October (2) 2022 Candygrams

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Sunday, October 30, 2022---USC Men’s Water Polo vs Stanford

Today at Uytengsu Aquatic Center was Senior Day before the water polo match with Stanford.

video 0001
Now, it is time to meet the USC Men’s Water Polo Team.
video 0008
Now it was time for the action to start. USC scored on a 6 on 5 with a shot by Massimo Di Martire at 3:02 of the first period to tie the score at 1-1.

Senior Jake Ehrhardt scored with a back-handed shot at 2:12 to put USC ahead 2–1.

After Stanford tied the score, USC regained the lead at 3-2 when Marcus Longton scored his goal at 0:54.

Stanford scored two quick goals including a buzzer beater to put them ahead 4-3 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second period, Stanford extended their lead to 6-3.

video 0031
Then, USC’s Ashworth Molthen scored a natural goal at 5:56 to make the score Stanford 6-USC 4.
video 0033
At 4:48 Trojan Marcus Longton scored his second goal to make the score Stanford 6-USC 5.
video 0035
Next, at 3:39 Massimo Di Martire scored a penalty shot to tie the score at 6-6.
video 0038
Stanford scored another goal before USC’s Chris Agliozzo's goal at 2:15 knotted the score at 7-7.
video 0041
Stanford scored again to take the lead, and at 0:34 USC’s Massimo Di Martire scored his third goal to tie the score 8-8 at halftime.
video 0044
During halftime, Trojan Candy took this video that featured the eleven USC Seniors on the Scoreboard.
video 0045
To start the third period, we won the sprint.

After Stanford scored, at 6:04 USC’s Ashworth Molthen scored his second goal to tie the score at 9-9.

Again Stanford took the lead with a goal. Then, at 4:32 Ashworth Molthen recorded a hat trick to tie the score at 10-10.

video 0057
Then, at 2:39 Jake Ehrhardt scored his second goal in a 6 on 5 play to put USC ahead at 11-10.
video 0059
Less then a minute later, Jake Ehrhardt made it a hat trick to extend USC's lead to 12-10.
video 0061
The last goal of the period was made by USC’s Carson Kranz. Now the score was USC 13-Stanford 10.

In the fourth quarter, the Trojans scored six more goals.

video 0081
At 4:30 Andrej Grgurevic scored a goal. That made the score USC 14-Stanford 11.
video 0087
Jake Ehrhardt scored his fourth goal to make the score USC 15 – Stanford 11 at 3:05.
video 0092
At the 2:29 mark, Massimo Dio Martire scored his fourth goal. Now the score was USC 16 – Stanford 12.
video 0093
Then, at 1:45 Jake Ehrhardt scored his fifth goal that made the score USC 17 - Stanford 13.
video 0100
Trojan Ashworth Molthen scored his fourth goal at 0:43 that made the score USC 18-Stanford 14.
video 0101
The last goal was scored by Grayden Reynolds at 0:19. The final score was USC 19-Stanford 14.
video 0104
USC’s victory was imminent!
video 0105
Our second goalie Garrett Allen was still protecting our goal when the time ran out. There were the hand claps by the two teams.

video 0107Here was our victory huddle!

KEEP FIGHTING ON , USC Men’s Water Polo!

Sunday, October 30, 2022---USC Men’s Water Polo Senior Day

My husband Jim and I arrived an hour early at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center for the USC Men's Water Polo Senior Day. I set my stuff on the bench, got my two cameras and walked downstairs to take pictures.

I took a picture of each USC Senior’s banner. Here they are in numerical order.

#1 Garrett Allen
#1 Kyle McKenney
#4 Henry Saunders
#6 Captain Chris Sturtevant
#8 Captain Jake Ehrhardt
#9 Captain Marcus Longton
#10 Payne Fama
#20 Chris Agliozzo
#22 Grayden Reynolds
#23 Ashworth Molthen
#26 Stefan Vavic
When I finished all eleven banners, Trojan Candy took a picture of our Spirit of Troy.
Then, I walked to the pool to take this picture of both teams warming up.
Now, it was time for the Senior Salute. Garrett Allen was first. Athletic Director Mike Bohn and Head Coach Marko Pintaric posed with his family and him. Left to right: Coach Pintaric, dad Bradley, mom Rebecca, Garrett, sister Cecelia, and A.D. Bohn.
Next to be honored was Kyle McKenney. From left to right were Coach Pintaric, sister Coryne, dad Troy, Kyle, mom Debra, sister Kelsey, and Mike Bohn.
Henry Saunders was next. From left to right were Coach Pintaric, his dad Vince, Henry, his mom Michelle, and A.D. Bohn.
The next Senior, Payne Fama, smiled with Coach Pintaric, his mom Kim, his dad Glenn and Mike Bohn.
Senior Chris Agliozzo stood next to Coach Pintaric, his mom Jennifer, his dad Joe, and A.D. Bohn.
Grayden Reynolds posed with Coach Pintaric, his dad George, his mom Jill, and Mike Bohn.
Senior Ashworth Molthen joined his family at his banner. From left to right were Coach Pintaric, his mom Teri, Ashworth, his dad Marty, and A.D. Bohn.
Trojan Candy recognized a familiar face when the next family posed at Stefan Vavic’s banner. Left to right were A.D. Bohn, Coach Pintaric, brother Nikola (11/16/2012), dad Jovan, mom Lisa, Stefan, and sister Monica. After I took this picture, Coach Jovan gave me a big hug.
The next Senior was Chris Sturtevant. He posed with Coach Pintaric, dad Joe, brother Matt, mother Clare, and Mike Bohn.
Jake Ehrhardt was joined at his banner by Coach Pintaric, his brothers Jaden and Josh, his mom Kristina, his dad Chip, and A.D. Bohn.

55915594The eleventh and last Senior Marcus Longton hugged his mom first and then posed with his family at his banner. From left to right were Coach Pintaric, dad William, Marcus, mom Sarah, and A.D. Bohn.

5600While Trojan Candy was taking pictures, she met a new friend, Stew McGuire, who was also taking pictures with his Canon EOS R camera. His son Tom is a Junior on the water polo team. Stew said that he knows all the team families. So when I post my blog, I will ask Stew to notify the entire team. Thank you, Stew!

56035603The last picture Trojan Candy took was of Marcus Longton’s parents, Sarah and William with their dog.

My next blog will be about the USC vs. Stanford match.

Congratulations to all eleven USC Water Polo Seniors KEEP FIGHTING ON!