Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2019 (6) Candygrams

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Thursday, November 22, 2019---Scholarship Training & Scholarship Lunch

Trojan Candy arrived at Town and Gown around 11:00am to help set up for the Scholarship Training and Scholarship lunch. But the TGLA Ways and Means ladies were already set up.

So, I checked for our TGLA and Half-Century Trojan scholarship recipient's names at the check-in table. Now, I was ready to take pictures.

Here is the table filled with items that we were going to sell. Unbelievable!
Our five hard-working TGLA Ways and Means members posed behind our table. Jean Getchell, Barbara Hance, Kate Farlow, Nikki Dana and Cheryl Schwartz smiled for me.
There were other booths selling products today. Trojan Candy took this picture of friends Jerry Ensom and Cynthia Wiese who were set up to sell Spirit of Troy items.
TGLA's Christine Ofiesh, who is also the current President of the USC Trojan League of Los Angeles, posed by her table. She was wearing the beautiful necklace that she was selling.
Then, Christine joined other TGLA members Nikki Dana, President Sandy Johnston and Patti Madden.
Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face. Karen Bowman took the train up from San Diego to attend the Town and Gown Scholarship lunch. Karen introduced me to Renny Hauswald and Cindy Lucas of the Trojan League of San Diego.
Standing near the three ladies from San Diego were TGLA members Carol Wright and Ann Palmer.
Just then, Trojan Candy saw one of our TGLA Scholars. I had Ariel Rezazadeh and her family step out of the tent so that I could take their picture. From left to right are her dad Arian, mom Mehdi, Ariel and a friend.
After I walked back into the tent, I saw another TGLA Scholar. Jessie Tien, who is also a Town and Gown Scholar, had a fellow Town and Gown Scholar John Lee, who is also majoring in Occupational Therapy, pose with her.
Then, Trojan Candy had Jessie and Ariel pose together for this picture.
Now, I was still looking around for more TGLA members, TGLA Scholars and HCT Scholars. I found a TGLA and an HCT member talking to one another. Barbara Hance and Janae Stewart both smiled for this picture.
As I turned around I saw three familiar faces. Town and Gown Scholar Brooke Furniss posed with her mom Sharon and dad Bruce Furniss (2/21/2014).
Nearby were three ladies, TGLA's D'Arcy Dietrich McLeod and Ann Palmer and Town and Gown member Valerie Weiss.
D'Arcy walked over to visit with HCT's Sara Jane Bettget and Melody Nishida.
Trojan Candy found one HCT Scholar. Emily Vaughn posed with Town and Gown's Sara Pfirrmann and with her mom Nancy Vaughn.
Then Emily Vaughn walked over to pose with Sara Jane Bettget.
Trojan Candy walked into the Town and Gown dining room and found one more TGLA Scholar. Celeste Goodwin smiled for me.
Also seated inside was good friend Richard Flores. He posed with his niece, a Town and Gown Scholar, Alexandra Stella and her mom Rebecca Flores.
My last picture of the event was of Patti Madden with TGLA Scholar Jessie Tien.

What a busy reception!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019---USC Provost Celebration

Trojan Candy just stayed in Town and Gown for the second event today. The first event was the Half-Century Trojans Hall of Fame Celebration. This event was the USC Provost Celebration.

7348Before the Provost Celebration began, I took pictures on the patio of two TGLA members. Carol Fox and fellow Associate Marilou Hamill smiled for me first.

7349Then, my good friend Richard Flores and my sister Patti Poon smiled for my second picture.

Now, it was time for the Celebration to begin inside Town and Gown.

President Carol Folt began the Celebration with the Procession of USC Deans. What an impressive lineup!

Then, President Folt introduced our new USC Provost Charles Zukoski.

After the program ended Trojan Candy looked for more TGLA members. Jim and Janet Eddy posed with Carol Folt.
This is a picture of me with Dr. Folt's Chief of Staff Rene Pak.
Our TGLA President Sandy Johnston and Town and Gown member Valerie Weiss wanted a picture with Provost Zukoski.

7360My last picture was of Dudley and Patti Poon, Provost Zukoski and yours truly.

What a memorable occasion!