August (2) 2023 Candygrams

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Friday, August 25, 2023---First USC Football Pep Rally

Trojan Candy has returned to add several pictures I took at this pep rally.

My husband Jim and I went to the first USC football rally for the game against San Jose State on Saturday. We arrived early at Heritage Hall where the rally was to be held. Since I am only a part time blogger and you may have noticed that I also write blogs for the USC Trojan Guild of Los Angeles and the Half Century Trojans, I have very limited time to write a blog and it usually takes me about two weeks to write one, I decided to try a different way to write this blog. I am publishing several videos and will add still pictures later. So bear with me as I try this and come back in a couple weeks to view my completed blog.

We beat the Song Girls and Spirit Leaders to Heritage Hall.

Luckily, I was able to take these two pictures of our Song Girls.
Then, I took this picture of the Spirit Leaders.
The Song Girls posed again for me just before the Spirit of Troy marched in.
video 4054
The Spirit Leaders and Song Girls waited for the arrival of the Spirit of Troy.
video 4055
The Spirit of Troy entered the Heritage Hall patio.
video 4058
The football team entered.
video 4059
Senior offensive lineman Justin Dedich (2/7/2018) gave his pep talk.
video 4061
I spotted QB Caleb Williams.
video 0144
My husband Jim caught this gem. You knew that Caleb Williams is a competitive football player. See what else he's competitive in.
video 4062
Justin Dedich held up the sword as the Spirit of Troy played "Conquest."

5952After the rousing pep rally was over, Trojan Candy took this picture of #53 Inside Linebacker Shane Lee (who was elected one of our five Football Team Captains) with his parents Mark and Tara Lee. Mark and Tara had flown in from Burtonsville, Maryland, to watch Shane play. Last year Trojan Candy had also taken a picture of Shane with his parents at another pep rally. It was the pep rally the night before our game vs Notre Dame. CLICK HERE to see Shane’s picture then. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Shane!

Friday, August 18, 2023---USC Football Salute to Troy - Program

This is the second part of the USC Football Salute to Troy blog. The first part can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. This part starts with President Carol Folt welcoming everyone. She talked about the Beach Volleyball team's accomplishments and then invited head coach Dain Blanton to talk.

video 4015
The Beach Volleyball team came onto the stage and head coach Dain Blanton talked about the team.
I took this team picture. Congratulations, Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team on winning three championships in a row!
Next on the program item was the Bob Chandler Award. It was presented to Junior Offensive Lineman Jonah Monheim by Bob Chandler’s widow Marilyn.
Congratulations, Jonah!

video 4017Now, it was time to honor the 50th Anniversary Team. Director of Football Operations Clarke Stroud talked about the 1973 Football team and then members of that team were introduced. They were Eric Williams (LB), Anthony Davis (TB), Rod McNeill (TB), Charles Anthony (LB), Tom Bohlinger (LB), Shelton Diggs (WR), Jim Obradovich (TE), Mike Carey (DB/QB), Dean Lingenfelter (TE), Mike McGirr (OT), Charles (Joe) Phillips (S), Mark Spino (SS), Danny Reece (QB/PR), Joe Davis (OG), Jess Whitfield (LB), and Greg Marderian (DT).

video 4018
Danny Reece and Rod McNeill responded to questions from Clarke Stroud.
Here is my picture of the 1973 football team. KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Class of 1973!
video 4019
Then, Clarke Stroud talked about the 1998 USC football team.

video 4020Members of the USC Football Class of 1998 were introduced. They were Adam Abrams (K), Bob Aubrey (LB), Mike Pollard (LB), Jason Steen (LB), Rocky Seto (LB), Miguel Marco (WR), Ken Bowen (OT), Jahi Johnson (RB), Henry Wallace (OLB), Ennis Davis (DT), Lawrence Larry (DE), Zach Wilson (OL), Billy Miller (WR), Daylon McCutcheon (QB), and Marvin Powell III (FB).

video 4021Billy Miller and Adam Abrams responded to questions from Clarke Stroud.

5716Here is my picture of the 1998 football team. KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Class of 1998!

video 00065723video 4028Now, it was time for our Football Head Coach Lincoln Riley to speak. My son-in-law Gen recorded his speech and subsequent videos from our table 5. Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch spoke about the safeties. Then the Safeties were introduced. They were #15 Anthony Beavers Jr, #8 Zion Branch, #7 Calen Bullock, #28 Xamarion Gordon, #48 Daniel Jimenez-Fulton, #24 Christian Pierce, #27 Bryson Shaw, #19 Jaylin Smith, and #4 Max Williams. Trojan Candy was at center stage and close enough to record the players headon as they were introduced. After they were introduced, they posed for a group picture.

video 00075726video 4029Coach Donte Williams talked about the cornerbacks. Then the Cornerbacks were introduced. They were #16 Prophet Brown, #14 Jacobe Covington, #29 Maliki Crawford, #23 Tre'Quan Fegans, #1 Domani Jackson, #17 Christian Rolland-Wallace, #26 Fabian Ross, #40 L. Simpson, and #22 Ceyair Wright.

video 00085729video 4030Assistant Head Coach for Defense Roy Manning said some things about the outside linebackers. Then the Outside Linebackers were introduced. They were #51 Solomon Byrd, #44 Sam Greene, #2 Romello Height, #10 Jamil Muhammad, #35 DJ Peevy, #39 Garrett Pomerantz, and #34 Braylan Shelby.

video 00095730video 4031Associate Head Coach Brian Odom was proud to represent the inside linebackers. Then the Inside Linebackers were introduced. They were #52 Theo Bravos, #13 Mason Cobb, #25 Tackett Curtis, #9 Raesjon Davis, #18 Eric Gentry, #53 Shane Lee, #41 Garrison Madden, #57 Roman Marchetti, #42 Deuce Palmer, and #30 Chris Thompson Jr.

video 00105735video 4034The Defensive Line Coach Shaun Nua had the entire Defensive Line come on the stage together. He told the audience that the Defensive Line was coming together. The whole group was going to do a (Samoan) “haka” dance! Enjoy the two videos! Then the Defensive Linemen were introduced. They were #90 Bear Alexander, #93 Sinjun Astani, #92 Kyon Barrs, #79 De'jon Benton, #0 Korey Foreman, #56 Elijah Hughes, #6 Anthony Lucas, #94 Kobe Pepe (3/4/2020), #99 Jack Sullivan, #47 Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, #31 Tyrone Taleni, and #37 Devan Thompkins.

video 00115736video 4035Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson was superexcited and loved coaching at USC. Then the Offensive Linemen were introduced. They were #59 Micah Banuelos, #57 Justin Dedich (2/7/2018), #56 Andres Dewerk, #52 Jarrett Kingston, #62 Cooper Lovelace, #78 Andrew Milek, #79 Jonah Monheim, #76 Mason Murphy, #67 Kilian O'Connor, #72 Elijah Paige, #70 Emmanuel Pregnon, #66 Gino Quinones, #73 Tobias Raymond, #61 Jack Susnjar, #75 Amos Talalele, #71 Michael Tarquin, and #65 Grant Tucker.

video 00125739video 4036Tight Ends Coach Zach Hanson "loved coaching these guys." Then the Tight Ends were introduced. They were #88 Kade Eldridge, #87 Lake McRee, #95 Luke Otte, #84 Carson Tabaracci, #18 Jude Wolfe, and #86 C.J. Woods.

video 00135742video 4037Then Coach Zach Hanson did “double” duty and talked about the Special Teams. Then the members of the Special Teams were introduced. They were #39 Jac Casasante (SNP), #37 Eddie Czaplicki (PK/P), #46 Denis Lynch (PK), #35 Michael McAllister (P), #48 Daniel Meunier (SNP), #95 Tyler Robles (PK), #42 Aadyn Sleep-Dalton (P), #53 Nathan Weneta (SNP), and #98 Garth White (PK/P).

video 00145743video 4038Then Running Backs Coach Kiel McDonald talked about his group. They don't think about yesterday. They don't think about tomorrow. They just think about right here, right now. Then the Running Backs were introduced. They were #22 Darwin Barlow, #34 Matt Colombo, #6 Austin Jones, #21 Quinton Joyner, #0 MarShawn Lloyd, and #27 A'Marion Peterson.

video 00155746video 4040Outside Receivers Coach Dennis Simmons and Inside Receivers Coach Luke Huard came on the stage together to talk about their players. Coach Huard said he was the least famous of the three Huard brothers from Washington. The inside receivers are really fast, very fast, and extremely fast. Coach Simmons talked about the word, "excitement." He invited Brenden Rice to say a few words. Then the Wide Receivers were introduced. They were #2 Brenden Rice, #1 Zachariah Branch, #14 Raleek Brown, #10 Kyron Hudson, #9 Michael Jackson III, #89 Ja'Kobi Lane, #24 Makai Lemon, #85 Jaden Moore, #46 Corey Nerhus, #19 Duce Robinson, #40 Ty Shamblin, #15 Dorian Singer, #16 Tahj Washington, and #4 Mario Williams.

video 00165748video 4043Last, but not least, Coach Riley returned to the microphone and talked about the Quarterbacks. The quarterback room is a tremendous room to walk into. Then the Quarterbacks were introduced. They were #17 Jake Jensen, #7 Miller Moss, #8 Malachi Nelson, #28 Gage Roy, #31 Isaac Ward, and #13 Caleb Williams.

video 0018video 4044Now it was time to have the entire 2023 USC Football Team come up on the stage. Then Coach Riley announced the five Team Captains whom the Team chose this morning. The Captains were defensive lineman Jonah Monheim, offensive linemen Justin Dedich, quarterback Caleb Williams, and linebackers Shane Lee and Mason Cobb. Caleb Williams and Mason Cobb said a few words.

The Southern California spellout was performed and the Spirit of Troy played "Conquest."

The program ended with fireworks.

5754As Trojan Candy was getting ready to leave, I saw two friends whom I have known for years. The official “Salute to Troy” photographer Pierson Clair and USC Associate Athletic Director Jennifer Noriega posed for me.

5756Then, I asked Pierson to take a picture of my friends and family who sat with me at Table 5. From left to right in the front were Patti Poon, Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, and Trojan Candy. In the middle row were Kelly and Dudley Poon. In the back were Gen, Zane, and Kane. What a busy and exciting evening!