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Saturday, March 9, 2019---TGLA at USC Day of SCervice

The USC Day of SCervice began early in the morning for TGLA volunteers at Keck Hospital. Several ladies helped to pack oranges for distribution at the Keck Food Rescue. Thanks to Barbara Hance for sending me these pictures! Note: these four pictures will not produce photo quality 2" by 3" prints.

Barbara Hance and Rex Johnston
Barbara Hance and Rex Johnston were busy gathering the oranges.
Christine Ofiesh and Barbara Hance
Christine Ofiesh and Barbara Hance worked together.
Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz
Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz sorted together.
Sandy Johnston and Christine Ofiesh
Sandy Johnston and Christine Ofiesh worked together.

Also at the Keck Hospital, the Half Century Trojans made birthday boxes for hospitalized patients.

TGLA members Patti and Dudley Poon arrived at 8:00 am to help set up. Trojan Candy came to help make the boxes and, of course, to take pictures.

Jim Childs
Former Half Century Trojan President Jim Childs showed me one of the birthday boxes.

Trojan Candy and a few other TGLA members drove from the USC Medical Center to the main campus for the USC Day of SCervice at Town and Gown. I arrived in time to take pictures of TGLA members who were making the beautiful bead necklaces for Keck cancer patients. Trojan Candy walked around the room looking for fellow TGLA members.

Julie Pircher and Carol Thueson
At the "bead" tables, Julie PIrcher and her mom Carol Thueson helped to pass out the beads.
Barbara Hance
Barbara Hance also volunteered at the "bead" tables.

The rest of our TGLA members at the circular tables were busy stringing the beads to make necklaces.

Carol and Chris Fox
I found Carol and Chris Fox making necklaces. Chris always blinks when he hears my shutter.
D'Arcy McLeod and Christine Ofiesh
D'Arcy McLeod and Christine Ofiesh showed off the necklaces that D'Arcy made.
Anna Liberovsky, Kyent Chin and Patti Madden
I walked to another table and found new members Anna Liberovsky and Patti Madden hard at work with Kyent Chin.
Sandy Johnston, Cheryl Schwartz, Julie Pircher and Carol Thueson
Sandy Johnston and Cheryl Schwartz joined Julie Pircher and Carol Thueson for this picture.
TGLA volunteers
Trojan Candy gathered all of the TGLA volunteers at the Town and Gown stairs for this group picture.

In the front row were Carol Fox, Carol Thueson, Patti Poon, and Anna Liberovsky. In the middle row were Julie Pircher, D'Arcy McLeod, Christine Ofiesh, and Sandy Johnston. In the back row were Barbara Hance, Patti Madden, and Cheryl Schwartz.

Thanks to all of you ladies on a job well done on USC Day of SCervice!

Thursday, February 7, 2019---TGLA Meeting at the Davidson Center

Trojan Candy was out of town and missed the February TGLA meeting at the Davidson Conference Center. TGLA Vice-President Membership Ann Palmer volunteered to take pictures for me. Thank you, Ann for your pictures and descriptions.

Andrea Maxie and Sandi Hampar
The first picture is of our newest member, Andrea Maxie. Ann's co-Vice-President Sandi Hamper introduced Andrea. Ann would normally be in the picture with Sandi. Fight On, Andrea!
Carol Thueson, Lorna Reed and Janet Eddy
Sitting in the audience were past TGLA Presidents Carol Thueson, Lorna Reed and Janet Eddy.
Barbara Hance
Vice-President Ways and Means Barbara Hance was next to the podium. Barbara described the new TGLA products that are for sell.
Terri Boyle
Barbara was followed by her co-Vice-President Terri Boyle.
Judy Lieb
Terri was followed by Treasurer Judy Lieb, who modeled more beautiful products.
Mary Hall
Next to the podium was TGLA President Mary Hall. Mary worked diligently to make a photo book of Past TGLA Presidents, and she gave every lady her gift later.

Three members came to the podium to give recollections about our former presidents.

Mo Bassity
Mo Bassity read memories of TGLA Founder Janet Eddy.
Janet Eddy
Next, Janet Eddy gave her remarks.
Nikki Dana
Lastly, Nikki Dana reminisced about first TGLA President Peggy Pryor Perry in 1960-1961.

Former TGLA PresidentsAnn took a picture of all of our former TGLA Presidents who were present. Sitting were Rosalee Perchersky, Nancy Reed, Mary Indenbaum, Carol Thueson, and Mary Anne Cogbill. Standing were Christine Ofiesh, Jean Getchell, Nikki Dana, Carol Fox, Patricia Dowling, Marilyn Kezirian, Lorna Reed, Kate Farlow, Janet Eddy, and Mo Bassity.

Here are every member who wore the new TGLA Heart Scarf that was designed by Jean Getchell. The scarves are selling very well!
Janet Eddy
Next on the agenda was our guest talk on "The Culture of Our War Veterans."
Carl Castro
Dr. Carl Castro was the guest speaker.
Positive facts
This slide is about "Some Basic (Positive) Facts" about Veterans.
Supporting Veterans
This slide shows "Building Capacity to Support Veterans."
This is his contact information.

Sara Marie Kintzle, Sandy Johnston, Carl Castro, Rosalee Perchersky, Mary Hall, and Mo BassityAnn took this last picture of Dr. Castro with some of our TGLA members. Dr. Sara Marie Kintzle, Sandy Johnston, Dr. Carl Castro, Rosalee Perchersky, President Mary Hall, and Mo Bassity.

Thank you, again, Ann for all of your effort!Ann Palmer

Friday, January 11, 2019---TGLA locker in Band Pavilion

Dr. Arthur C. Bartner Band Pavilion.
Elizabeth O'Connell, Barbara Hance, Sharon Wood, Sandy Johnston, Cheryl Schwartz, and Judy Lieb
TGLA Board Members Elizabeth O'Connell, Barbara Hance, Sharon Wood, Sandy Johnston, Cheryl Schwartz, and Judy Lieb pose in front of our newly donated Full size locker. Thanks to Elliott Schwartz for his picture.
Full size locker
A Full size locker.