October 2017 (1) Candygrams

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Saturday, October 21, 2017---USC Men's Water Polo vs. UCI

Trojan Candy arrived an hour before the USC Men's Water Polo match vs. UCI at the Uytengsu Aquatic Center. I got a prime seat at mid pool to see the scoreboard.
Star Spangled Banner
Our USC Men's Water Polo Team stood pool side for the "Star Spangled Banner."
Both teams were introduced.
USC huddle
USC huddles with the coaches before the match started.
Blake Edwards
UCI scored a goal quickly on its first possession, but USC's Blake Edwards tied the match on this shot.

Trojan Candy was able to take a picture or video of every goal USC scored in the match.

Our scoring went as follows:

Thomas Dunsten
Thomas Dunsten made it 2-1.
Zach D'Sa
Zach D'Sa scored to make it 3-1.
USC huddle
There was a USC huddle with Head Coach Jovan Vavic.
Marko Vavic
Then, the USC lead increased to 4-1 with Marko Vavic's goal.
Matteo Morelli
Matteo Morelli's shot made the score 5-1.
Zach D'Sa
Zach D'Sa made his second goal to make the score 6-2.
Mihajlo Milicevic
Mihajlo Milicevic answered an Anteater goal to make it 7-3.
Thomas Dunstan
On a 6 on 5 Thomas Dunstan scored his second goal to increase the lead at 8-3.
Marco Vavic
Trojan Candy took a video of Marco Vavic scoring his second goal to make it 9-5.
Marco Vavic
Marco Vavic took a lob shot.
Marco Vavic
Yes, Marco's lob made it in the goal to increase the lead to 10-5.
James Walters
James Walters made the score 11-5 in the fourth quarter with 5:42 left in the match.
Sam Slobodien
Sam Slobodien's goal arrived deep in the net. USC was now ahead 12-5 over UCI.
Will Rubschlager
Coach Vavic sent in Sophomore Will Rubschlager for our 2016 Olympian goalie McQuin Baron.
Final USC goal
Our final goal was scored by Christian Hockenbury.

The final score was USC 13-UCI 8.

Both teams shook hands after the match.
Next week is the last home game of the season for our Men's Water Polo Team. It will be "Senior Day." As a preview, Trojan Candy took a video featuring our twelve Seniors.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo Team!

Saturday, October 14, 2017---USC-Utah Football Game and Good Friends

Trojan Candy saw "old Friends" as my husband Jim and I were walking around in the California Science Museum.

Jim Yee, Hal and Barbara Keimi, and Richard Murakami
Jim posed with Hal and Barbara Keimi and Richard Murakami. Hal had volunteered with Jim and me at Heritage Hall.
USC football team arriving
As we were walking back to our car, Jim and I were able to see our USC team disembark from their buses. I took one more short video.
Porter Gustin
Porter Gustin was the last USC player to get off the bus. When is Porter going to be able to play?
Utah warmed up
Inside the Coliseum, Trojan Candy noticed the unusual formation that Utah used in warm-ups.
USC football team
This video shows our Trojans running out of the Coliseum tunnel led by friend Tyron Smith (9/9/2010).
USC Soccer Champions
At the end of the first quarter, our 2007 and 2016 Women of Troy Soccer Teams were honored for winning their National Championships. Congratulations again and FIGHT ON, USC Soccer!

Final scoreAbout our football game against Utah. We won on a tremendous tackle by Ajene Harris at the two yard line that prevented Utah quarterback Troy Williams from scoring a two point conversion.

The final score was USC 28-Utah 27!

Friday, October 13, 2017---USC Women of Troy Soccer Friend

2016 championship ringTrojan Candy got this beautiful replica of the 2016 NCAA Championship Women's Soccer ring during the half-time of the USC-Colorado Women of Troy Soccer Match. Our team was ahead 2-0.

Amy Rodriguez and Ryan ShillingIn addition to the ring, I also got to see a good friend. Two time Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Rodriguez (8/19/2012) came to the match along with several teammates. They, along with their coach Ali Khosroshahin, were being honored for their 2007 NCAA Soccer National Championship during the halftime. Trojan Candy took this picture of Amy with her son Ryan Shilling. Amy told me that she tore her ACL in April and is recovering. She wants to play again for FC Kansas City in the National Women's Soccer League. Get well, Amy, and FIGHT ON!