Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2014 (4) Candygrams

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Thursday, October 2, 2014---The TGLA First Meeting

Trojan Candy arrived early at the first TGLA meeting of the year to take pictures of all of the beautiful jewelry items that will soon be on sale on the internet for TGLA fund raising.

Check out these pictures of a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings that will soon be on sale.

Kate Farlow and Patti Poon
Kate Farlow showed our members some of the jewelry.
New TGLA items
There was also a display of other new TGLA items for sale.
Patrice Christman and Nikki Dana
Two members invited guests to our meeting. Nikki Dana invited friend Patrice Christman.
Janet Eddy and Katharine Kremp
Janet Eddy invited friend Katharine Kremp. Welcome ladies!
Mary Indenbaum, Dave Roberts, and Carol Fox
The speaker for our first meeting was USC Vice-President, Athletic Compliance Dave M. Roberts. Our President Mary Indenbaum and Vice-President Programs Carol Fox met and posed with Mr. Roberts.
Presentation title
Mr. Roberts talked about ahtletic compliance at USC.

Repeat Violator RuleMr. Roberts' presentation was precise and very informative. He told us how we, as USC alumnae, can help the Athletic Department. Foremost, let the recruiting be done by the coaches. Then, "Be a leader as life long Trojans" and do nothing to violate the NCAA 5th year "Repeat Violator Rule." (5536) Proudly, Mr. Roberts explained that USC is on the "Cutting Edge" in NCAA issues. We have extended our football and basketball scholarships to completion of an undergraduate degree to six years. Lastly, Mr. Roberts was asked, "Where will the NCAA be in three to five years?" His answer was that there will be a breakdown of the NCAA. There will be "autonomy" for the five Power Conferences...Pac-12, SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Big 12.

It's about time that the "dinosaur" NCAA met extinction!

Mr. Roberts stayed for lunch and individually answered any questions that our members posed to him. Thank you, Mr. Roberts and FIGHT ON!

During lunch, Membership Vice-President Jean Getchell was busy greeting our TGLA Scholarship recipients as they arrived. Trojan Candy was busy too, interviewing and taking pictures of them. What a pleasure it was to meet such outstanding USC students!

Jocelyn Yip, Antonia Gutierrez, Andrew Molina, and Rebecca GalindoJean introduced our scholarship recipients. This year all of them are Seniors.

Jocelyn Yip is a Biomedical major with a minor in Art History. She wants to eventually earn a Ph.D in Math and develop medical devices.

Antonia Gutierrez, who is from Palm Desert, is majoring in Communications and aspires to be a Studio Executive. Antonia participates in ballroom dancing.

Andrew Molina is from the Los Angeles area and is majoring in International Relations. He intends to attend law school after graduation.

Rebecca Galindo, who is from Rancho Cucamonga, sat at Trojan Candy's table. She is majoring in Business. Rebecca is a member of the USC Spirit Squad and works as an Athletic Tutor. Her father is a USC alumnus. Another Trojan Family!

FIGHT ON, Jocelyn! FIGHT ON, Antonia! FIGHT ON, Andrew! FIGHT ON Rebecca!

Gillian Miller, Kathleen Siswando, John Ingram, Lauren Stoneburner, and Danielle LeeFive more Senior TGLA scholarship recipients were introduced by Jean.

Gillian Miller is from Westlake Village and is majoring in International Relations. She aspires to be a Fulbright Scholar and to teach high school in France.

Kathleen Siswanto, who also sat at Trojan Candy's table, is majoring in Business and Biology. She has interned at Monterey Park Banking Investment and at City Group in San Francisco.

From Andover, Massachusetts, John Ingram wants to join Teach America in New York City after his graduation. A Trojan Knight, John is majoring in Sociology and volunteers in Troy Camp.

Lauren Stoneburner is majoring in Environmental Studies and Human Evolutionary Biology. She is currently the President of Wushu Nation which is a martial arts organization on campus. Lauren volunteers in bird rescue efforts.

Danielle Lee, like Gillian and Andrew, is majoring in International Relations. She is the President of Women's Ultimate Frisbee and a member of Hellions of Troy. From Palos Verdes, Danielle aspires to be a Fulbright Scholar after graduation and has a big family. Danielle's dad, like Rebecca's dad, is a USC alumnus. Another Trojan Family!

FIGHT ON, Gillian! FIGHT ON, Kathleen! FIGHT ON, John! FIGHT ON Lauren! FIGHT ON, Danielle!

Kathleen Siswando, Jean Getchell, and Gillian MillerMembership Vice President Jean Getchell posed with two scholarship recipients Kathleen Siswando and Gillian Miller.

After lunch, our first meeting was over. Several TGLA members lingered to visit with friends.

What an educational, socializing meeting!

Trojan Candy will write next about our December 11, 2014 general meeting at the USC Pacific Asia Museum.

FIGHT ON, until then!

August 28, 2014---USC Volunteer Recognition Dinner

What an honor it was to be invited to the USC Volunteer Recognition Dinner!

Trojan Candy, Karen Bowman, and Patti PoonAs my sister Patti and I were walking in to the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, where the dinner was to be held, we saw good friend Karen Bowman coming out of the same door. Naturally, I asked her to join us in a picture. Karen, a Director of Development in the Trojan Athletic Fund, nominated my sister Pat Poon for the "Volunteer Friend of the Year" award. Yours truly was nominated for the same award by the TGLA Board of Directors.

Pat Poon and Richard FloresMy husband Jim, Pat, Dudley and I walked downstairs to the reception. It was very crowded and hard to walk around. Trojan Candy did see a good friend and USC Board of Governor's member, Richard Flores. Pat, Richard and I spoke for awhile. Our conversation was cut short because we heard the chimes signaling us to go to the Ballroom.

Rex Johnston, Mary Indenbaum, Sandy Johnston and Pat PoonThe Ballroom was filled with members of various USC organizations that nominated all of the award winners. The award recipients were seated throughout the ballroom.

Pat, Dudley, Jim and I were lucky to sit with fellow TGLA friends. Before I sat down, I took a picture of three TGLA friends---Rex Johnston, TGLA President Mary Indenbaum, Sandy Johnston and Pat Poon.

Jim and Janet Eddy
At another nearby table were Jim and TGLA member Janet Eddy.
Joe and Mary Indenbaum
As soon as everyone was seated at our table, Trojan Candy took their pictures. Here are Joe and Mary Indenbaum.
Kate Farlow and Patricia Dowling
Kate Farlow and Patricia Dowling.
Gary and Rosalee Pechersky
Gary and Rosalee Pechersky.
Patti and Dudley Poon
Patti and Dudley Poon.
Jim Yee and Trojan Candy
Jim Yee and Trojan Candy. What a lovely looking table of good friends!

Patrick Auerbach, the Associate Senior Vice-President for Alumni Relations, opened the program. Amy Ross, the President of the USC Alumni Association Board of Govenors, helped to present the Volunteer Organization of the Year Award, one half of the Widney Alumni House Awards and the Volunteer Friend of the Year Award. Then dinner was served.

Patrick Auerbach, Trojan Candy, and Amy RossPatrick Auerbach, Pat Poon, and Amy RossAfter dinner, Pat and I were summoned to the backstage to line up for our awards. We met a few other Widney Alumni House Award winners. Everyone was excited. Trojan Candy was a little scared to walk on the large stage...but I did it. The program ended with the presentation of the President's Awards. Each of these six awardees made a short acceptance speech. Congratulations and FIGHT ON to all my fellow award winners!

Our tableThe USC photographer came to take this picture of our entire table. Michael Donovan (far right) and friends

Then, Trojan Candy sprang into action. I took a picture of friend Michael Donovan with his friends who sat next to our table. Trojan Candy had met Michael in New York City at the Twin Tower's Memorial two years ago. We had both come for the USC-Syracuse football game. FIGHT ON, Michael!

When I heard the Spirit of Troy march into the Ballroom and up on to the stage, Trojan Candy rushed to the stage area, looking for fellow TGLA friends along the way.

Carol Thueson, Carol Fox and Christine Ofiesh
Carol Thueson, Carol Fox and Christine Ofiesh smiled for this picture.
Jane and Gale Bensussen
Jane and husband Gale Bensussen happily posed for this picture.

Stacy Mungo and John KeislerAs I was walking back to my table, I stopped to take this picture of fellow USC alumna Stacy Mungo. Stacy earned her Master's in Public Administration at USC in 2005. She was introduced earlier in the program as a dignitary. Stacy is the current District 5 Long Beach City Councilwoman. Pictured with Stacy is her USC classmate John Keisler, who is the C.F.O of the Long Beach Police Department. Nice to meet another Trojan, John! FIGHT ON, Stacy! FIGHT ON, John!

Christin's tableStanding by the door, I was hoping to see more TGLA friends. No one else walked by, but Christin Moses sent me this picture of her entire table.

Pat Poon, Patrick Auerbach, and Trojan CandyBefore we left, the official USC photographer used my camera to take this picture of my sister Pat and yours truly with friend Patrick Auerbach. We have both known Patrick since he worked with the USC Women of Troy basketball team. FIGHT ON, Patrick!

Von KleinSmid CenterThank you to my fellow TGLA members for nominating me for this prestigious Widney Alumni House Award and for the congratulatory page in the program! FIGHT ON, TGLA!

Thank you to Christine Ofiesh for her congratulatory page to Pat and me in the program! FIGHT ON, Christine!

What a memorable evening! What a beautiful view of my beloved USC campus!