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Friday, November 9, 2018---Class of 1968 Reunion---Day One Part 2

After the morning Convocation was over, Trojan Candy went outside with Jim Yee, Patti and Dudley Poon and Carol Akiyama. We walked over to Alumni Park where lunch was being served. After we put our bags at a table, we walked over to see the booths that were set up by various organizations.

Delores Rotello and Mercy Willard
The first booth was set up by the Latino Alumni Association. I took this picture of Delores Rotello and Mercy Willard.
Angela Teng, Alex Chang and Miguel Vasquez
The Asian Pacific Alumni Association booth was "manned" by Angela Teng, Alex Chang and Miguel Vasquez.
Jerilynn Kline and Shonea Pullaim
Jerilynn Kline and Shonea Pullaim greeted us at the Trojan Travel booth.
Nicole Gordillo, Pasha Hawthorne, Tanya Moran-Adolph, Christina Denning and Michelle Turner
The last booth we visited was the USC Black Alumni Infinity. The ladies who greeted us were Nicole Gordillo, Pasha Hawthorne, Tanya Moran-Adolph, Ashley Bonnano-Curley, Christina Denning and Michele Turner.
Karen Hackett, Bill Tormey, and Gary and Grace Sawka
As Trojan Candy walked back to our table, I saw three other 50th Reunion Committee Members. Clockwise from the left were Members Karen Hackett, Bill Tormey, and Gary Sawka with his wife Grace.

Lunch was delicious. I looked around for more 50th Reunion alumni but didn't see any new faces.

After lunch, Jim carried some of our bags to our car.

Dudley and Patti Poon
Patti, Dudley, Carol and yours truly took pictures with Traveler and Trojan Warrior. Dudley and Patti went first.
Carol Akiyama
Carol was next.
Trojan Candy
Then, I was last.

The four of us met Jim at Wallis Annenberg Hall of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism for the "School and Department Program Session" there. A presentation was given in the "Editing Bay." The students told us that they want to report news with "Integrity with Neutrality." Then, we were given a tour of Studio A and Studio B.

Dan Toomey
The Recording Studio was our last stop. Dan Toomey was our tour guide.
Shinso Ito Center
After leaving Annenberg, the five of us walked to the Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture.

Carol had an appointment to see her father's Collection of books and picture albums she donated to the Center. Mickey Makio Akiyama was a Japanese American hero who served in the highly decorated 442nd Infantry Regiment in World War II.

Carol Akiyama and Shannon Takushi
Shinso Ito Center Program Specialist Shannon Takushi met us. Here is Carol with Shannon.
Carol Akiyama
Here is Carol standing in front of the Collection.
Carol Akiyama and Duncan Williams
Duncan Williams, the Director of the Center, who is also the Chair of the School of Religion, arrived later.
Duncan Williams and Carol Akiyama
Duncan and Carol discussed several matters. Patti, Dudley, Jim and I enjoyed the conversation and learned a lot.
Julian Bonse
Next, we walked to the Bashor Lounge in Heritage Hall for a reception. Friend Julian Bonse greeted the guests.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay for the 5:00 pm Jock Rally, because 1968 Reunion Committee Members were expected to meet at the J.W. Marriott Hotel at 6:00 pm for a congratulatory toast.

So we said our goodbyes and left for the JW Marriott.

Sharon Wood and Linda Ball
We arrived at the JW Marriott in time. Trojan Candy saw TGLA friend Sharon Wood, who was a Class of 1983 Reunion Member. She posed with Linda Ball.
Vanessa Botshekan, Karen Davison, Bobbe Gilbert and Kristine Mesplou
I saw Vanessa Botshekan with 1968 Committee Members Karen Davison, Bobbe Gilbert and Kristine Mesplou.
Trojan Candy, Karen Davison, Doug Yarrow, Bobbe Gilbert and Kristine Mesplou
Doug Yarrow joined the ladies and me for this 1968 Committee Members picture.
Carol Akiyama and Trojan Candy
Jim took this picture of Carol and yours truly.
Karen Hackett and Jerry and Gwen Vieau
I found two more 1968 Reunion Members. They were Karen Hackett and Jerry Vieau with his wife Gwen.
Danielle Stinson and Teresa Verbeck
Around the corner were Danielle Stinson and Teresa Verbeck.
Now it was time for the "toast."
Patrick Auerbach
Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach gave the toast to USC and Reunion Weekend.
The Co-Chairs of each class posed for this group picture.
Trojan Candy and Bill Stetson
Here I am with Class of 1983 Co-Chair Bill Stetson. Bill and I know one another through USC Men's Volleyball.
D'Arcy McLeod and Michael Felix
Fellow TGLA member D'Arcy McLeod posed with Michael Felix, the President of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors.
Jeanine Xu and Patti Poon
Patti and I met a new friend, Jeanine Xu, the class of 1998.
Robin and Frank Stirling
Trojan Candy was thrilled to see MMQ friend and fellow 1968 Class alumnus Frank Stirling and his wife Robin. Robin and I were in the Amazons/Helenes together.
Spirit of Troy
Now, the Spirit of Troy Pep Band arrived and led us into the ballroom for dinner.
Patrick Auerbach and Michael Felix
Trojan Candy rushed into the ballroom. I took a picture of Patrick Auerbach and Michael Felix after they greeted all of the guests.
Then I found the 50th balloon sign and chose a table near the food. This is the centerpiece at our table.

There were several stations of different food all around the ballroom perimeter. I enjoyed the pasta the most and all of the desserts.

He walked up to Jim and me to say, "Hello." He was Victor Person. I had talked to him a few days ago to help him register his friend for the tailgate on Saturday. Victor said that he wanted to meet me. The feeling was mutual. He also told Jim and me that he was a retired judge, and, if we needed any legal help, we could come to him. Thanks!

Trojan Candy, Victor Person and Carol Akiyama
Jim took this picture of Victor, Carol and me.
Frances Young and Victor Person
Next, I walked over with Victor to meet his friend Frances Young. I took this picture of Frances and Victor at the 50th balloon sign.
Jim Yee, Patti Johnson, Carol Akiyama, Patti and Dudley Poon, Gary and Grace Sawka, and Karen and Paul Hackett
Here is everyone at my table. Standing were Jim Yee, Patti Johnson, Carol Akiyama, and Patti and Dudley Poon. Sitting were Gary and Grace Sawka and Karen and Paul Hackett. Gary and Karen are Reunion Committee members.
William Tormey, Karen Davison, Stephen Nuccio, Bobbe Gilbert, Kristine Mesplou, Doug Yarrow and Beverly Nuccio
Standing at another 50 table were William Tormey, Karen Davison, and Stephen Nuccio. Sitting were Bobbe Gilbert, Kristine Mesplou, Doug Yarrow and Beverly Nuccio. William, Karen, Bobbe, Kristine and Doug are fellow Committee members.

Now, it was time for Trojan Candy to walk around to look for more familiar faces. I saw TGLA friend D'Arcy McLeod, who is a Co-Chair for the 1978 Class.

Janine and John Colich, D'Arcy and David McLeod, Suzanne and Ty Meyer, and Robin and Bill Burk
I took a picture of the 40th Class Reunion. They posed as couples standing and sitting. Yes, the men sat and the wives stood! They were Janine and John Colich, D'Arcy and David McLeod, Suzanne and Ty Meyer, and Robin and Bill Burk.
Roger and Maureen Schroeder
Trojan Candy met two more members of the 1978 Class. Roger and Maureen Schroeder posed at the 40th balloon sign.
Gina and Dyrck Van Dusen, R.C. and Gail Allen, Jay and Leesa Bingham, and Jerry and Gwen Vieau
I found another 50th Reunion Committee member, Jerry Vieau, sitting with USC Navy ROTC Friends. Standing were Gina and Dyrck Van Dusen and R.C. and Gail Allen. Sitting were Jay and Leesa Bingham and Jerry and Gwen Vieau.
Frank and Robin Stirling, Jane Pontius, Nancy Brundage, Eve and Terry Aladag, Beth Harmon, Alicia and Bob Schlinker, and Don Harmon
Trojan Candy finally found her MMQ friend, Frank Stirling. Standing next to Frank were my Amazon/Helenes friend Robin Stirling, Jane Pontius, Nancy Brundage, Eve and Terry Aladag and Beth Harmon. Sitting were Alicia and Bob Schlinker and Norman Harmon.
50th Reunion Sign
Here is our 50th Reunion Balloon sign.
Delta Phi Kappa
A slideshow of pictures which class members sent in was shown throughout the evening. Trojan Candy sent in this picture of my Delta Phi Kappa Sorority.
1967 Rose Bowl ticket
I also sent in my 1967 Rose Bowl ticket.
Reunion Sign
What a memorable evening for every Trojan. I took one last picture of this sign as we waited for our car.