April 2018 (5) Candygrams

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018---Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Senior Day

My husband Jim and I arrived at the USC-Long Beach State Beach Volleyball match early because we didn't want to miss the Senior Salute. Two Seniors, Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer, were being honored before the match started.

I decided to take Jo's and Jenna's parent's pictures before the ceremony started. Both their parents obliged.

Debra James and Mark Kremer
Jo Kremer's parents, Debra James and Mark Kremer, posed for me first.
Mark Rosen and Mary Wood
Then, Jenna's stepfather Mark Rosen and mother Mary Wood smiled for me.
Women's beach volleyball team
The rest of the Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team waited for the Senior Salute to start. Jim took this video of the team.
Anna Collier and Jo Kremer
Jo Kremer (3/3/2016) was honored first. She hugged Head Coach Anna Collier.
Dain Blanton and Jo Kremer
Assistant Coach Dain Blanton showed Jo her framed jersey.
Jenna Belton, Mary Wood, and Mark Rosen
Now, it was Jenna Belton's (5/10/2017) turn to walk down the ramp that was formed for her stepfather.
Debra James and Mark and Jo Kremer
At the net were Jo and her parents. Trojan Candy took their picture quickly.
Jenna Belton and Anna Collier
Then I returned to the ceremony. Jenna hugged Coach Anna Collier.
Jenna Belton and Gustavo Rocha
Assistant Coach Gustavo Rocha gave Jenna a beautiful lei.
Jenna Belton, Dain Blanton, Donna Heinel, and Reed Malone
Next, Assistant Coach Dain Blanton hugged Jenna, as Donna Heinel and Reed Malone look on.
Mary Woods, Mark Rosen, and Jenna Belton
Now at the net were Jenna and her parents.
Donna Heinel, Gustavo Rocha, Dain Blanton, Debra James, Jenna Belton, Jo and Mark Kremer, Mary Wood, Reed Malone, Mark Rosen, Anna Collier, and Louis Duran
Both families, coaches and staff joined Jo and Jenna for this picture. Back row: Donna Heinel, Gustavo Rocha, Dain Blanton, Debra James, Jenna Belton, Jo and Mark Kremer, Mary Wood, and Reed Malone. Front row: Mark Rosen, Anna Collier, and Louis Duran.
Group picture
Jim took a short video of the last group picture.
Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer
Finally, both Seniors, Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer, posed at the net.
Katrina Kernochan, Jo Kremer, Maja Kaiser, and Jenna Belton
Once the ramp was removed, it was time for the match. At Court 3 were Katrina Kernochan and Senior Jo Kremer. At Court 1 were Maja Kaiser (2/22/2018) and Senior Jenna Belton.
Alexandra Poletto and Haley Hallgren
Unfortunately, Trojan Candy missed Court 2 players Alexandra Poletto (2/22/2018) and Haley Hallgren (2/22/2018) as their names were announced. So, I included an action picture of them.
Jenna Belton and Maja Kaiser
Since both Seniors played in Flight One, I added a picture of Senior Jenna Belton and her partner Freshman Maja Kaiser shaking hands at the end of their match.
Jo Kremer and Katrina Kernochan
Senior Jo Kremer and her partner Katrina Kernochan are shown in action.

Abril Bustamante, Tina Graudina, Joy Dennis, Cammie Dorn, Terese Cannon, and Sammy SlaterThe last video introduces the Flight Two players. On Court 1 were Abril Bustamante and Tina Graudina (2/22/2018). Joy Dennis (3/2/2017) and Cammie Dorn (3/2/2017) were on Court 2. Then on Court 3 were Terese Cannon (3/3/2016) and Sammy Slater (2/22/2018).

Our Women of Troy beat Long Beach State 3-2.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Jenna! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Jo!

FIGHT ON, USC Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!