January 2018 (2) Candygrams

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Monday, January 29, 2018---Coliseum Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony

My husband Jim and I drove into the parking lot of the Coliseum, and it was sweltering outside. We were invited to attend the Coliseum Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony. Inside the only seats that were available were in the sun. So Trojan Candy moved our chairs to an area next to the stage that had tables with umbrellas attached. Jim, my sister Patti Poon and I sat in the shade.

However, Trojan Candy didn't sit too long. Jim and I walked over to see a good friend who was sitting in the VIP reserved area. Our friend was retired Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe.

Amy Ross, Jim Yee, and Don Knabe
I took this picture of Amy Ross, a USC Trustee and former President of the USC Alumni Association, Jim and Don.
Shovels and hard hats
I walked to the table where the ceremonial shovels and hard hats were placed.
Art Bartner and Al Checcio
Then I saw friend Dr. Art Bartner who posed with Al Checcio, Senior Vice President of University Advancement.

Melissa WardI returned to our seats and then I saw a familiar face. She was USC Alumna Melissa Ward. Melissa was standing with two other United Airlines pilots and was dressed in her uniform. She is the first African American female captain of a major U.S. airline. The three of them posed for me.

Melissa played on the two USC Women's basketball teams that won the NCAA National Championships in 1983 and 1984. In 1984 Trojan Candy saw my Women of Troy beat Tennessee 72-61 in the Finals at Pauley Pavilion to win the second consecutive National Championship. I had met Melissa in 2013 when she and other Women of Troy basketball teammates were honored in the Galen Center for winning these two NCAA Championships. Two Championship banners, which were donated by Jim and me, were hung up in the Galen Center that night (2/17/2013). The banners were moved upstairs to the practice gym.

Melissa Ward and Donna Heinel
Next, I took a picture of Melissa with Donna Heinel, Senior Women's Administrator.
Jim and I walked to the viewing area to see the "destruction" of our beloved Coliseum. The field was messed up with concrete debris.
Coliseum south side
Then we saw that our seats on the south side in Section 6 below the press boxes were gone.

Coliseum signI left Jim at our seats and walked to the tented area where the cameras and sound equipment were located. One of the sound equipment men said that I could sit in a vacant chair next to him. Thanks. A beautiful, cooler location! Then, I looked upward and caught this even cooler picture through an opening of the canopy!

After the Spirit of Troy marched in while playing music, the program started.

Max Nikias
President C.L. Max Nikias spoke first. He thanked everyone for coming for this momentous occasion.
Renaming of Coliseum
He announced that the Coliseum will be named the "United Airlines Memorial Coliseum." United Airlines will donate sixty-nine million dollars over a span of sixteen years for the naming rights. He invited the three United captains and Janet Lamkin, President of United Airlines California region, to the stage.
Lynn Swann
After Janet Lamkin and Melissa Ward spoke briefly, USC Athletic Director Lynn Swann talked about the first time he ran onto the Coliseum field as a football player. He thanked the many donors who made the renovation project possible.

Then several Los Angeles City dignitaries spoke.

The official groundbreaking ceremony came next.

GroundbreakingTrojan Candy ran up to the front and managed to get this picture of the groundbreaking.

Trojan Candy, Christine Ofiesh, Barbara Hance, D'Arcy McLeod, Patti Poon, Sandy Johnston, and Marcia MontezAfter the program ended, Trojan Candy looked around for any fellow TGLA members. I gathered some of them, and my husband Jim took this picture of us. Trojan Candy, Christine Ofiesh, Barbara Hance, D'Arcy McLeod, Patti Poon, Sandy Johnston, and Marcia Montez.

As the crowd dissipated, I walked back to the viewing area to take more pictures of the "destruction." There were several friends in the viewing area.

Marcia Montez
Marcia Montez asked me to take her picture so she could send it to her grandchildren.
D'Arcy Mcleod
D'Arcy Mcleod posed in my next picture.
Candy Yee
Then, D'Arcy took a picture of me. Unbelievable....I'm in TWO pictures in my blog!
Jerry Ensom
I took two more pictures of friends. Jerry Ensom smiled.
Kyent Chin and Anna Liberovsky
My last "friend's picture" was of Kyent Chin and Anna Liberovsky.
Coliseum Commission Meeting Chambers
Before Jim and I left, Trojan Candy took a picture of the Coliseum Commission Meeting Chambers.

OlympicsMy final picture of the day was this Olympics Wall with pictures from every modern summer Olympic games. The room was outside the Meeting Chambers.

What a memorable day.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Women's basketball supportersBefore the Women of Troy basketball game versus Cal, my husband Jim and I attended the Chalk Talk by Head Coach Mark Trakh. I decided to take a picture of all of my loyal friends who support Women of Troy Basketball and the new coaching staff with Head Coach Mark Trakh.

Jordan Usher, ?, Chimezie Metu, Nick Rakocevic and Jonah MathewsDuring the close game, some of our victorious men's basketball team, who had just swept Oregon and Oregon State in away games, were allowed to sit courtside. Naturally, Trojan Candy walked down to take their picture. I tapped Chimezie on his shoulder and asked if I could take their pictures. All five of the guys turned around and smiled. They were Jordan Usher, ?, Chimezie Metu (8/28/2015), Nick Rakocevic (8/26/2016) and Jonah Mathews (4/12/2017).

Jordan McLaughlinThen, friend Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) joined his teammates. Trojan Candy walked down to take his picture.

FIGHT ON, Jordan Usher, Chimezie, Nick, Jonah and Jordan McLaughlin.!

Saturday, January 20, 2018---USC Men's Tennis First Match vs. UC Davis

Trojan Candy came to see the USC Men's tennis team play their opening match against UC Davis. It was so much warmer this Saturday than it was yesterday when the Women of Troy Tennis team played. Our men were lucky and warmer!

Our men warmed up before the match started.
Spirit Leaders
The Spirit Leaders arrived en force.
Team cheer
Our men started their season with this "cheer."
Laurens Verboven and Jack Jaede
The Doubles Teams played on Courts 1, 2 and 3. Laurens Verboven and Jack Jaede were on Court 1.
Daniel Cukierman and Tanner Smith
On Court 2 were Daniel Cukierman and Tanner Smith.
Mateusz Smolicki and Brandon Holt
Playing number 3 doubles were Mateusz Smolicki and Brandon Holt (4/14/2017).
Mateusz Smolicki and Brandon Holt
Mateusz Smolicki and Brandon Holt won their match first on Court 3.
Jack Jaede and Laurens Verboven
Then Jack Jaede and Laurens Verboven won on Court 1 to cinch the team doubles point.
Daniel Cukierman and Tanner Smith
Since the doubles point was decided, the game on Court 2 was suspended.

Now it was time for the Singles.

Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt was on Court 1.
Logan Smith
Logan Smith (2/16/2016) played on Court 3.
Jake DeVine
On Court 5 was Jake DeVine.
Daniel Cukierman
Daniel Cukierman played number 2 singles.
Laurens Verboven
Number 4 singles was Laurens Verboven.
Thibault Forget
Thibault Forget (2/28/2015) played in the number 6 position.

Our 1, 2, and 3 Singles won in order to clinch the match. As customary, the competitors shook hands at the net.

Brandon Holt
Court 1: Brandon Holt.
Daniel Cukierman
Court 2: Daniel Cukierman.
Logan Smith
Court 3: Logan Smith.

Since the team match was decided and on Courts 4 and 5 the scores were just tied at one set apiece, the players played a 10-point tiebreaker. I was at Court 5 to watch Jake Devine play his tiebreaker. It turns out that Laurens Verboven lost his tiebreaker moments before Jake Devine won on Court 5. Consequently, I missed taking Laurens' handshake. Sorry, Laurens.

Jake Devine
Court 5: Jake Devine.
Thibault Forget
On Court 6 Thibault Forget won his match in two sets.
Our team gathered on the court to celebrate our 6-1 victory!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!