October 2015 (2) Candygrams

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Thursday, October 15, 2015---Soldier Field, The Field Museum and Willis Tower

Our second day of sightseeing in Chicago took Jim and Trojan Candy to the Field Museum. As our bus approached the museum, I saw a familiar stadium. It was Soldier Field. I have seen numerous games on television that were played at Soldier Field.

Soldier Field
It was a long trek down to the stadium from the bus stop, but it was worth it.
Banners flew throughout the park.
Soldier Field
This is a side view of Soldier Field.
Field Museum
Now, it was time to tour the Field Museum.
Jazz sculptures
These black sculptures were created by Herb Alpert of the Tijuana Brass. He was a member of the USC Spirit of Troy.
Herb Alpert sculptures
Herb Alpert sculptures.
Jade axe
We were able to see three special exhibits. In the China exhibit there was a prehistoric axe made of jade.
Jade axe
Jade axe
Blinded hero
A blinded hero gets new eyes.
In the Prehistoric exhibit was an elephant with no trunk.
It's called a "Moeritherium."
Then, in the lobby we saw the highlight of the Field Museum. It was Sue!
Sue is the "World's Largest, Most Complete and Best Preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex" ever found. Amazing!
In the Ancient Egypt exhibit was a series of scenes describing the mummification process.
Weighing of heart
The heart is weighed against the Feather of Truth. If it was heavy with wrongdoings, the heart would be devoured by the Ammit aka "The gobbler."
Willis Tower
After leaving the Field Museum, we rode the bus to the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). It is the tallest skyscraper in Chicago. This picture is from ground level.
103rd floor
After visiting Chicago exhibits on the ground floor and watching a short video, we rode the elevator to the Skydeck. It has a glass balcony which hangs over the side of the building.
Downtown Chicago
Looking north of Chicago.
Looking southeast, the Field Museum is above the center.
What an amazing panoramic view of Chicago at sunset!

Good evening!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015---Chicago's Architectural River Cruise

My husband Jim and I arrived in Chicago a few days early so that we could do some sightseeing. We took an architectural river cruise of downtown Chicago first.

Jim Yee and Lisa Freeman
We sat by a fellow Californian. Lisa Freeman, who is a wood piece artist, owns The Cottage Gallery in San Juan Capistrano. Her husband came to Chicago on business, and she tagged along.
Lake Point Tower
The tour boat made its way on the downtown river among the tall skyscrapers. Here is Lake Point Tower Condominium.
Nicholas Melas Centennial fountain
Nicholas Melas Centennial fountain shoots a water arc across the river every hour on the hour.
Trump Tower
Trump International Hotel and Tower
Marina City
Marina City Apartment building
Multi-level individual homes at 359-365 N. Canal St.
Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge
The Chicago Sun Times was the last customer east of the Kinzie Street railroad bridge. Since the Times moved, the single leaf bascule bridge is permanently raised.
Statue of Cirrus
Statue of Cirrus atop One River Place Condominiums, formerly Montgomery Ward headquarters
333 West Wacker Drive
Reflection of skyline on 333 West Wacker Drive office building. This was Ferris Bueller's father's office building.
Wrigley Building
The Wrigley Building was the Daily Planet Building in Batman v Superman.
Navy Pier
Navy Pier
Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline. The tour was simply beautiful!
Navy Pier
Jim and I ended our evening at the Navy Pier.
We had dinner at Giordano's.
Chicago pizza
Here was the world famous Chicago pizza. Yes, it was delicious!