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Thursday, September 17, 2015---TGLA Beach Retreat

Board of DirectorsTGLA Board of Directors held their annual Retreat at the Malibu La Costa Beach Club. Patricia Dowling sent this group picture of the attendees. They were Jean Ann Holbrook, TGLA President Patricia Dowling, Sandra Sorenson Beck, Rosalee Pechersky, Nikki Dana, Mo Bassity, Jean Getchell, Jolene Irwin, Kate Farlow, Judy Lieb, Mary Indenbaum, and Missie McClure.

There was some work, lots of delicious food and a lot of fun!

September 1, 2015---In Memoriam

Patricia McDonald
Patricia McDonald
March 31, 1933-February 2, 2015
(actual size photo)
Emily Ortega Mahler
Emily Ortega Mahler
June 27, 1927-June 3, 2015
(actual size photo)
Carolee Candase Snyder
Carolee Candase Snyder
June 20, 1946-August 15, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015---TGLA Installation Meeting

The last regular TGLA meeting of 2014-2015 was the Installation meeting. President Mary Indenbaum called the meeting to order for the last time in her term.

The first order of business was the Installation of 2015-2016 Officers.

Carol Fox
Carol Fox creatively installed the new Board.
New Board
The new Board. Carol gave special gifts to each new officer.
Jean Getchell
For example, there was a "million dollar bill" for Jean Getchell for scholarships.
Sandi Hampar and Sharon Schmidt
Sandi Hampar and Sharon Schmidt, Vice Presidents - Membership, were given USC pom poms to help them cheer for TGLA and promote membership.
Mary Hall and Christine Ofiesh
Vice Presidents - Programs Mary Hall and Christine Ofiesh received "travel brochures" to aid in their search for speakers.
Nikki Dana and Patricia Dowling
President Elect Nikki Dana received a TGLA sign to advertise our organization, and our incoming President Patricia Dowling was given a USC umbrella to get our attention and follow her lead.

Everyone definitely enjoyed Carol's Installation.

Mary Indenbaum and Patricia Dowling
Here is a picture of out-going President Mary Indenbaum with incoming President Patricia Dowling.

Patricia asked the appointed 2015-2016 TGLA Officers to stand up and be recognized.

Next, Past Presidents were recognized.

Marilyn O'Driscoll and Jean Ann Holbrook
Marilyn O'Driscoll and Jean Ann Holbrook.
Kate Farlow, Sandy Johnston, and Carol Fox
Kate Farlow and Carol Fox were given a gift by Sandy Johnston.
Rosalee Pechersky, Patricia Dowling and Carol Thueson
Rosalee Pechersky, Patricia Dowling and Carol Thueson.
Christine Ofiesh, Jane Bensussen and Janet Eddy
Christine Ofiesh, Jane Bensussen and Janet Eddy.
Mary Anne Cogbill
Mary Anne Cogbill.
Gloria Phillips and Joan Kaplanis
Gloria Phillips and Joan Kaplanis.

Now it was time for Vice-Presidents - Membership, Sandi Hampar and Gloria Phillips, to introduce our new members for 2014-2015.

Nikki Dana and Patrice Christman
Sponsor Nikki Dana with Patrice Christman.
Sandi Hampar, Cheryl Schwartz, and Gloria Phillips
Sandi Hampar, Cheryl Schwartz, and Gloria Phillips. Cheryl was sponsored by Sandy Johnston.
JoAnne Polite and Mary Hall
JoAnne Polite with sponsor Mary Hall.
Janet Eddy and Katharine Kremp
Janet Eddy sponsored Katharine Kremp.
Sandy Johnston and Lois Booth
Sandy Johnston also sponsored Lois Booth.
Candy Yee, Patti Poon, Alnita Dunn, Mary Indenbaum, and Rosalee Pechersky
Alnita Dunn was sponsored by Candy Yee, Patti Poon, Mary Indenbaum, Rosalee Pechersky and Nancy Reed (not pictured).

Welcome and FIGHT ON, to all of our new TGLA members!

Christine OfieshLucky Christine Ofiesh won the raffle prize, a USC football nutcracker. Congrats, Christine!

Mary Hall, Dr. Erica Muhl, and Carol FoxNow, it was time for our speaker Dr. Erica Muhl, the Dean of the Roski School. She posed with Vice Presidents - Programs Mary Hall and Carol Fox. Dr. Muhl spent twenty-three years as an Associate Dean in the Thornton School where she was a Professor of Fine Arts of Composition before moving to the Roski School. She spoke of the unique Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. The Academy, which is the only undergraduate program of its kind in the nation, just admitted its second class of twenty-two students. The first class numbered thirty-one.

Student profile
Here is a student profile for the Academy.
Tutor Campus Center
Classes are held in "The Garage" on top of the Tutor Campus Center.
Academy Basics
The students work in teams. The core curriculum includes all disciplines. Here is a chart of the Academy Basics.

Future jobsUSC is at the forefront of preparing its undergrads for " that haven't been invented yet." What an inspiring presentation!

2015-2016 BoardAt the end of the meeting, Trojan Candy had the 2015-2016 New Board step downstairs for a directory picture. (Thank you, Jane, for taking the picture.) FIGHT ON, ladies!