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Monday, May 8, 2017---Trojan Huddle at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach

Balboa Bay Resort
My husband Jim and I arrived early in Newport Beach at the Balboa Bay Resort.
John Wayne
Once inside the resort, we walked down a hallway to check in for the Trojan Huddle. Two pictures caught my eye. USC Alumnus John Wayne.
Nancy Reagan
And former First Lady Nancy Reagan have visited the Balboa Bay Resort.

Oscar Gomez, Becky Gramstrup, Suzanne Ebner, Scott Wandzilak, and Brent WatsonWe saw familiar faces at the check in table. Oscar Gomez, Becky Gramstrup, Suzanne Ebner, Scott Wandzilak, and Brent Watson gathered together for a picture.

Colette and Glen NagamiAfter checking in, we walked out to the Grand Ballroom lobby. While I was sitting in a chair next to the ballroom entrance, a couple sat in nearby chairs. On a whim, I started talking to them. We met Colette and Glen Nagami. It was amazing to hear that Glen was a classmate of my sister-in-law Pearl Louie Chan in the USC Pharmacy School. Then also, Glen is the younger brother of our friends Ray and Suzanne Nagami, who sit with Trojan Candy at Monday Morning Quarterback. As we mentioned more Trojans we know, Glen and Colette knew several of them. Fight On, Glen! Fight On, Colette!

Beverly and John Robinson and Trojan CandyMy husband Jim insisted on taking this picture of yours truly with Coach John Robinson and his wife Beverly.

At 5:30 pm the ballroom doors opened and Jim and I rushed in to get a "prime" seat to take pictures and videos. Upon entering the ballroom,Trojan Candy went right by Sam Darnold and Chimezie Metu.

After putting my stuff on two front row chairs, Trojan Candy headed to the back corner of the room to take a picture of Sam first.

Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold (12/14/2016) stood right behind the coveted Rose Bowl trophy.
Chimezie Metu
Friend Chimezie Metu (8/28/2015) was standing close to Sam. Chimezie said that he will be taking summer classes again. What a dedicated student-athlete! He posed for a picture once more.
Art Bartner and Colette and Glen Nagami
I turned around and saw two new friends and an very "old" friend. Glen and Colette were talking with Dr. Art Bartner. Naturally, I took their picture.
Maria Jordan and Tara Quarrie
Near the Silent Auction tables, Trojan Candy saw friend Tara Quarrie (11/29/2015). She posed with USC Band staffer Maria Jordan.
John Robinson and Andy Enfield
As Trojan Candy went to get a glass of water in the lobby, I saw John Robinson talking with Men's Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield. I asked Coach Enfield what he will be doing this summer. Coach said, "Golfing and playing with his kids." Sounds like fun to me!
Spirit of Troy
Just then, Trojan Candy heard the Spirit of Troy and saw three Song Girls. They marched by me and into the ballroom.
Fight On
The Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls performed inside the ballroom. Jim took videos of them performing "Fight On."
And "Tusk."
Art Bartner
Now it was time for the program to begin. Master of Ceremonies John Robinson introduced Dr. Bartner first.
John Robinson, Sam Darnold, and Chimezie Metu
Next to the stage were Sam Darnold and Chimezie Metu.
John Robinson, Sam Darnold, and Chimezie Metu
In this video Coach Robinson interviews and teases them.
Andy Enfield
Men's Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield was next. He spoke in "glowing" terms about our team for next year. Then at the end of his presentation he asked for questions.
Andy Enfield
My husband Jim asked the first question in this video. Enjoy Coach Enfield's humorous responses.
Clay Helton
Now it was Football Head Coach Clay Helton's turn.
Clay Helton
In this video Coach Helton started his talk by describing the Rose Bowl rings he just gave to his players.

Before ending the program, John Robinson introduced two USC Football alumni whom he coached at USC. Brad Budde and Fred Cornwell stood up to be recognized. The audience applauded them loudly.

Brad BuddeAs the audience were leaving, Trojan Candy walked briskly over to Brad Budde and took his picture. I asked him what he is doing now. Brad told me that he is a Physical Therapist. FIGHT ON, Brad!

Fred CornwellI looked in the back of the room and saw Fred Cornwell. Trojan Candy walked back to introduce myself. Fred smiled at me as I approached him, and then he agreed to let me photograph him. Fred, a Civil Engineer, lives in Newport Beach. He and his wife have one son who attends M.I.T. Fred said that he attends a few USC football games a year. He also goes to U.C.I. basketball games when USC plays the Anteaters. Finally, Fred told me that he likes to drink wine and play golf. FIGHT ON, Fred!

Fred Cornwell, John Robinson, Brad Budde, and Beverly RobinsonMy last picture of the evening is of Coach John Robinson and his wife Beverly with Fred Cornwell and Brad Budde.

What an exhilarating evening!