November 2022 Candygrams

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Saturday, November 26, 2202---USC vs Notre Dame football game

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim attended the USC Associates picnic before the USC-Notre Dame football game.

video 0171
After the Spirit of Troy entertained the audience, they marched out to Tommy Trojan.
video 0172
Next, we were at the Coliseum. Today, the USC Seniors were honored. Congratulations USC Football Seniors!
video 0175
Then, during the Star Spangled Banner, there was a flyover. I was able to record the beginning ...
video 0176
and the end.
video 0181
Notice the Coliseum big screen. Caleb deserves to win the Heisman Trophy!
video 0184
Now, it is time for the team to come onto the field. The USC Alumnus to start the entrance was 2008 All American football player Brian Cushing. Trojan Candy had met Brian on September 12, 2008, at the USC football rally when he held up the sword during Conquest.
video 0185
Here was the coin toss.
video 0188
The opening kickoff.
video 0189
The Coliseum big screen showed the USC Offensive Starters.
video 0190video 0191
These two videos showed our first offensive play and then our extended drive that ended in a touchdown.
USC Football Alumnus Anthony Davis was honored on the field.
The Olympic torch was lit before the start of the 4th quarter. USC was ahead 31 to 14 over Notre Dame.
USC students supported Caleb for the Heisman.
Here are some game stats.
After the game, the teams met at the center of the field.
Here is the final score.


Friday, November 25, 2022---Women of Troy Volleyball vs UCLA

From Heritage Hall, where I had taken pictures and videos of the Football Rally, my husband Jim and I walked to the Galen Center. There the Women of Troy Volleyball team were going to honor Seniors before the match vs UCLA. Shirts were given to the USC fans. Now, it was time to take pictures and videos of our women's volleyball team.

There were more fans at tonight’s game than in previous matches because it was a crosstown rivalry game.
video 0043
Our Team ran out of the tunnel onto the court to warm up.
video 0045
Our USC Song Girls danced to the Spirit of Troy music while our team warmed up.
video 0049
There was a Senior Highlights video on the big screen.
video 0050
Then our three graduating Seniors were honored. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Kelli Berry! Keila Barra! Emilia Weske!
video 0056
After the ceremony and pictures, our starting players were introduced.
Our entire team was ready to compete.
Kalyah Williams was waiting for the serve.
The team huddled around Head Coach Brad Keller during a timeout.
Emelia Weske was serving.
Skylar Fields was waiting to serve.
Kelli Barry was waiting for the ball.
Amy Pauly gave last minute instructions.
video 0097
The Song Girls performed again.
video 0098
USC won the first set 25-22 over the Bruins.
video 0107
The USC Song Girls danced during another timeout.
The USC Spirit Leaders performed at the Women of Troy Volleyball matches.
video 0119
The Spirit of Troy performed “Tusk.”
video 0124video 0125
Unfortunately, the Bruins won the second set 25 to 22. But our team beat the Bruins in the third set. These two videos show our victory over the Bruins. The third set score was USC 25 – UCLA 20.
video 0144
In the fourth set, Trojan Candy started recording when the score was tied at 18-18.
video 0146
In the next video, USC was ahead 21-20.
A time out was taken. Our team huddled around Coach Brad Keller in this picture.
video 0151
Then, we had match point at 24-21.
video 0155
Our Women won set and match points and then began celebrating!
Here was the scoreboard showing our victory.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

Friday, November 25, 2022---USC Football Pep Rally

The night before our game versus Notre Dame, there was a pep rally at Heritage Hall. Trojan Candy arrived a little late because the pep rally started early at 4:30 pm.

My photographer friend Ray Wong took pictures at the rally and sent me his pictures. I used the next four pictures in my blog.

Here is his picture of the Spirit of Troy performing.
Some of our team stood close to the ladder.
The Song Girls danced.
More Song Girls.
video 0037
Trojan Candy took this video of Offensive Lineman Andrew Vorhees holding up the Trojan sword. What an honor for the Senior!
After the rally ended, Trojan Candy took this picture of #53 ILB Shane Lee.
I thanked Shane for transferring to USC from Alabama. Then I took this picture of Shane and his parents, Mark and Tara, who were visiting from Burtonsville, Maryland. FIGHT ON, Shane!

5855My last picture at the rally was of our USC Song Girls.

Beat the Irish!