October 2015 (3) Candygrams

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Friday, October 16, 2015---Navy Pier Pep Rally

Navy Pier
Jim and I arrived early at the Nary Pier for the Spirit of Troy Pep Rally. It was a long walk to the end of the pier. Although it was sunny, the air was crisp. A perfect day in Chicago.
Lois and Mike Valerio and Bonnie and Phil Suffridge
At the end of the pier, Trojan Candy saw some familiar faces. Lois and Mike Valerio introduced me to two new friends. Bonnie and Phil Suffridge are members of the Trojan Marching Band Parent Association. Phil is its Chairman.
Michelle, Andy, and Rose Marie Dobrzynski
Good friend Andy Dobrzynski, his wife Rose Marie and daughter Michelle posed for this picture. We see Andy and his family everywhere.
Fred Yapelli
Trojan Candy received "insider" information from USC Alumni Club of Chicago new friend Fred Yapelli. Fred told me which route the Spirit of Troy was going to take as they marched to the end of the pier.
Spirit of Troy
I was able to station myself for this video of the Spirit of Troy procession.
Rebecca Galindoi
I managed to follow the band and make my way to the front of the fans. It pays to be short and to sit down so that I didn't block anyone's vision.

Right away, I saw Pep Squad friend Rebecca Galindo (10/2/2014). Rebecca is a TGLA Scholar that I met two years ago.

Chase Wagoner
The pep rally was exhilarating, as usual. Drum Major Chase Wagoner directed the band.
Art Bartner
Dr. Art Bartner was his usual energetic self.

Spirit of Troy
The USC Song Girls danced beautifully.
The drums were spirited.
The trombones were also spirited.

Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy plays "Conquest" in this video.
Alexis Albarado, Spencer and Shelby Neff and Eva and V.J. Abate
After the Pep Rally ended and, as Jim and I were leaving, Trojan Candy heard someone say, "There's Candy." Turning around, I saw USC punter Kris Albarado's family from Louisiana. They were his mom Alexis, his uncle and aunt Spencer and Shelby Neff and his grandparents Eva and V.J. Abate.
Yoko and Derick Tagawa
We saw some more friends on our way back to the bus station. There were fellow Associates Yoko and Derick Tagawa.
Judy, Howard, and Stephanie Hada and Corky Lee
Near the bus stop we saw Cerritos friends Judy and Howard Hada, their daughter USC alumna Stephanie, and Delta Phi Kappa USC Sorority Sister Corky Lee.

Now, it was on to South Bend, Indiana.