April 18-26, 2021 Candygrams

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Monday, April 26, 2021---Meet USC's Chase Williams and Spencer Harris

99Trojan Candy was again lucky to attend the second Zoom videocast of the "Inside Scoop on Spring Ball." This week, the moderator was Jordan Moore. Coach Clay Helton analyzed many plays and player accomplishments during the Spring Game on Saturday, April 17th.

100Then, Jordan interviewed Safety Chase Williams (2/7/2018). Jordan first talked about Chase's teammate Talanoa Hufanga. Chase told Jordan that he came in with Talanoa. Chase said, "Talanoa was a great player who was fast and physical. With him gone, there is a void to be filled. This gives me an opportunity to make plays." Chase reasoned, "I was immature when I first came in, but as a Junior, I know the defense now. Playing pure safety now will be a lot more on the mental side. Also, partnering now with Isaiah Pola-Mao is good. We got each other's back. Since we have worked together, we have built a chemistry and a bond." In conclusion, Jordan asked Chase to describe himself. Jordan described himself as being thoughtful and conscientious. He said, "I am a person that speaks his mind. Moving forward into the future, the young student athletes will make the change."

Jordan is not the only one who has interviewed Chase. Trojan Candy was able to interview Chase when he was an incoming freshman in 2018. Click on his blue name in the previous paragraph to read my interview of Chase. FIGHT ON, Chase!

26Now it was time for Jordan to interview Director of Player Personnel Spencer Harris. Director Spencer spoke proudly of USC's Boulevard Studios. He said, "Boulevard Studios is an 'In house' model of brand development and brand promotions as we enter into this new era of name, image and likeness emphasis. Most importantly, we promote USC football on social media and build the brand for our student athletes." Then, Director Spencer told us that on January 2, 2021, Boulevard Studios released their brand promotion for USC football #1 recruit Korey Foreman. Billboards were everywhere. Korey was seen online wearing a beanie and shirt of his brand. There were 1.5 million impressions!

Next, Director Spencer showed a three minute video about Boulevard Studios which is shown to every prospective football player. Trojan Candy took these snips from the video:

George Lucas
Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush, LenDale White, and Matt Leinart
Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Leinart
Will Ferrell as partner in LAFC
Dr. Dre and Iovine unveil a new hall at USC
Mike Trout
Kobe Bryant
This is their trademark

In conclusion, Spencer believes that this video about Boulevard Studios is a powerful recruiting tool for convincing prospective athletes to become Trojans. Keep FIGHTING ON, Spencer!

Monday, April 19, 2021---Meet USC Football's Vavae Malepeai and Coach Donte Williams

17Trojan Candy was invited to see the Zoom videocast of the first "Inside Scoop on Spring Ball" this morning. I am going to write about running back Vavae Malepeai and Coach Donte Williams, who were interviewed by moderator and former USC football player Shaun Cody.

14Vavae came first. The 2021 USC football season will be Vavae's Senior season. Vavae told Shaun that he takes the season one practice at a time and one game at a time. Because he is older in spring ball, he gets the most out of each rep. Shaun then asked Vavae, "What legacy does he want to leave at USC?" Vavae's sincere answer was quite lengthy. He said, "I hope that I am remembered as a great teammate that my teammates could rely on and reach out to. That I left people, places, and younger ones better than when I came." Vavae also gave this advice, "Our team must learn from one another, must feed off one another, add more tools for our game, take one day at a time, stay who you are, and stay consistent." More personally, Vavae wants to be explosive and put more points up on the scoreboard. In conclusion, Shaun conveyed to Vavae what Vavae's teammates have told him. Shaun said, "Your teammates have described you as being a great leader, as being down-to-earth, and as being humble." Vavae smiled at the comments.

Even more personally, Trojan Candy was fortunate to have interviewed Vavae (click link) at a USC Men's Tennis Match in January 2017. FIGHT ON, Vavae!

17Next, Shaun spoke with Coach Donte Williams. Coach Williams is the Associate Head Coach and was chosen the Pac-12 Recruiting Coordinator of the year. He is very excited about spring practice and of all of the players he has recruited. Shaun asked Coach Williams what are the keys to recruiting? Coach Williams said, "One key to recruiting is to be willing to adapt. Another is to use all of your resources." He mentioned Boulevard Studios as an outstanding USC resource. "Expect the unexpected. Last, but not least, keep pushing forward." Next Coach Williams added, "You have to build depth, and you have to win in the trenches. We want to be the best. In order to do that we have to take it one play at a time and one game at a time." Coach Williams added that the purpose of spring practice is to see "how can you individually get better with the schematics and techniques we are teaching you." What words of wisdom! FIGHT ON, Coach Williams!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Monday, April 19, 2021---In Memory of Chris Brown

3737Trojan Candy first met Chris Brown at the Galen Center on Saturday, March 28, 2015. He and I attended a USC Men's Volleyball match versus the Bruins. Friend Zach Banner introduced me to his three teammates Richie Wenzel, Chris and Grant Moore. Our men beat the Bruins 15-11 in the fifth set!

4500At the football team relay part of Swim with Mike on Saturday, April 11, 2015, I took this picture of Chris, who was a relay swimmer.

36643637On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at the USC Football Team Awards Dinner, Chris, on the right, posed with teammates Grant Moore and Wyatt Schmidt. Then later, after dinner, Chris won the "John Dye Memorial Award" for Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Then, at the USC Student-Athlete Graduation on Thursday, May 10, 2018, Trojan Candy took the next picture of a proud, smiling Chris.

At the Salute to Troy on Friday, August 17, 2018, Chris signed autographs.
Senior salute
Chris was included in my video at Senior Night in the Coliseum on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

51475197Coach Helton presented Chris his second "John Dye Memorial Award" for Offensive Lineman on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at the USC Football Awards Banquet Part 1. Trojan Candy was also able to take this picture of Chris holding his award.

FIGHT ON, Forever, Chris.

Sunday, April 18, 2021---Women of Troy Water Polo vs Arizona State Sun Devils
Click on any thumbnail to view a larger picture or video.

Trojan Candy arrived an hour early at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center for the Women of Troy Water Polo match versus the Arizona State Sun Devils. It was also Senior Day.

Both teams were warming up for the match.

After I found my favorite location on the south side of the stadium to take pictures and videos, I got to work.

Here is a video of the two teams warming up. Unfortunately, YouTube had to mute the copyrighted background music.
Here are the poolside Senior posters.

4529Now it was time for the Senior Salute. The Seniors in order were: #1 Holly Parker, #2 Maud Megens, #7 Verica Bakoc, #8 Denise Mammolito, #12 Kelsey McIntosh, #13 Kari Jensen, and #16 Randi Reinhardt. FIGHT ON, Holly! FIGHT ON, Maud! FIGHT ON, Verica! FIGHT ON, Denise! FIGHT ON, Kelsey! FIGHT ON, Kari! FIGHT ON, and Happy Birthday, Randi!

The teams stood for the Star Spangled Banner.
Next the players were introduced.
The USC starters jumped in unison into the pool.
Here is the first sprint by USC's Denise Mammolito. The ball was awarded to ASU.

USC's Senior Verica Bakoc made the first goal with 6:07 left in the first quarter. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy missed recording her goal.

Here is the scoreboard showing her score.
Then at 5:16 in the first quarter, USC's Junior Grace Tehaney scored the second goal to give USC a 2-0 lead.
Next, at 3:32 in the first quarter, USC's Freshman Julia Janov scored to increase the lead to 3-0.
Our team played excellent defense against ASU, who had a 6 on 5 advantage.
At the end of the first quarter the score was USC 3-ASU 2.
In the second quarter, Arizona State tied the score. Then Mireia Guiral scored a goal at the 2:58 mark to regain the lead at 4-3.
Quickly, USC Freshman Julia Janov scored her second goal to increase the lead to 5-3 at the 2:13 mark of the second quarter.
USC's Maud Megens made her penalty shot at 1:22 of the second quarter to make the score 6-3.
Senior Kelsey McIntosh scored the last USC goal of the second period at the 0:43 mark.
The score at the half was USC 7-ASU 4.
During halftime, the Uytengsu big screen featured the Seniors.
To start the third quarter, Denise Mammolito won the sprint.
At 3:56 in the third quarter, Mireia Guiral scored her second goal to give USC an 8-5 lead.

Then with 0:43 left in the third quarter, in an exciting play, Verica Bakoc stole the ball and scored! Luckily, Trojan Candy videoed Verica's second goal!

This made the score USC 9-ASU 6, which was the score at the end of the third period.
To start the fourth quarter, Denise Mammolito won the sprint again.
At 6:57 in the fourth quarter Junior Bayley Weber scored a goal to make the score USC 10-ASU 6.
Here is the team huddling with the coaches in their last timeout.
Grace Tehaney scored USC's eleventh goal at 5:50 in the fourth quarter. It was her second goal of the match.
Trojan Candy's last video is of the final 2:15 of the match.
The final score was USC 11-ASU 8.
Then, I took this picture of Carlo Jimenez, the announcer who was sitting next to me throughout the entire match. Such excellent coverage!
As I walked toward the exit, I took a picture of the USC Seniors on the Uytengsu scoreboard.
Next, Trojan Candy saw the Women's Water Polo banner on the wall near the exit stairs.
The Men's Water Polo banner was nearby.

Trojan Candy was looking for all of the Women of Troy Seniors in order to take pictures of them and their families. Outside, I saw a few parents waiting for their daughters.

Then, I also saw some USC Baseball boosters standing along the fence that separates Uytengsu from Dedeaux Field where our USC baseball team was playing Oregon. Only family members and player friends are allowed in the baseball stadium.

Trojan Candy took two pictures of the USC Baseball team.
Second picture of the USC Baseball team.

Now it was time to take pictures of the Water Polo Seniors.

Trojan Candy saw a beautifully decorated cake for the reception.


Not being shy, Trojan Candy went up to players and asked if they were Seniors. I saw Denise Mammolito's dad whom I met briefly in the stadium earlier. He told me that he would bring Denise to me for a picture.

1937My first Senior picture was of Verica Bakov, who posed with her "adoptive family" Tristan and Kim Reinhardt, brother and mother of teammate Randi Reinhardt. FIGHT ON, Verica!

1939Then, Senior Randi Reinhardt posed with her dad Kevin Reinhardt, her cousin Sandi Kausch, her brother Tristan, and her mom Kim Reinhardt. Randi's brother Tristan was a USC water polo player in 2014-2015. FIGHT ON Tristan! FIGHT ON, Randi!

1940The next Senior to pose for Trojan Candy was Kelsey McIntosh. She posed with her sister Mikayla Tyler (who is also a Trojan), her husband Jacob McIntosh, her mom Kim Tyler, her sister Alyse Tyler, her dad Titus Tyler, and her brother Brayden Tyler. FIGHT ON, Mikayla! FIGHT ON, Kelsey!

1943Senior Kari Jensen posed with her mother Kristie Jensen. FIGHT ON, Kari!

1945Trojan Candy was so glad that Denise Mammolito came next to take her picture! Denise posed with her mom Kym and her dad Louis. FIGHT ON, Denise!

1950My last picture was of USC Freshman Julie Janov, Junior Nina Ceklic, and Senior Maud Megens. Unfortunately, Maud's parents were not able to make the trip from Holland. FIGHT ON, Julie! FIGHT ON, Nina! FIGHT ON, Maud!

What a great victory!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Water Polo!