October (3) and November 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, November 11, 2023---Congratulations USC Men’s Water Polo Seniors

Trojan Candy arrived at Uytengsu Aquatics Center before the start of the USC vs UCLA Men’s water polo match. Two USC Seniors were honored.

Here is the poster of #10 Massimo Di Martire.
This is #19 Tony Nardelli's poster.
Trojan Candy took this picture of Head Coach Marko Pintaric with Tony Nardelli.
Then they posed with Tony’s younger sister Ana.
video 5810
I recorded a short video of Tony with his family.
Coach Marko posed with sister Ana, Tony, mom Arifa and dad Albert.
Next, Coach Marko was talking with Massimo Di Martire and Ana Nardelli.
Then Massimo gave a lei to his brother Gianpiero, who plays water polo at UCLA.
Here are Gianpiero, Massimo, Ana, and Coach Marko.
video 5814
Now, it was time to introduce Tony’s and Massimo’s teammates. Here is the 2023 USC Men’s Water Polo Team.


Friday, November 3, 2023---USC Pep Rally Before the Washington Game

Trojan Candy arrived at Heritage Hall to take pictures at the USC Trojan Marching Band Pep Rally the evening before our Washington football game.

video 5393
The USC Song Girls and the USC Pep Squad were there in the Heritage Hall patio.
The Silks lined the team entrance.
video 5400
Here came the team!
Tahj Washington was the player who climbed the ladder this week.
Tahj Washington
video 5401
Tahj spoke to his teammates.
video 5402
After Band Director Jake Vogel exhorted the team, "Tusk" was played to the players' delight.
video 5403
Tahj climbed the ladder again, and "Conquest" was played. As Tahj held up the sword, the team left to get ready to load the buses.


7411After the team left, a familiar face came up to say, ”Hello.” He was D.J. Morgan! D.J., who played on the USC Football Team in 2010-2013, had come by the Heritage Hall desk several times when my husband Jim and I volunteered there.

6048I took this picture when I interviewed D.J. as a Freshman in August 2020.

Catching up with D.J., he told me that he is a rap music entrepreneur.


Sunday, October 29, 2023---Cheers to Dedeaux Field!

Trojan Candy attended the “Cheers to Dedeaux Field” event with my sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon. I didn’t know what to expect. We entered the Dedeaux Field through the Trojan Locker Room. There were USC baseball jerseys everywhere!

Naturally, I took a picture of every jersey. Here are my pictures!

It was so nice to see Don Winston again! Trojan Candy took his picture in the locker room. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Don!
Freshman #23 Ty Silva
Dudley and Patti Poon
Overall view of the Trojan Locker Room.
Outside the Trojan Locker Room were shelves of shoes!
The Southern California Dugout

Next, Trojan Candy saw the food and drinks. The food was very delicious. As I walked back to get a drink, Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face.

73877384To my happy surprise, I saw John Jackson, Jr. I immediately asked John, “how his son, John Jackson the III, was doing.” John told me about some of the football plays his son performed last weekend in his Nevada Las Vegas game. Here is my picture of John. Then I took a picture of Patti with John.

John played baseball at USC and was the baseball team MVP in 1989. He was also a football wide receiver and academic All-American at USC in 1986-1990.

7389To Trojan Candy’s surprise, Anthony Davis walked by our table. Isn't he dressed nicely? I was able to take his picture. He played baseball at USC in 1973-1974 in addition to playing football.

7391Now, it was time for the program to start. Trojan Candy set up my camera on the first row to take videos of the program. Right after I was set up, I took this picture of our 2023-2024 USC Baseball Team who were sitting nearby in the stadium.

7393My friend and the program announcer Leland Waters smiled for my picture.

Next are the videos I took of the program.

video 5387In my first video Athletic Director Jennifer Cohen made opening remarks and then introduced Coach Andy Stankiewicz. Coach Andy then acknowledged his staff and various former famous USC baseball players. Roy Smalley talked about the must-win game against Minnesota in the 1973 College World Series.

video 5388
Roy Smalley honored former Minnesota pitcher Dave Winfield with the USC All Opponent Award. Then Roy, Marcel Lachemann, Brett Boone, Geoff Jenkins, and Mark McGwire participated in a panel discussion.
video 5389
Marcel Lachemann, Brett Boone, Geoff Jenkins, and Mark McGwire continued the panel discussion in my third video.
video 5390
Senior Associate Athletic Director Jeff Fucci discussed the NEW USC Dedeaux baseball stadium.
After the program ended, the Spirit of Troy played while everyone walked down to the field.
Here is the team on the field.
Next there was a toast to celebrate Dedeaux Field.
video 5391
My last video is of the team, guests and the band.
The “Dedeaux Field Farewell" Guests.
Here are Dudley and Patti with USC Superstar Mark McGwire.

When we left Dedeaux Field for the last time, we were given a bottle of the pitcher’s mound dirt for a souvenir.

What a memorable evening!

Sunday, October 29, 2023---Men's Tennis in Finals of SoCal Intercollegiate

Yesterday my husband Jim attended the matches of the SoCal Intercollegiate. Unfortunately his camera battery died so he didn't take any pictures. Anyway, here were the results of yesterday.

In the Doubles Quarterfinals Sam Rubell and Niroop Villabhaneni beat a Rice pair to reach the Semifinals.

In a Singles Quarterfinal Karl Lee prevailed in two sets. He followed that win with another sweep in a Semifinal match.

In another Singles Quarterfinal Sam Rubell was defeated.

Finally in a Singles Quarterfinal Lodewijk Westrate won in two sets. He then won in three sets in a Semifinal.

So two Trojans teammates would meet in the Singles Finals. Karl Lee and Lodewijk Westrate.

Now the Sunday matches would begin.

The Trojan team of Sam Rubell and Niroop Vallabhaneni won in a Semifinal. They followed with a win the Finals!

In the Singles Finals Trojan Karl Lee faced Trojan Lodewijk Westrate.

Karl Lee (3/18/2023) served the ball.
Karl was ready for the volley.
Lodewijk was serving.
Lodewijk had just returned the ball.

Lodewijk defeated Karl in two sets to become the Singles Champion!

Congratulations to Lodewijk for winning the Singles title and the doubles team of Sam Rubell and Niroop Vallabhaneni for winning the Doubles title.