F Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2017 (4) Candygrams

Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2017 (4) Candygrams

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Sunday, August 27, 2017---Trojan Guild of Los Angeles Takes Over the Scholarship Celebration

At the Town and Gown Scholarship Celebration, TGLA members, who are also Town and Gown (T&G) members, volunteered at the Registration Tables, met Town and Gown Scholars, and led in the Spirit of Troy.

Lois Booth, Patti Poon, Cheryl Schwartz, Barbara Kelly, Judy Lieb, Barbara Hance, Jane Bensussen, ?, and Hilary Crahan
The ladies at one of the Town and Gown registration tables posed for me. Sitting: Lois Booth, Patti Poon, Cheryl Schwartz, and T&G member Barbara Kelly. Standing: Judy Lieb, Barbara Hance, Jane Bensussen, T&G ?, and T&G Hilary Crahan.
Valerie Weiss, Ann Palmer, and D'Arcy McLeod
T&G Valerie Weiss, Ann Palmer, and D'Arcy McLeod were standing near the registration table.
Hilary Crahan and Carol Thueson
Trojan Candy saw Hilary Crahan and Carol Thueson talking.
Sandy Johnston, Sterling Franklin, and Jane Bensussen
Standing nearby were Sandy Johnston, Sterling Franklin, and Jane Bensussen.
Chris and Carol Fox
Chris and his mom Carol Fox smiled for yours truly.
Giuliana Petrocelli, Sandy Johnston, Arianna Wood, and Jane Bensussen
Two Town and Gown Scholars visited with Sandy Johnston and Jane Bensussen. They are Giuliana Petrocelli and Arianna Wood.
Christine Ofiesh, Arianna Wood, and Carol Mollett
Sharon Wood's daughter Arianna posed with her Town and Gown Scholarship Benefactors Christine Ofiesh and T&G Carol Mollett.
Judith Harris and Valerie Weiss
New TGLA member Judith Harris and T&G Valerie Weiss smiled for me.
Sandy Johnston, Elyssia Widjaja, and Lois Booth
Trojan Candy waited patiently at the registration table for one of our TGLA Scholars to check in. Elyssia Widjaja, who is also a Town and Gown Scholar, posed with our Vice-Presidents Scholarships Sandy Johnston and Lois Booth.
Spirit of Troy
Then, everyone on the patio heard them coming. Our own Christine Ofiesh arranged and made a contribution for the Spirit of Troy to entertain us.
TGLA volunteers with Traveler
The event was about to start. Luckily, I was able to take this picture of our TGLA volunteers with Traveler.


Thursday, May 4, 2017---Last TGLA General Meeting for 2016-2017

As usual, when Trojan Candy arrived at USC's Davidson Center for the last TGLA meeting for 2016-2017, all the ladies were busy setting up, selling items, and visiting with other TGLA members. I started taking pictures as fast as I could.

Kat Kremp, Elizabeth O'Connell, and Sandy Johnston
I looked for guests and new members and their sponsors first. Trojan Candy found a new member. Elizabeth O'Connell posed with her sponsors Kat Kremp and Sandy Johnston.
Suzanne Stillman, Kat Kremp, and Elizabeth O'Connell
At the beginning of the meeting, Vice-President Membership Kat Kremp introduced our two newest members, Suzanne Stillman and Elizabeth O'Connell.
Trojan Candy took pictures of the gifts on the front table. Just curious!
More gifts
Thanks, Nikki! Thanks, Jean!
Nikki Dana and Jean Getchell
Then there was the Presidential transition from Nikki to Jean.

The pictures of the outgoing 2016-2017 Board were not satisfactory. There was not enough light, and every one was spread out too much.

New Board
I took two pictures of the incoming 2017-2018 Board.
New Board
Mo Bassity swore us in. Congratulations, ladies!
Past Presidents
Nikki Dana honored all of our past TGLA Presidents. She gave them beautiful flowers.

Thom MasonNow it was time for our speaker. Vice-President Programs Sharon Schmidt introduced Dr. Thom Mason. He founded the Jazz Studies Program at USC in the Thornton School of Music in 1983. Dr. Mason is the Executive Director of the Jazz Arts Foundation. He has been named the "Jazz Educator of the Year" by the Los Angeles Jazz Society. Currently, Dr. Mason works actively in recording studios in Los Angeles. What an honor to hear him speak!

Sing a Song of Ella
Dr. Mason presented his "Ella Fitzgerald" program, "Sing a Song of Ella."
Ella Fitzgerald
Here's Ella singing, dancing, and featured in Chick Webb's Band. She wanted to be a dancer at first.
Ella postage stamp
Ella is shown on a U.S. postage stamp.
Thom Mason
At the end of his presentation, Dr. Mason serenaded us.
Sharon Schmidt and Thom Mason
Then, on behalf of TGLA, Sharon Schmidt gave Dr. Mason a "thank you" gift.
Mary Hall, Nikki Dana, Thom Mason, and Sharon Schmidt
Mary Hall, Nikki Dana and Sharon Schmidt posed with Dr. Mason.
New Board
Trojan Candy finally assembled our 2017-2018 TGLA Board of Directors outside on the Davidson Center steps.
Patricia Dowling and Cynthia Simmons
Back inside, I took pictures of TGLA members who invited guests. Patricia Dowling invited Cynthia Simmons.
Bonnie Wolf, Jean Getchell, Norma Caatrell, and Connie Gray
Jean Getchell invited Bonnie Wolf, Norma Cantrell, and Connie Gray.
Barbara Hance and Leida Neidecker
Barbara Hance invited Leida Neidecker, who is also a Town and Gown member.
Sandy Johnston and Betty Gross
Sandy Johnston invited her friend Betty Gross, who is the mother of former USC Assistant Athletic Director Darryl Gross.
Sandy Johnston, Suzanne Stillmann, and Jane Bensussen
My final picture of the day was of new TGLA member Suzanne Stillmann with her two sponsors, Sandy Johnston and Jane Bensussen.