussie JohnsNext, Trojan Candy interviewed Gussie Johns. Gussie, who played goalie in lacrosse, majored in Business Sports Media Studies. After graduation, Gussie would like to go into business and perhaps coach also. For hobbies, Gussie, like Alexis, likes to cook. She also likes to take pictures, like yours truly, and oil paint. Gussie told me that she takes a picture and then paints on the picture. How interesting! Her two favorite movies are "The Shawkshank Redemption" and "Silver Linings Playbook." As for music, Gussie's favorite music is Country Music, and her favorite artists are The Avett Brothers and Zac Brown. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is Gussie's favorite movie, and she likes to read Malcom Gladwell books. So glad to meet you, and FIGHT ON, Gussie!

Katie Fuller and friend
I took this picture of friend and Women of Troy Volleyball and Beach Volleyball alumna Katie Fuller and her friend.
Spirit of Troy
Everyone in the Founder's Room heard them coming. The Spirit of Troy Pep Band entertained us before the program began.

At the beginning of the program, Senior Associate Athletic Director Dr. Donna Heinel thanked the Women of Troy donors for coming.

Leland Waters, Jordan Adams, Jordan Dunn, Caitlan Stuewe, Emma Cornwell, Kate Melberg, Isabel Fitter, Brittany Abercrombie, Chloe Chrysikopoulos, Nicole Molen, Kendall Ellis, Madisen Richards, Alexis Kardias, Gussie Johns, Madison Westby, and Gabby Smith
Then, USC Sports announcer Leland Waters asked each Senior to introduce herself and tell about one fun fact about herself that nobody knows.
Gabby Smith, Kendall Ellis, Jordan Adams and Madisen Richards
A video was shown of Gabby Smith, Kendall Ellis, Jordan Adams (3/24/2017) and Madisen Richards introducing themselves and talking about why they came to USC, their personal growth, struggles, fondest memories and being in the Trojan family.
Jordan Adams
Now, it was time for the speakers. Representing the Seniors, friend Jordan Adams spoke about the "footprints" each of the Seniors made at USC.
Melissa Ward
Then it was time for the keynote speaker, women's basketball alumna and two time NCAA champion, Melissa Ward, to speak.
Melissa Ward
Here is Melissa's inspiring speech.
Alison Swain
Head Women's Tennis Coach Alison Swain imparted good advice to our Senior Athletes.
Tara Quarrie
The program ended with a few comments from Trojan Athletic Fund Director of Development Tara Quarrie (11/29/2015).
Front: Chloe Chrysikopoulos, Gabby Smith,  Emma Cornwell, Madisen Richards, Alexis Kardias, Gussie Johns and ? Back: Nicole Molen, Kate Melberg, Madison Westby, Jordan Dunn, Brittany Abercrombie, Caitlan Stuewe, Isabel Fitter, Kendall Ellis and Jordan Adams
After the program, Trojan Candy took two group pictures of the athletes. This one was of the Senior Women of Troy Athletes who came to the dinner.
Athletes, coaches, speakers and staff
They were joined by the coaches, speakers and staff. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Seniors!
Alison Swain, Jordan Adams and Melissa Ward
Now, Trojan Candy walked around taking more personal pictures. The three speakers---Coach Alison Swain, Jordan Adams and Melissa Ward---posed on the stage.
Brittany Abercrombie and Jordan Dunn
Women Volleyball Seniors Brittany Abercrombie (1/7/2018) and Jordan Dunn (4/14/2018) smiled for Trojan Candy.
Isabel Fitter, Kate Melberg and Chloe Chrysikopoulos
Three Rowing Seniors posed on the stage. They were Seniors Isabel Fitter, Kate Melberg and Chloe Chrysikopoulos.

Kendall EllisTrojan Candy was not only able to take a picture of USC Track Senior Kendall Ellis, but I was also able to interview her. Kendall told me that since she was seven years old, she has had the Olympics in her mind! Let's hope that her dream comes true! Kendall, who is from Pembroke Pines, Florida, graduated last year in Business Administration. She chose USC because our academics and athletics are in "Perfect Balance." Kendall's favorite foods are pizza and chicken wings. She declared herself a "foodie" because she likes to go to new restaurants. Kendall likes hip hop, R&B and rap music. Her favorite movie is the "Avatar Series." Good Luck at the Pac-12 and NCAA's and FIGHT ON, Kendall!

Gabby Smith and Madisen RichardsTrojan Candy met another Track Senior. She is Kendall's roommate. Madisen Richards posed with friend and Tennis Senior Gabby Smith. Luckily, I was able to interview Madisen too. Madisen, who is from Simi Valley, was a Long Jumper on the team. She majored in Human Biology. Her favorite food is sushi, and she likes Drake music the most. For a hobby, Madisen told me that she likes to go to Disneyland and to "hang out" with her friends. Finally, when asked why she chose USC, Madisen agreed with Kendall. There was "balance between Athletics and Academics." Trojan Candy is so glad that Kendall and Madisen chose my alma mater USC! Good Luck at the Pac-12 and NCAA's and FIGHT ON, Madisen!

Brittany Abercrombie, Caitlan Stuewe, Emma Cornwell and Jordan Dunn
Brittany Abercrombie and Jordan Dunn posed with Water Polo Seniors Caitlan Stuewe and Emma Cornwell.
Kyent Chin, Melissa Ward and Anna Liberovsky
My final picture of the evening was of two friends, Kyent Chin and Anna Liberovsky, with M'Lis Ward. Anna, a USC Women's Rowing alumna, is the USC Men's Rowing Coach.

What a very memorable evening!