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Thursday, December 15, 2022--USC TGLA Meeting at Altadena Town and Country Club

6360Trojan Candy arrived at the Altadena Town and Country Club as soon as I could for the USC TGLA Holiday meeting. I was a little late, because I teach a Tai Chi class on Thursday mornings. Once inside, I started taking pictures as soon as I could.

6280Here is my picture of the two TGLA ladies who checked us all in. They were joined by three friends. From left to right standing are Sandy Johnston, Oksana Giebeler and Julie Pircher. Check-in ladies who are seated are Ann Proctor and Mary Hall.

6282Next, I started taking pictures as quickly as I could.

Four TGLA members who were sorority sisters as undergrads posed for me. They were Jean Getchell, Sharon Schmidt, Nancy Sommers and Cathy Anderson.

Sitting nearby was new TGLA member Kathie Austin.
Two more new members posed for my picture. They were Franci Agajanian and Rose Sapia.
At the next table were Patti Madden, Bob Leach, and Sherry De Friese.
At the same table were Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz.
Then Cheryl posed with Judy Lieb.
Two more new members, Caren Edler and Missy Troy, posed for me.
Then they stood up for a group picture with others at their table. Standing were Missy Troy, Sharon Wood, Diane Morgan, Christine Ofiesh, and Caren Edler. Seated were Julie Pircher and Carol Thueson.
The members at the table in the front center posed together for me. Sitting were C.C. Creasia, Cathy Creasia, Jeanne Niotta and Sandy Johnston. Standing were Rose Brooks Mitchell, Karen Chima, Marcia Montez, and Laury De Sanctis.
From the previous picture Laury De Sanctis and Rose Brooks Mitchell were prospective TGLA members.
Sandy Johnston smiled with her friend and prospective TGLA member Jeanne Niotta.
Now, it was time for "The Old Fashioned Carolers" to perform.
Here is their ”Songbook.” Everyone enjoyed joining in singing the Carols. Thank you, Oksana Giebeler for your generous “The Old Fashioned Carolers” contribution!

After "The Old Fashioned Carolers" performance ended, Trojan Candy went to take pictures of more guests.

I saw Wilma Pinder sitting with Kathie Austin.
At the same table, Terri Boyle and Sharon Schmidt smiled for this picture.
As I worked my way around the room, I took a picture of Ann Palmer and Mary Hall, who were standing behind Carol Wright and new member Kandi Wopshall.
At the next nearby table, Trojan Candy saw Mary Hall and her guests. Mary and Patricia Tucker stood for my picture. Seated were Mary’s husband Milton and their neighbors Mary and Al Whittlesey.
New TGLA member Edie Etmekjian and V.P. Membership Ann Proctor were sitting at the next table.
Finally, I made it to my table. Smiling were Lulu Louie-Wong, Rosalee Pechersky, Alnita Dunn, and Betty Gross.

6335Oksana finally made it back to her table. She and her husband Norman posed with Oksana’s Dad and Mom, Michael and Nina.

6346Trojan Candy was able to gather five new TGLA members for this picture with our President Sandy Johnston and our V.P. Membership Ann Proctor. From left to right are Kathie Austin, Kandi Wopshall, Laurie De Sanctis, Sandy, Ann, Marcia Montez, and Karen Chima.

Trojan Candy had to leave early, so I took my lunch home with me. Before I left, I asked Karen Chima to take pictures of each new member as they were introduced to the members. I also asked Karen to have someone take her picture. I chose Karen because she was walking around, like me, taking pictures with her cellphone. Karen sent me the following pictures that she took of the new members being introduced. THANK YOU, so much Karen!

Kandi Wopshall
Ann Proctor introduced Kandi Wopshall first.
Marcia Montez
Marcia Montez was introduced next.
Laury De Sanctis
The third new member was Laury De Sanctis.
Karen Chima
Ann introduced our fourth new member Karen Chima.


What an event filled USC TGLA Holiday meeting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022---USC TGLA Members at Town and Gown December Meeting

Trojan Candy arrived at check-in time, but everyone was already inside viewing the beautiful table decorations. As soon as I found my table, I took out my camera and began looking for my USC TGLA friends.

The first TGLA friends I saw were Marian Fukuda and new member Dorothy Conte.
Standing in front of the tree were Betty Gross, Sharon Dolezal Wood, Nikki Dana, Alnita Dunn, and Janet Eddy.
Then Jeanne Ruderman stood in front of the tree.
At a nearby table were more TGLA members. Standing were Town and Gown member Rhona Gewelber and D’Arcy McLeod. Seated were Julie Pircher, Carol Thueson, and Dorothy Conte.
Another new TGLA member Cathy Creasia posed with Sharon Schmidt, Barbara Hance and Jean Getchell.
Next, Cathy stood behind Oksana Giebeler.
Friend Jerry Ensom and Betty Gross smiled for this picture.
A Town and Gown scholar posed with Carol Wright.
Trojan Candy found more TGLA friends in the middle of the room. They were Carol Fox, Janet Eddy, Christine Ofiesh, Sharon Dolezal Wood, and Barbara Hance.
Kate Farlow and Jane Bensussen showed their beautiful smiles.
Ann Proctor posed for me between the chandeliers.
Trojan Candy walked outside looking for more TGLA friends. I found Juel Collins.
I saw TGLA friends Christin Moses and Diane Morgan with Town and Gown member Anna Salsman.
Also outside were Mary Hall and Janyce Teasley.
USC TGLA President Sandy Johnston posed with new members Karen Chima and Marcia Montez.
Sitting next to Karen Chima was Cheryl Schwartz.
Sandy introduced me to two prospective TGLA members. They were ?...
and Sandy’s guest Rose Brooks Mitchell.
At the end of the outside table were Town and Gown Executive Associate Kari May and Judy Lieb.
Trojan Candy saw Sherry De Friese near the Town and Gown entrance.
I finally went inside to my table. Here were my friends at my sister Patti’s table. From left to right, standing were Patti Poon, Kim Sase, Valerie Sampson, Raymond and Eiko Bates. Sitting were Dudley Poon, Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, and my husband Jim Yee.
On to take more pictures before the meeting started. I saw Associate Lorraine Adler and Sharon Schmidt.
At a nearby table were Town and Gown member Lois Valero and Patti Madden.
The Town and Gown meeting started. First, USC President Carol Folt greeted everyone.
Trojan Candy still looked for USC TGLA members whom I hadn’t taken a picture of yet. I found two members with Jeanne Ruderman. They were Suzanne Stillman and Linda Waxman.
After the meeting, Trojan Candy took this picture of Jessica and Jacob Vogel with Dr. Art Bartner. So nice to see Dr. Bartner again!
Then Judy Lieb posed with Dr. Bartner.
My last picture of the day was of Patti Poon and Barbara Hance.

Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, my husband Jim, and I helped Pat and Dudley carry the decorations outside.

What a busy, but enjoyable, Town and Gown Holiday meeting.