Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2016 (5) Candygrams

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Saturday, November 26, 2016---USC-Notre Dame Halftime

Arthur Bartner and Christine OfieshArthur Bartner and Christine Ofiesh on Vision BoardCynthia Wiese, Trojan Marching Band Executive Assistant, took these pictures of TGLA member Christine Ofiesh. Christine sponsored the Notre Dame half-time show, which is part of the on-going legacy celebration in honor of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner's 50th Legacy.

What a generous gift from Christine!

Thursday, November 17, 2016---ACC Scholarship Luncheon

TGLA member Sandy Johnston sent me these pictures from Lois Booth's camera and Nikki Dana's smartphone. They were taken at the Alumnae Coordinating Council Scholarship Luncheon.

Brother, Alexandra Aftalion, Nikki Dana, and Father
Scholar Alexandra Aftalion with brother and father with President Nikki Dana. FIGHT ON, Alexandra!
Grace and Ryan Lee and Jean Getchell
Scholar Ryan Lee with Mother Grace and President-Elect Jean Getchell. FIGHT ON, Ryan!
Jane Kim and Jean Getchell
Scholar Jane Kim and Jean Getchell. FIGHT ON, Jane!
Mom, Steve, and Stephen Magro, Sandy Johnston, and Lois Booth
Scholar "Vinnie" Stephen Magro with Grandmother, Father Steve, and Mother and Scholarship VP Sandy Johnston. FIGHT ON, Stephen!
Lois Booth, Jean Getchell, Amanda Tran, Nikki Dana, and Sandy Johnston
Our soon to be Med Student and Scholar Amanda Tran with Lois Booth, Jean Getchell, Nikki Dana, and Sandy Johnston. FIGHT ON, Amanda!

Congratulations to our Scholars who could not attend. They are Tiffany Yue, Wilson Lin, and Sean Lee. FIGHT ON!

Sunday, November 13, 2016---TGLA Members at "An Affaire to Remember"

Jane Bensussen, Barbara Hance, Christine Ofiesh, Sharon Wood, Sandy Johnston, D'Arcy McLeod and Kathy LingleJane Bensussen sent me this picture of TGLA members who attended the San Pedro Peninsula Cancer Guild's "An Affaire to Remember" at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach. The ladies are from left to right: Jane Bensussen, Barbara Hance, Christine Ofiesh, Sharon Wood, Sandy Johnston, D'Arcy McLeod and Kathy Lingle.

TGLA members are not only hard working, but charitable as well.

Thursday, October 6, 2016---First Fall Meeting of Trojan Guild of Los Angeles

Trojan Candy arrived a half hour before the start of the first fall meeting of TGLA. Many ladies had already arrived. The tables were set up beautifully.

I immediately looked for TGLA members who had invited guests.

Cheryl Schwartz and Vickie Walker
Cheryl Schwartz invited Vickie Walker.
Sherry DeFriese and Sandy Johnston
Sandy Johnston and her guest Sherry DeFriese smiled for me.
Nikki Dana and Patti Johnson
President Nikki Dana invited three guests. She posed with guest Patti Johnson.
Nikki Dana, Rita Dana, and Dorothy Conte
Later, guests Rita Dana and Dorothy Conte smiled with Nikki in this picture.
Nikki Dana, Sharon Wood, and Kat Kremp
During the meeting, Nikki and Membership Vice President Kat Kremp presented flowers to two new members. Sharon Wood and ...
Nikki Dana, Sheila Derrig, and Kat Kremp
Sheila Derrig.

Now it was time for our guest speaker Dr. Kenneth Hill to present a history about the Arboretum. He said that Stone Age people lived in the Arboretum area until 1750. The Spanish came in 1761 and the San Gabriel Mission was built in 1771. There were four prominent owners from 1832 until 1955. They were Hugo Grant, whose adobe home still exists in the Arboretum; William Wolfskill, who started the orange groves; Elias Jackson Baldwin, who built the Queen Anne's Cottage; and Harry Chandler, who built the veranda on the Queen Anne's Cottage and rented the Arboretum out to movie studios. Mary Hall, Sharon Schmidt, Kenneth Hill, and Nikki DanaIn 1955 Los Angeles County and the State of California opened up the Arboretum to the public with free admission. Today, the Arboretum is run by twenty-five County employees and twenty-two Foundation employees.

Trojan Candy took this picture of Programs Vice-Presidents Mary Hall and Sharon Schmidt, Dr. Hill and President Nikki Dana.

After the meeting concluded, a delicious lunch was served. During lunch, Trojan Candy took pictures on the patio.

Barbara Hance, Christin Moses, Kenneth Hill, Christine Ofiesh and Missie McClureTGLA members and Pacific Palisades residents Barbara Hance, Christin Moses, Christine Ofiesh and Missie McClure posed with Dr. Kenneth Hill. This picture was printed in the November 2, 2016, edition of the Palisades News. Palisades News article Click on the thumbnail to read the article that was published. Thanks to Patricia Dowling for submitting the picture and story.

Most of the TGLA members went inside for lunch, as our TGLA scholars were just arriving.

First, I took two pictures of our scholars with their TGLA donors.

Christine Ofiesh, Jane Kim, and Jean Getchell
Christine Ofiesh, Jane Kim, and Jean Getchell
Christine Ofiesh, Stephen Magro, and Sandy Johnston
Christine Ofiesh, Stephen Magro, and Sandy Johnston

Lois Booth, Wilson Lin, Stephen Magro, Sandy Johnston Nikki Dana, Jane Kim, Amanda Tran, Tiffany Yue and Christine OfieshHere are our Vice-Presidents Scholarship, Donors and five TGLA Senior Scholars. Lois Booth, Wilson Lin, Stephen Magro, Sandy Johnston Nikki Dana, Jane Kim, Amanda Tran, Tiffany Yue and Christine Ofiesh.

As each scholar arrived I took his/her picture and interviewed him/her on the patio. Two more scholars were scheduled to arrive later.

Meet seven of our eight Senior TGLA scholars.

Jane Kim
Jane Kim actually knew TGLA member Jean Getchell when she attended Arnold Elementary School in Torrance, where Jean was a teacher. But Jane was never in Jean's class. Jane majored in Biology and Sociology. She has spent time abroad. FIGHT ON, Jane!
Amanda Tran
Amanda Tran majored in Biology and Health Administration. Oil painting is one of her hobbies. Amanda told me that she recently returned from Boston where she visited a medical school. FIGHT ON, Amanda!
Tiffany Yue
A Los Angeles native, Senior Tiffany Yue had three majors: Accounting, Business Administration, and Health Policy. She may become a nurse. Her hobbies are cooking and gardening. FIGHT ON, Tiffany!
Wilson Lin
Wilson Lin majored in Industrial Engineering and is enrolled in the I.S.E. Program. He takes photos of food and posts them on a blog. Wilson is a Trojan after my own heart. His blog is "Eat, Travel, Eat!" FIGHT ON, Wilson!
Stephen Magro
The next Senior majored in Computer Engineering and worked at Facebook in Dublin. His dad is a Trojan, but Stephen Magro decided to attend USC because he was attracted by the Spirit of Troy. Stephen's hobby is "coding." FIGHT ON, Stephen!
Alexandra Aftalion
Alexandra Aftalion, who is a Los Angeles resident, majored in Communication. She is the first Trojan in her family. Alexandra wants to be an Occupational Therapist. FIGHT ON, Alexandra!

Ryan LeeRyan Lee was the last scholar to arrive. Ryan, like Alexandra, grew up in Los Angeles. Both of his parents are Bruins! But Ryan told me that, "USC is the place to be." He majored in Human Biology and wants to attend medical school. Ryan loves to play basketball and is currently working with the team. FIGHT ON, Ryan!

Our eighth TGLA Scholar is Sean Lee. Sean did not attend our meeting today because he was out of town visiting medical schools. FIGHT ON, Sean!