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Saturday, November 10, 2018---All Class Reunion Tailgate

My husband Jim, sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley Poon, friends John and Janice Dawson and I started the day by going to our USC Men's Water Polo game versus UCLA at Uytengsu Stadium. At halftime our men were ahead of the Bruins 8-6. This is when Patti, Dudley, Janice and I left and walked over to Alumni Park for the "All Class Reunion Tailgate."

The four of us found a table in the Class of 1968 section.

Patti Poon and Terri Boyle
A fellow TGLA member Terri Boyle, Class of 1978, joined us. I took a picture of the two fellow TGLA members, Patti and Terri.
David Levene, John Romain, Sue and Doug Harnot, and Christin and William Rakow
Trojan Candy saw six Class of 1968 Alumni. They were David Levene (Business Law), John Romain (Business), Sue and Doug Harnot (Dentistry), and Christin (Education) and William Rakow.
Herbert?, Matthew Newman and Gary Sawka
At a nearby table, Trojan Candy saw a fellow 1968 Reunion Committee member Gary Sawka. He was sitting with Herbert and Matthew Newman.
? and Fran Conroy
Next, Trojan Candy saw another Class of 1968 Alumnus with Fran Conroy.
Patti Poon, Janice Dawson, Trojan Candy, Dudley Poon and Terri Boyle
The USC photographer took this picture of our table. Standing were Patti Poon, Janice Dawson and Trojan Candy. Sitting were Dudley Poon and Terri Boyle.
Gail and R.C. Allen, Gwen and Jerry Vieau,and Clayton and Alicia Geilfuss
Two fellow 1968 Reunion Committee members, R.C. Allen and Jerry Vieau, were at a nearby table. Gail and R.C. Allen and Gwen and Jerry Vieau sat with Clayton (standing) and Alicia Geilfuss.
llan Blair, Bob and Alicia Schlinker and Rochelle Blair
Four more Class of 1968 Alumni posed for me. They were Allan Blair (Marketing), Bob Schlinker (Aerospace Engineering), Alicia Schlinker and Rochelle Blair.
Rayleen Williams and Thomas Stachelek
Rayleen Williams and Class of 1968 Alumnus Thomas Stachelek, a Dornslife (LAS) major, smiled for Trojan Candy.
50th Reunion banner
Here's our 50th Reunion banner.
Tommy Trojan and Trojan Candy
Jim took a picture of yours truly with Tommy Trojan.

Believe it or not, Patti, Dudley, Jim and I attended a second tailgate. We were guests at the Rossier School of Education tailgate. Rossier is celebrating its 100 Years. We even ate some more!

Patti and Dudley Poon, Jim Yee, Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, and Alan and Lynn Frechman
We met friends there. In the picture standing were Patti and Dudley Poon and Jim. Sitting were fellow educators, Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia and Alan and Lynn Frechman.

Reunion Co-ChairsNow, it was on to the USC-Cal game. Trojan Candy took a video of the big screen when the Co-Chairs of each of the following Reunion Classes: 2008, 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983 1978 and 1968 were introduced.

What another exciting, memorable day!