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Tuesday, October 4, 2022---USC TGLA Members at Town and Gown meeting

Trojan Candy arrived early to the first Town and Gown meeting of the 2022 Fall Semester. The patio was already busy with guests. Trojan Candy started taking pictures as soon as I could.

The first USC TGLA member I saw was Diane Morgan.
Dorothy Conte, one of our newest members, posed for me next.
Carol Fox smiled for me next.
Our President Sandy Johnston was with another of our newest members Cathy Creasia.
Nikki Dana, who was checking in members, had a big smile for me.
At the end of the table, Trojan Candy said, ”Hi” to our guest speaker Jacob Vogel and his wife Jessica.
Trojan Candy walked further in to the patio. It was getting very crowded. Then I saw Suzanne Stillman.
Nearby were more USC TGLA members---Oksana Giebler, Mary Hall, and Julie Pircher.
I walked out to the entrance and saw two honorary USC TGLA members. Elliott Schwartz and Jerry Ensom both posed for me.
Judy Lieb and Town and Gown member Joanne Asman also posed for my picture.
Jane Bensussen, who was the TGLA President when Trojan Candy joined TGLA in 2007, posed with Town and Gown member Marilou Hamill.
It was so nice to see Dr. Art Bartner who posed with Carol Fox and Town and Gown members Linda Givvin, ?, Alisa Chanpong Amateau, and Laurie Molina.
Carol Wright and Town and Gown member Christina Jabarian smiled for my picture.
Next, Carol Wright posed with Sharon Schmidt and Ann Palmer.
Patti Madden was standing nearby with Town and Gown members Wendy Moore and Julie Scorziell.
Next to the stairs, Trojan Candy took this picture of Town and Gown scholar Sean Cooney, D’Arcy McLeod, Jacob Vogel, and Town and Gown member Virginia Naeve.
Near the fountain, I saw a familiar face. Town and Gown, as well as Half Century Trojan Charla Tindall and I talked for a while.
USC TGLA members Sharon Schmidt, Judy Lieb, and Jean Getchell smiled for me.
Trojan Candy saw the USC Pep Band arrive. Naturally, Trojan Candy took their picture.
Then, the band led everyone inside to be seated. Once inside, the band performed on the Town and Gown steps.
Here is the information about today's meeting.
video 4064
Trojan Candy recorded Dr. Jacob’s presentation. Enjoy the first of two videos.
video 4065
This is the second video.

After the Town and Gown meeting ended, Trojan Candy was able to take a few more pictures of USC TGLA members.

Carol Greenhalgh
Sherry De Friese
Nikki Dana, Wilma Pinder and Betty Gross
JoAnne Polite and Jeanne Ruderman
Julie Pircher and Carol Thueson
Kate Farlow

It was so great to see all of my USC TGLA friends at the first Town and Gown of the Fall 2022.

Thursday, September 15, 2022---USC Volunteer Awards

Congratulation to our very own Carol Wright! She was recognized as a "Widney Alumni House Volunteer Award Recipient" at the annual USC Alumni Association Volunteer Recognition Dinner at Town and Gown.

Carol was listed in the program as follows:

Carol Wright
Town & Gown of USC
Trojan Affiliates
Trojan Guild of Los Angeles

Here are the Widney Alumni House Volunteer Award Recipients.
Then, the recipients gave us a “FIGHT ON!”
Trojan Candy also took a few pictures of Town and Gown and USC TGLA members who attended the Awards Ceremony.
At Carol’s table were USC TGLA members Oksana Giebeler, Sandy Johnston, Ann Proctor, and Pasha. Seated were Ann Palmer, Carol Wright and her husband Bradford.
Sandy, Oksana and Trojan Candy returned to our table. I took this picture of everyone else. Standing were Elliott Schwartz, Susan Bennett, Caren Edler, Sandy Johnston, Nina Hoffman, Cheryl Schwartz, and Jerry Ensom. Sitting were Jim Yee, Sue McKeever, Charla Tindall, and Oksana Giebeler.
Dr. Art Bartner came to visit our table. Oksana, Sandy, and Nina joined him in my picture.
Then, Bob Campos came to visit Oksana and Sandy.
After the Spirit of Troy ended the celebration, Trojan Candy took a couple more pictures. Sandy Johnston, Wilma Pinder, and Christine Ofiesh posed for me next.

4778My last picture of the evening was of USC TGLA and Town and Gown members. Christine Gregg, Carol Fox, Sandy Johnston, Linda Swick, Pat Whitman, and Carol Greenhalgh.

What an eventful evening for Carol!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022---USC TGLA Members at the Associates Lunch

My husband Jim and I were invited to the USC Associate’s Luncheon honoring Presidential, Provost, and Junior Associate Members. It was held in the City View Penthouse of USC Tower.

As we stepped out of the elevator into the Penthouse, we saw a 360 degree view of downtown Los Angeles. Trojan Candy began taking pictures of USC TGLA friends who are fellow Associate members.

I saw Dave and Rita Evans (TGLA) first.
Then, friends Elliott and Cheryl Schwartz (TGLA) were nearby.
My sister Patti (TGLA) and her husband Dudley Poon smiled for me next.
Nearby were two musicians who were entertaining all of us.
Here I am with my husband Jim. You can see a part of Los Angeles behind us.
Standing nearby were Azza Royce, Sandy Johnston (TGLA), and Laurie Molina.
Trojan Candy took this picture next of Joel and Diana Hoffmann, new Executive Director of the Associates Nancy A. Dreier, Sandy Johnston, President of the USC Associates Board of Directors Rod Y. Nakamoto, and Patti and Dudley Poon.
Sandy posed with Carol Fox (TGLA) and Elliott Schwartz.
Meanwhile, my husband Jim met Associate Jason Melillo. They spoke to one another for quite a long time.
I was able to meet new Associate Steven Schwartz next. He is an undergraduate at USC and is Cheryl and Elliott’s son.
Sandy Johnston seems to be everywhere. Here she is with new USC TGLA member Cathy Creasia.
Jim took this picture of (left to right) Carol Fox, Patti Poon, Paula Ciaraistaro, Sandy Johnston, Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach, Cathy Creasia, Marilou Hamill, and me.
Carol Fox and Patti Poon smiled for me next.
Here are Amy Ross and Marilou Hamill.
Outside in the lobby, I took this picture of the three ladies who checked us in. They were Elyssa Romo, ? and ?
Associates were still arriving. Mary Pallares came with her son Nick Leonard.
Now it was time to go to our table. Right after Jim and I found our seats, I walked over to speak with two close friends, Frank and Robin Stirling. Trojan Candy and Robin were both members of Angel’s Flight when we were undergrads at USC.

4511When the USC Photographer came by to take a picture of everyone at our table, Trojan Candy gave him my camera to take the same picture. Thank you! Standing from left to right: Trojan Candy, Dudley Poon, Lester Rukasin, Jim Yee, Jeff Paggi, Stephanie Paggi and ? Then sitting from left to right: Patti Poon, Azza Royce, Jose Molina, and Laurie Molina.

4512I took a closer picture of two teachers whom my sister Patti Poon had met before. From left to right were Lester and Lenore Rukasin and Stephanie and Jeff Paggi.

4516After our delicious lunch, the program started. President Rod Nakamoto introduced USC Provost Charles F. Zukoski. Here is the picture I took of him later.

4515The last speaker was USC Associate Scholar Yahm Steinberg. After the event was over, Trojan Candy walked up to where she was sitting and took her picture and interviewed her. Yahm is a Senior from Las Vegas. Her major is Theatre with an emphasis in Acting. Her minor is Musical Theatre. Yahm wants to pursue a career in acting, primarily in film/tv, voiceover and musical theatre. She told me that she is also interested in pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. Trojan Candy wishes you all the best in your career, Yahm! KEEP FIGHTING ON, Yahm!

What an interesting afternoon above the clouds!