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Thursday, June 8, 2023---Jay and Meta Berger host Board Luncheon at Annandale Golf Club

Our outgoing Half Century Trojan President Jay Berger graciously invited all of his HCT Board Members to the Annandale Golf Club for a buffet lunch.

This sign showed where the dining room was located.
Jay greeted all of us.
Trojan Candy started walking around and taking pictures. Closest to my left were three HCT ladies. They were Sheila Smith, Cinda Lucas, and Diane Wallace.
Moving to the next table, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. It was so nice to see Janet Eddy. Standing behind Janet and Dan Cassidy was Meta Berger.
Roberta Watson sat next to Trish Vick.
Charla and her husband Rich Tindall were next to Trish Vick.
Trojan Candy took a picture of Sara Jane Bettge, Sally Edwards and Karen Hackett and then stayed to talk with them.
At a table at the front, Trojan Candy saw Gary Iseminger, Sue Bennett, and our host Jay.
There was another HCT Candy! Meet Alan and Candy Duncan.
My fellow 1968 USC graduate Karen Hackett smiled with fellow HCT Board Member Bill Tormey.
At a nearby table, Trojan Candy spotted fellow 1968 graduate Doug Yarrow. Doug posed with Mark and Ilene Abramson.
HCT friends Bob and Judy Frinier and Jim Childs posed for me next.
Now, Trojan Candy finally walked back to my table to visit with Neil and Vicky Martin.
Jim and I enjoyed talking about our grandchildren and the Boy Scouts. Next to Vicky were Miller and Jetty Fong.
Next to Jetty were my sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon.
Here is a picture of me with my husband Jim. We all enjoyed the “table talk”!
Now it was time to eat. Here were the buffet and dessert tables. YUM!
Just one more picture of guests. Sitting were HCT Board Members Trish Vick, Charla and Rich Tindall, and Don Garner. Standing were Dominique Mendoza, Roberta Watson, and Ashley Bonanno-Curley.
My last picture for the afternoon was of our host and hostess Jay and Meta Berger addressing everyone.

Thank you, Jay and Meta for a delicious lunch and such nice conversation!

Sunday, April 2, 2023---Half Century Trojan Urinetown Production and Reception

Trojan Candy did double duty at today’s production of Urinetown by the USC School of Dramatic Arts in the Bing Theatre. I was taking pictures for two organizations, the Half Century Trojans and the USC Trojan Guild.

My first picture of Half Century Trojans was of Judy and Bob Frinier and Patti and Dudley Poon.
Then, Trojan Candy took this picture of my husband Jim Yee and friend Walt Greene.
Friends Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia posed with Patti and Dudley Poon. Patti and Dudley seem to be everywhere.
At the Urinetown reception, I actually joined Half Century Trojans friends Trish Vick and Judy and Bob Frinier.

What an enjoyable Urinetown production and reception.

Janet Tonkovich Was Honored for Service Awards

Janet Tonkovich was honored at the Volunteer Recognition dinner in 1994 with the Widney Alumni House Award. She was nominated by the Interfraternity Mother’s Club.

IMG-1470IMG-1469snipOn September 2 during a Zoom meeting of the 2021 Volunteer Recognition Dinner, Janet was honored with the President’s Award. She was nominated by the Half Century Trojans. At this time, she was a member of the Trojan Guild of Orange County, Alpha Gamma Delta and Trojan League of Orange County.

Here is Janet's acceptance speech for the President's Award.

Good evening, everyone! Thank you, John [Iino], and thank you, Patrick [Auerbach], for this lovely award! Also, thank you to the amazing USC Alumni Association staff for perfecting all the details and making this a wonderful evening. My husband Paul and I are enjoying the program with family, including our daughter Diane’s son Max, our first of the family’s fifth generation to attend USC. Max is also on the Trojan water polo team—another family tradition started by my dad Earl Harris in 1935, and followed by our sons Matt and Greg in the early 1990’s My parents and grandparents would be so pleased to know our Trojan family traditions are continuing with the next generation.

Tonight, I am honored to represent the USC Half Century Trojans. My deep appreciation to Sally Edwards, the Half Century Trojans president, and to Don Garner, chair of our awards committee, for nominating me for this honor. Thank you to the members of the Half Century Trojans Board of Directors, who have been so supportive this past year.

Volunteering at USC has always been a rewarding and joyful experience for me. It all began in the fall of 1960, when I pledged Alpha Gamma Delta. Our sorority’s purpose includes this line: “To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world’s work in the community where I am placed.” I took it to heart and volunteered for Children’s Orthopedic Hospital, the University Methodist Church, Troy Camp and other groups throughout my college years.

My alumni service began with raising funds for Trojan Junior Auxiliary scholarships. I was following in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother. It was especially meaningful to me when my mother’s friends sponsored me for memberships in the Trojan Guild of Orange County, the Trojan League of Orange County and Town & Gown of USC. It meant so much to me to share membership in these groups with her. I cherish the friendships I have made in these groups over the years.

Serving on the Class of 1964 50th Reunion Committee focused my attention on the greater university community. It was so much fun reconnecting with classmates I hadn’t seen since our student years, and making new friendships, too. I also feel fortunate to serve on the Half Century Trojans board. This is where all of my past volunteer experiences have come together, as I’ve reconnected with old friends who also cherish our university’s traditions and history.

I couldn’t be prouder of my family’s involvement at USC through the generations, or the personal joy I get from serving our alma mater. We’re Still Fighting On!

Yes, FIGHT ON, Janet!

Albert Shonk’s Distinguished Service Awards

Albert Shonk emailed me pictures of the plaques that he was presented and the pages out of the programs that were written about him. Here are the two awards and the programs.

At the 2008 Volunteer Recognition Dinner held on September 12, Al was honored with the President's Award.
Here is the program.
Al receiving the 2008 USC Alumni Association President's Award.
At the 2009 Half Century Trojans Annual Luncheon on November 13, Al was presented the Distinguished Service Award.
This is the article about Al in the program.
Al's wife Liz was at the Luncheon.
Gordon Gray presented the Award to Al.

Trojan Candy is so thankful that Al emailed me pictures of his awards.

Trojan Candy took this picture of Al and his wife Liz at the HCT Sunday at the Park with George Theater post-reception on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

I am including a few emails that some HCT Board Members, who were friends of Al, wrote in his memory:

"What sad news! We have lost so many wonderful and loyal Trojans this year. Al was such a sweet and thoughtful man full of Trojan history. We are going to miss him and his spirited smile." - Sally Edwards

"I completely agree with the thoughts previously expressed about Al Shonk. Always a smile on his face, positive sentiments about Trojania, and a pleasure to hold a conversation with about that subject. Thanks for the sad news about his passing. The latter sentence seems to be a mixed message, but it expresses my current feelings on the topic.
Fight on always," - Bob Padgett

"To Al’s Family and Friends:
Deep condolences to Al’s family and friends on his passing. His many contributions to USC and, particularly to the HCT, were immense. Thank you, Al.
Sincerely," - Bob Lutz

"Jay/Patrick: it’s been a rough year or so for the Half Century Trojan Family. We have lost Ally Solum, Dann Angeloff, Seymour Canter, Jim Eddy and Al Shonk. All were active Board members. Most past Presidents. All were on other Alumni and Trojan College Alumni boards.
I hope we all take a moment to reflect that we have lost several heartbeats in our collective physical well being and to remember these terrific Trojans.
Still Fighting On: - Dan Cassidy

"So sorry to hear of Al. May his Trojan Spirit live on. Thoughts and prayers with his family." - Karen Hackett