September 2019 (1) Candygrams

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Thursday, September 19, 2019---USC Men's Water Polo vs Long Beach State

As soon as the Jock Rally ended, Trojan Candy walked over to see the USC Men play Long Beach State in water polo. My husband Jim, sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley joined me.

The match had already started when we arrived at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center.

Trojan Candy was able to take a few videos of some of the USC goals.

Here is our new coach, Marko Pintaric, with the team.
Jacob Mercep scored this goal to make the score USC 4-LBSU 2.
Marin Dasic scored to increase the lead to 5-2.
Alexander Lansill scored in the third period to put USC ahead 8-4.
Marin Dasic scored his third goal to increase the lead to 9-4.
Jacob Mercep scored his fourth goal to put USC ahead 10-4 at the end of the third period.

We won 13-6!

The two teams high-fived one another after the match.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo!

Thursday, September 19, 2019---USC "Jock" Rally before the Utah Football Game

Trojan Candy arrived at the Heritage Hall patio in time to get her favorite location to take videos of the "Jock" Rally the afternoon before the Utah Football Game.

I took this picture of some Song Girls welcoming Dr. Carol Folt to USC.
My husband Jim took this video of the Song Girls and Spirit Leaders dancing as they waited for the "Jock" Rally to begin.
The Spirit of Troy marched from their practice next door on the Loker Track Field into the patio.
The USC Football Team walked into the patio as the Spirit of Troy played "Fight On."
At the same time, Jim videorecorded the team's entrance from a higher location.
Friend, USC Football Alumnus and a USC Football Operations "Offensive Quality Control Analyst" Lenny Vandermade (6/24/2010) rallied the team.
Jim also videorecorded our friend Lenny.
Next, as the Spirit of Troy played "Tusk," the team danced.
Team Captain Jordan Iosefa climbed the ladder and hyped the team up even more. Then, some of the team danced with the Song Girls to "All Right Now."
Dr. Arthur Bartner led the team in a "Southern Cal" spell out.
Captain Jordan Iosefa held up the sword as the Spirit of Troy played "Conquest," and then the team left the patio.
Jim's video combined the spell out, Conquest and the team's exit.

5333After the Heritage Hall patio cleared, the Spirit Leaders posed for Trojan Candy.

What an invigorating pep rally!

Fight on USC Football!

Saturday, September 7, 2019---USC Football vs Stanford

My husband Jim and I arrived at the Coliseum parking lot four hours before the USC-Stanford football game time. We always like to walk around the Fan Fest and get free give-a-ways. United Airlines gave out iron on transfer tee shirts. They were in different sizes and were made to order with several beautiful USC patterns to choose from. Thank you United! Honda, All-State, Ontario Airport and America's Continental Tire also had very nice free giveaways.

Then, we walked to the Associates Picnic at Founders Park near Bovard Auditorium. Every year the Rossier School of Education invites Jim and Trojan Candy to their tailgate. Trojan Candy took pictures of friends and fellow TGLA members.

My first picture was of Rachel Beal and Christine Ofiesh.
My sister Patti smiled with Matt DeGrusche.
My sister Patti posed with friends Rebecca and Richard Flores.

As I went to get my coffee and dessert, Trojan Candy heard someone yell out, "Candy!" Turning around, I saw many friends at Sandy and Rex Johnston's table.

Standing in this picture were Morgan Chima, Marcia Montez, Sara, Lois Booth, Jas Chima, Trojan Candy, and Dave and Lori Marin. Sitting were Phil Montez, Sandy and Rex Johnston, Karen Chima, and Jerry Ensom.

Trojan Candy rushed to get some scrumptious desserts and coffee because I heard the Spirit of Troy marching in. Then I had to rush to get back to my table.

At my table were my husband Jim, Genaro Carapia, Patti Poon, Lai Tan Carapia, Matt DeGrushe, and Tommy and Charlene Shimada.
Six of us rushed out of the picnic before the Spirit of Troy finished their pep rally. Trojan Candy rapidly took this picture of twirler Emily Tutnick.

We walked out along Trousdale Parkway where massive crowds had lined both sides and were waiting eagerly for the Spirit of Troy to march through to the Coliseum.

From our Coliseum seats, we watched both USC and Stanford teams warming up.
After warm-ups, the USC team gathered in a huddle. #6 Senior Michael Pittman was hyping up the team.
Now it was time for the coin toss.
Our starting offense was shown on the Coliseum big screen.
USC received the kickoff. Here is the video of our first play from scrimmage.
In our first drive, Chase McGrath kicked a field goal to lead 3-0.
The big screen showed USC Football Alumnus Chris Claiborne standing next to the National Championship Trophy. The trophy would look so fantastic in Heritage Hall!
The Coliseum big screen showed NCAA Champion in the 200m Butterfly Louise Hansson.
Our team fell behind 17 to 3 before we scored our first touchdown in the second quarter.
Twenty minutes later, Gabriela Ruffels was honored for winning the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in Golf.
My next video shows our team scoring a touchdown in the West end zone. Amon St. Brown (12/12/2018) scored on a 7 yard pass from Kedon Slovis.
USC pulled ahead 24 to 20 with 31 seconds left in the second quarter.
During halftime, Trojan Candy recorded our Spirit of Troy "ribbing" the Stanford Band.
In the third quarter our 1999 Women of Troy Water Polo Team was honored for USC's first NCAA National Championship. Congratulations, Ladies!
In the fourth quarter the big screen showed a comparison of the two quarterbacks.

Our team shut out the Cardinals the entire second half!

We won 45-20!

The two teams met for handshakes at midfield.
Then our team joined the Spirit of Troy.
Our scoring plays were replayed on the big screen.
Is this a Stanford prank?