August (2) and September (1) 2020 Candygrams

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Thursday, September 24, 2020---Second Women of Troy Rowing Zoom Meeting

09Trojan Candy was invited to attend the second Women of Troy Rowing Zoom meeting. It was so nice to see Head Coach Josh Adam, Joseph Aguirre and Hatcher Parnell again and hear about how our team is progressing.

05In this meeting, Coach Adam explained to the audience in more detail his "Seven Core Convictions," which he mentioned in the July 30 Zoom meeting. Here is my screen snip of the convictions in this star graph. Coach Adam spoke in depth about three of his Core Convictions. The first was "leadership." Coach Adam said that he wants to build leaders who are not afraid to lead. He told us that every member of his team is competitive as well as compassionate.

Coach Adam gave us an update about his team. There are twenty-three women on his team and six of them are Seniors. He said that Friday, November 6th, is their first day of competition. There are twelve team members on the campus now.

09Next, Coach Adam welcomed two of his players who had joined us in today's Zoom meeting. Junior Ieva Medelinskaite spoke first. She is majoring in Human Biology. She chose USC because she heard a lot about USC. Ieva, who is from Kaunas, Lithuania, aspires to row professionally with Lithuania's national team. On September 5th and 6th, Ieva competed in the quadruple sculls in the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Champions. FIGHT ON, Ieva!

09Freshman Clare Widzgowski is from Seattle, Washington. She is majoring in biological sciences and wants to become an audiologist. Clare chose USC because it has more resources for its athletes. FIGHT ON, Clare!

Thank you, Coach Adam, for another informative meeting!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020---USC Olympian Virtual Speaker Series -Volleyball

The Trojan Athletic Fund (TAF) and Heritage Association initiated a special series of virtual programming throughout the fall for TAF members—the first ever USC Olympian Virtual Speaker Series. Today I joined the first of this Series in Volleyball.

8170Olympic Gold Medalist in Men's Volleyball and USC Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Head Coach Dain Blanton welcomed Zoom viewers to this meeting. Then, he introduced three USC Olympic Volleyball medalists. They were Nicole Davis, April Ross and Murphy Troy.

Coach Blanton interviewed Nicole Davis first. At USC, Nicole majored in Political Science. She was a libero at USC. Trojan Candy saw Nicole's team win back-to-back Volleyball NCAA Championships in 2002 and 2003. She said that she left school a semester early and trained with the USA A2 Women's National Team in Lake Placid, New York, in the summer of 2003. Nicole also played Libero in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Our team won two Olympic Silver Medals. Nicole said that she has played in eight countries. While she was in these countries she immersed herself in their cultures. Nicole has learned that there is a "commonality" everywhere she played. What a fabulous lesson learned! Currently, Nicole is working with Pete Carroll's "Compete to Create" organization.

6285Trojan Candy was able meet Nicole at a January 8, 2017, Women of Troy Volleyball Award Brunch. She was the keynote speaker and offered five different motivators to the team.

The second USC Olympic Volleyball player that Coach Blanton interviewed was April Ross. Trojan Candy watched April, along with teammate Nicole Davis, win consecutive NCAA Volleyball titles for USC indoor volleyball in 2002 and 2003. She dominated the matches! Then when she turned professional, April switched from indoor volleyball to Beach Volleyball. April said at first she didn't like playing at the beach, but now she can't understand why anyone plays volleyball indoors! April told Coach Blanton that she took a little time off because of the COVID-19 postponement of the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Then she trained in Brazil and is ready for the 2021 Olympics.

89610086Trojan Candy was able to see April also as a keynote speaker at a January 12, 2013, Women of Troy Volleyball Award Brunch, just like her USC teammate Nicole. I have seen her several times at USC Beach Volleyball events. The last event was the 2020 USC Beach Volleyball Kick-off event on Friday, 2/21/2020. CLICK HERE to see both Coach Blanton and April Ross and to meet our 2020 Beach Volleyball Team. Good luck in Japan, April! Go for the Gold!

The last USC Olympic Volleyball player interviewed by Coach Blanton was Murphy Troy. What a perfect surname for a USC Trojan athlete! Murphy, who is 6'8" tall, was an All-American volleyball player at USC.

4015Trojan Candy was able to take this big screen picture of Murphy when he was a Junior in 2010. Murphy majored in Physics. After graduation in 2011, Murphy joined the USA National Team. In 2014 his team won the Gold Medal of the World League. Then Murphy's National Team won the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. After officially retiring from competitive volleyball in June 2017, Murphy now lives in Orange County with his wife Blair and 1 ½ year old daughter.

During the interview, Coach Blanton asked the three Olympians two special questions. The first question was, "What one word do you look for in terms of traits now?" Murphy Troy said, "Enthusiastic." He mentioned his fellow USC teammate Tri Bourne, who is currently a member of the USA Indoor and Beach National Volleyball Teams, as a player who would bring the FIRE today. Nicole Davis chose the word "Grit." Her explanation was, "Who would run through a wall for people?" April Ross gave two words. They were "Passionate and Relentless." April said, "Do whatever you do to the best of your ability."

The second question was, "What is your biggest accomplishment?" Murphy said, "Making the USA Olympic team in 2016 and coming home with a Bronze Medal." April said, "Winning the Bronze Medal in Brazil." Nicole thought differently and said, "Her willingness to grow and change." Then, last but not least, Coach Blanton said, "Winning an Olympic Gold Medal and playing for your country."

8171Athletic Director Mike Bohn rejoined the Zoom presentation and introduced the new Women of Troy Volleyball Coach Brad Keller and the Men's Volleyball Coach Jeff Nygaard.

What inspiring interviews! FIGHT ON, Nicole! FIGHT ON, April! FIGHT ON, Murphy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020---Dean Geoff Garrett Interviews Pete Carroll

Today Trojan Candy joined the "Dean's Dialogue" which is a Zoom meeting of the Marshall School of Business. Dean Geoff Garrett discussed leadership with former USC football Coach Pete Carroll, who is now the Executive Vice President and Head Coach of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

00080006They would discuss Coach Carroll's "Pearls of Wisdom." Dean Garrett said that they were not just about football. He said that what Coach Carroll would explain are appropriate for Business Principles.

I took prolific notes as quickly as I could. Coach Carroll said that he developed his philosophy after he was fired from two NFL teams. He said that after an entire year of introspection when he was jobless, he developed ideas which he implemented at USC.

1444Trojan Candy was so lucky to volunteer at Heritage Hall when Pete Carroll was our football Head Coach. I could see how the team and the university loved him. I heard him speak weekly at Monday Morning Quarterback. Everyone, men and women alike, was captivated when Pete spoke. After a meeting in November 2008, outside the Galen Center, my brother Charles took this picture of Coach Carroll and me. Notice what was written on my bag.

6833Trojan Candy took this picture of Pete Carroll and his wife Glena when USC inducted our former coach into the USC Hall of Fame on May 16, 2015. FIGHT ON, Coach Carroll!

Now, here are some of Coach Carroll's "Pearls." They are discipline, hard work, standards, consistency, expectations and being strict and forceful. Coach Carroll said that as the boss (coach), you should treat people like you truly care for them. Don't stifle their ability to be open. Let your employees (team) truly be themselves and show them your appreciation. Expect your employees (team) to develop the mentality to be successful. Coach Carroll told Dean Garrett that Harvard University is studying what he is doing now with his Seattle Seahawks team.

On a more personal level, Coach Carroll told us that he has founded "Compete to Create." Some of the tenets of his foundation are as follows: You first have to develop "uncompromising principles" that you will never compromise. To compete is to strive. Strive to be the best you can be. Live in the present moment and then flourish in that moment. Do things exactly in accordance with the way you feel and with your "uncompromising principles." Have empathy for the people around you. Have the understanding that people are not all the same. You might have a challenge conveying your message to all employees (team members), but you have to be effective with that employee. Coach Carroll said, "Give them a kick in the ass, and then give them a hug!"

Lastly, Coach Carroll said, "Most importantly, in the board meeting (or in the huddle with time running out and needing to score) in performance, be in the moment. Minimize distractions. Have extraordinary focus. There is a purity of the moment if your thoughts are clear. You want to operate in the absence of fear.

What words of wisdom for all bosses and for other NFL coaches!

Monday, September 7, 2020---Corrections for USC Football Players in the NFL

After reading a WeAreSC article written by Erik McKinney, Trojan Candy decided to update my August 19, 2020 article "When USC-NFL Player were Undergrads."

Five Trojans were actually signed to the practice squads, and one decided to "opt out" this NFL season. I wrote about and had pictures of each of those six Trojans. They are Everson Griffen for Dallas; Steven Mitchell for Houston; Xavier Grimble for Indianapolis; Deontay Burnette for Philadelphia; and Chad Wheeler for Seattle. Marvell Tell III of Indianapolis decided to "opt out' of this 2020 season.

FIGHT ON, Everson! FIGHT ON, Steven! FIGHT ON, Xavier! FIGHT ON, Deontay! FIGHT ON, Chad! FIGHT ON, Marvell!

Check out my August 19, 2020 blog below to see pictures, interviews and videos of other USC Football players currently in the NFL.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Sunday, August 30, 2020---Dr. Art Bartner's 80th Birthday Celebration

videoTrojan Candy and my husband Jim were so fortunate to visit with and then wish a "Happy 80th Birthday" to Dr. Bartner this morning. Special Project Manager of the Trojan Marching Band Cynthia Wiese set up the special Zoom meeting. Jim recorded our visit with Dr. Bartner, and you can view it by clicking/tapping on the thumbnail.

7084Earlier in the morning, friend Jerry Ensom picked up and delivered this beautiful birthday cake, that was designed by Cynthia, to Dr. Bartner.

Sandy Johnston sent me an email about the organization of Dr. Bartner's Birthday Parade. Sandy wrote: "We talked up getting more people, bringing signs for cars and in general having a great day with the 60 other decorated cars, interacting (socially of course) with the band parents, band alumni, staff and friends of Barbara and Dr. Arthur C. Bartner. About 30 band alumni performed non-stop as the caravan drove by twice and stayed for social distance greeting. What a fun day!!!"

Hard work and organization by the TGLA, Tailgate Committee, Trojan Gala Committee and the Band Board consisting of Sandy Johnston, Christine Ofiesh, Sue McKeever, Cathleen Campos, Jan Berkeley and Cynthia Wiese made Dr. Bartner's celebration possible. FIGHT ON, all of you!

Trojan Candy wants to thank Cathey Andersen, Patti Madden, Cheryl and Elliot Schwartz and Ben Chua for the pictures of Dr. Bartner's 80th Birthday Parade. Cheryl put in so much extra work in labeling the pictures. Thank you ever so much, Cheryl!

Here are the pictures in three phases. The phases are "Before," "During" and "After."

Before the parade

Jerry Ensom
Jerry Ensom's decorated car
Jerry Ensom and Cathey Andersen
50th Gala Committee banner designed by Sue McKeever
Traveler Horse Doll
Line of cars
Jerry's car decorated by Jerry Ensom and Sandy Johnston
Band Alum Jeffrey Andersen and Cynthia Wiese
Jeffrey Andersen, Cynthia Wiese and two Band Alumni
Jerry Ensom, Cynthia Wiese and Sandy Johnston
Elliott Schwartz and Sue McKeever

During the Parade

Dr. Bartner and USC Band car
Band Members
Dr. Bartner
Band Members
Dr. Bartner
Band Members with Dr. Bartner

After the Parade

Sandy Johnston, Dr. and Barbara Bartner, Kathleen Campos, and Cheryl Schwartz
Barbara Bartner and Sue McKeever
Barbara and Dr. Bartner and Sue McKeever
Two Band Alumni and Jeffrey Andersen
Cheryl Schwartz, Sandy Jonston, Elliott Schwartz, and Sue McKeever

FIGHT ON, Dr. Bartner!