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Congratulations Dan Cassidy on your Alumni Service Award

Last fall Bob Padgett, Chair of the Half Century Trojan Board History Committee, asked that articles be written about past accomplishments of HCT members. As a member of the HCT Board History Committee, Trojan Candy decided to write about HCT Board Members who had been awarded Alumni Service Awards as my project for the 2022-2023 year. I asked Board Members who had been distinguished with the Alumni Service Award to submit information and pictures about their Award. Dan Cassidy was the first USC Awardee to send me information and pictures about his achievement.

Dan was awarded the Alumni Service Award on April 22, 2017, at the 84th Annual Alumni Awards. He had served USC in so many ways. He had volunteered in these USC organizations:- President of the Half Century Trojans Board, member of the Spirit of Troy (USC marching band) Executive Committee, Emeritus member of the Athletic Department Board of Counselors, member of the Price School Athenian Society, and member of Skull and Dagger.

The following pictures were provided by Dan.

Patrick Auerbach, Max and Niki Nikias, and Rod Nakamoto posed with the 2017 Alumni Awardees who were Rick Caruso, Grant Gershon, Vicki McCluggage, Wanda Austin, Allyson Felix, Wilfred Uytengsu, and Dan Cassidy.
Dan's wife Terri attended the event.
Terri and Dan posed with Barbara Cotler and Dr. Art and Barbara Bartner.
Dan and Terri were with Dan's old room mate and former 1958 Yell King plus Executive Producer of Cagney and Lacey - Barney Rosenzweig, Barney's wife and star of Cagney and Lacey Sharon Gless, Dan's son Stephen and his wife Janelle
Dan posed with friends Rod Nakamoto and Patrick Auerbach while he held his award.

Congratulations, Dan, on having received your well-earned Service Award!

Saturday, March 4, 2023---HCT at the Galen Center Founder’s Room

Trojan Candy arrived at the Galen Center Founder’s Room early to take pictures of my Half Century Trojan (HCT) friends, who were enjoying dinner before our USC Men’s Basketball Team was to play Arizona State.

I started taking pictures as soon as I could take my camera out of my case.

I wrote all of the names of my HCT friends, their guests, and former USC men’s basketball players that I took pictures of in a small notebook. Unfortunately, I misplaced the notebook, so some people in the pictures may not be identified. As you read my article, if you know the unnamed person(s) in the picture, please email me the caption of the picture (point at the picture to see its caption) and his/her name at cyee@hotmail.com. THANKS!

The first friends Trojan Candy took a picture of were Sally Edwards and her husband Tom.
My next picture was of Joel and Dana Hoffman.
Then, Trish Vick smiled for me.
HCT President Jay Berger and his wife Meta posed for me next.
At a nearby table three USC Basketball alumni let me take their picture. Cliff Lightfoot is at the right.
Next, Trojan Candy saw Bob Frinier, the HCT organizer for this event, and his wife Judy.
Fellow History Committee friend Bob Padgett was sitting with three friends. Jon "Mad Dog" Ellison sat to Bob’s right, and Betty Pederson and Lisa Ellison sat on his left.
Then Jon Ellison posed with ?.
Two HCT couples smiled for me next. They were Janae and USC basketball alumnus Kirk Stewart (lettered 1970) and Steve and Laurie Love.
At the next table, Pam Ballord and Sara Jane and George Bettge smiled for me.
Then, I saw fellow HCT Board member Neil Martin and his wife Vicky.
Kathleen McCarthy and Sharon DeBriere posed for this nice picture.
Several HCT Board members joined together for this picture. Sitting were Neil Martin, Kathleen McCarthy, Sharon DeBriere, and Sally Edwards. Standing were Vicky Martin, Trish Vick, and Tom Edwards.
Sue Bennett and her sister Pam Ballord showed their Trojan spirit for my picture.
Another fellow HCT Board member Sara Jane Bettge and her husband George smiled for this close-up picture.
HCT secretary Diane Wallace gave me a big smile for her picture.
Two Trojans (?) smiled for me.
Marilyn Thomas and Doug Econn posed for this picture.
Trojan Candy found four USC Basketball alumni. From left to right are Wayne Carlander who played forward at USC in 1982-85, Ron Young, Ron's father Allen Young, and Chuck Grosenbaugh.
My last picture is of HCT Board member Charla Tindall. Charla invited six family members to join her tonight. Here is the picture I took of Charla and her two daughters.

Doug Econn facebookDoug Econn was very helpful in providing names of several USC basketball alumni. I thank him, and he let me use his Facebook picture to show him when he was younger. The picture was taken at USC's 125th anniversary celebration on October 6, 2005. Doug is standing between USC basketball teammates Brian Heublein (lettered 1972, 1973) and Mike Westra (lettered 1972, 1973, 1974). Notice the sign Doug is holding honors his father who also lettered in basketball for USC (1944, 1945).

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Half Century Trojans!

Thursday, February 16, 2023---HCT Back to School Day

Trojan Candy arrived at Town and Gown with two cameras for Half Century Trojans Back to School Day. As soon as I put my stuff down, it was time to start taking pictures. I started at our table.

Friends Evelyn Wilson and Valerie Sampson smiled for me.
Next, Trojan Candy took a picture of a couple at our table. They were Ken and Patti Greenman.
To their right were Patti and Dudley Poon.
At the next table were two HCT Board Members. On the left were Sara Jane Bettge and Lorna Reed.

video 2049video 2048Now, it was time for our HCT event to start. Our HCT President Jay Berger came to the podium. After welcoming everyone, Jay introduced Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach. After Patrick’s “Welcome," he introduced our first speaker, Craig Knoblock. He is the Vice Dean of Engineering at the USC Viterbi Information Sciences Institute. Watch my two videos about Craig’s “Deep Learning.“

video 2052video 2051Next President Jay Berger introduced our second speaker, Dr. Lisa Cooper Vest. She is an Assistant Professor of Musicology at the USC Thornton School of Music. Here are my two videos of Dr. Vest’s captivating lecture about “Music History.”

7283Between speaker breaks, Trojan Candy took more pictures of HCT Board Members. Sitting together were Sue Bennett, Bob Frinier and his wife Judy.

At a nearby table were Neil Martin and his wife Vicky.
Three more HCT Board Members sat together. They were Miller Fong, his wife Jetty Fong, and at the far right was Patricia Foley Vick.
HCT Board Member Diane Wallace, at the far left, sat at a middle row table.

video 2055video 2054video 2053The third speaker who was introduced by our President Jay Berger was W. Martin Kast, Ph.D. He is the Walter A. Richter Cancer Research Chair at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. See my three videos of Dr. Kast’s work on the Human Papillomavirus.

video 2057During lunch, Jay Berger and HCT Scholarship Chair Sara Jane Bettge spoke about our HCT Scholars. This year there were twenty-two HCT scholars who each received $10,000. Sara introduced the scholars who were in attendance. See my video of the HCT Scholars who were introduced. Congratulations, HCT 2022-2023 Scholars!

Unfortunately, Athletic Director Mike Bohn was sick, so Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director (Football Administration) Ed Stewart spoke in his stead. After giving us some of his personal background, Ed spoke about our football program.

video 2058
Here is Ed Stewart's presentation.
video 2059
A Question and Answer segment followed.

What educational videos of our three speakers and an informative USC Football report!

Trojan Candy took more pictures of HCT Board Members. I found Vicky Martin and Sally Edwards.
At my table, Janet Tonkovich arrived, so I took this picture of Evelyn Wilson, Janet Tonkovich, and Valerie Sampson who were Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters.
Near the lobby steps were more HCT Board Members, Marty Childs, Jim Childs and Abe Somer.
At the next table, Trojan Candy saw two USC TGLA good friends. Jean Getchell and Sharon Schmidt.
Then, HCT Board Member Diana Geosano was sitting with Art Kraus and three other Half Century Trojans.
Next, Trojan Candy saw two friends, Robin and Frank Stirling. I see them at lots of events. When Robin and I were undergrads, we were both members of Angel’s Flight.
video 2060
Now, it was time for the Spirit of Troy to entertain us.

7312My last picture of the day was of more HCT Board Members Alan and Candy Duncan. They posed with friend Grace Shiba.

What an educative HCT “Back to School Day!”