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Monday, November 16, 2020---Half Century Trojans Zoom On!--Patrick Auerbach

This is another Zoom On! meeting sponsored by the Half Century Trojans.

Our HCT President Janet Tonkovich introduced Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach as the speaker.
Patrick greeted everyone. He used several slides in his presentation.
Patrick's first slide "Did You Know" showed that USC is the largest private employer in the City of Los Angeles.
In the next slide "USC Class of 2024" Patrick emphasized that of the 3,460 students who actually enrolled at USC in the fall of 2020, 15% of them were SCions.
"USC Today: Our Trojan Family" states that there are 437,000 USC Alumni.
Next, Patrick gave some "Fun Facts" about our USC alumni. He said that 40% of the 437,000 Alumni live in Los Angeles County.
"Trojan Family: Fun Facts" listed top ten states other than California where USC Alumni live. Texas has the most USC Alumni. Patrick said that the #11 state is Hawaii.
Patrick's next slide "Trojan Family: Fun Facts" included countries outside of the USA where USC Alumni live. Patrick said that 20% of USC Alumni live overseas. China has the most USC Alumni.
The first "Half Century Trojans" slide told us that we number 18,000 who earned a bachelor's degree from any college or university at least 50 years ago.
The second "Half Century Trojans" slide gave us our responsibility as a Half Century Trojan. We are to "promote the Trojan spirit and to strengthen the bonds that connect USC alumni across generations."
"Alumni Near You" shows us how to find USC Alumni near you. The website is https://alumni.usc.edu/alumni-near-you/
The last slide was the "Spring 2021 Key Date Considerations." Let's hope that the dates will allow us to meet in person.

Patrick answered a few questions. HCT Board Member Diane Wallace asked Patrick, "Once the pandemic is over, will you continue possibly doing one or two virtual HCT events?" Patrick said, "There will be a new normal. Last January and February, with no notion, we decided to be different and started doing a bunch of online digital events in programming. When the pandemic came, we were ready and continued our zoom events. Once we can return to campus, we will have live events and zoom events."

The second question was asked by our Associate Director of Generational Programs Tanya Moran-Adolph. Her question was, "What's next for alumni relations?" Patrick acknowledged Tanya as a co-worker. Then he told her that we want to create the most progressive and innovative alumni relations. We are going to be a trendsetter with new platforms. Then Patrick recalled how successful the recent Virtual 5K Run-Walk was. The event was advertised on a website, and 1,230 USC runners registered for the event. What a successful Run-Walk!

The last question was asked by HCT Board Member Dann Angeloff. Dann asked Patrick when the new USC Spirit of Troy Director is going to be chosen. Patrick replied that there has been a high interest in the position. A small pool of finalists has been chosen and a new director might be chosen in about two weeks.

11What an informative HCT zoom meeting. Thank you, Patrick!


Wednesday, October 28, 2020---Half Century Trojans Salute to Dr. Art Bartner

The HCT Events Committee and our Associate Director/Generational Programs Tanya Moran-Adolph organized this Zoom event which honored Band Director Dr. Arthur C. Bartner.

Associate Senior Vice-President for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach started the Salute to Dr. Bartner.
Our HCT President Janet Tonkovich welcomed everyone to our Salute to Dr. Bartner next.
Next Dr. Bartner joined our Zoom meeting with a picture of himself with Lynn Swann and Marv Goux.

Dr. Bartner then showed us his favorite USC football game highlights and Spirit of Troy performances.

His first favorite game was the 1970 game against Notre Dame.
Henry Mancini was a guest performer at the 1970 game. Trojan Candy was an alumna in the Coliseum stands.
The 1974 USC vs Notre Dame in Los Angeles was Dr. Bartner's next favorite game. At halftime, USC was behind 24-6.
The Spirit of Troy guest star during halftime was Robert Goulet.
Then, the USC grid star at the 3rd quarter kick-off was Anthony Davis. He returned the kick-off 102 yards for a touchdown. The score was now Notre Dame 24- USC 13. Trojan Candy and everyone else, sensing a dramatic change in momentum, began standing in the Coliseum after this.
Then, in the next 17 minutes, USC scored 42 more unanswered points. The last USC touchdown was scored on an interception by Charles Phillips. USC beat Notre Dame 55-24! What a comeback victory!
Dr. Bartner sounded so proud to perform in Times Square before the Syracuse game.
This 1976 picture was of Corky and Coach John McKay, Coach John and Beverly Robinson and Dr. Art and Barbara Bartner.
The next game that Dr. Bartner mentioned was the 1980 Rose Bowl game vs Ohio State. Charles White was our star tailback that season.
During halftime of the 1980 Rose Bowl, the Spirit of Troy played "Tusk" for the first time in public. Here is the formation on the field.

Charles White scored the winning touchdown at the end of the 1980 Rose Bowl. He ran for 71 yards of the 83 yards gained by the USC offense in the winning drive. USC beat Ohio State 17 to 16! Trojan Candy sat in the end zone where Charles White scored the winning touchdown.

Dr. Bartner remembered Coach Ted Tollner and two of his stars---Jack Del Rio and Duane Bickett.
The halftime of the 1985 Rose Bowl game featured a Statue of Liberty in the middle of the Spirit of Troy. This was one of the best halftime shows Trojan Candy has ever seen!
Proud father Dr. Bartner surely smiled at his daughter Debbie, the middle Song Girl, as she performed during the 1985 Rose Bowl game.
Our team beat Ohio State 20-17 in the 1985 Rose Bowl game.
After beating the Bruins in the Coliseum on November 11, 1987, Rodney Peete directed "Conquest" with the Spirit of Troy.
Then Head Coach Larry Smith also directed the Spirit of Troy.
Now Dr. Bartner recalled the 1996 Rose Bowl game. We beat Northwestern 41-32. John Robinson came back for a second time as Head Coach, and Keyshawn Johnson was the star of the game. Trojan Candy also attended this exciting game.
Next, Dr. Bartner fondly remembered the Pete Carroll era as our coach. He headlined the 2005 USC vs Notre Dame football game at South Bend. The stars were Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.
Our team lined up for the final play.
Then, the "Bush Push" for the winning touchdown.
Coach Pete Carroll and our team celebrated the victory with the Spirit of Troy!
The last football game that Dr. Bartner described was the 2018 Rose Bowl game vs Penn State. Our quarterback Sam Darnold was one of the stars.
Another star of the game was our receiver Deontay Burnett who caught a touchdown with 1:22 left on the clock. After the PAT was good, the score was tied at 49-49.
USC's Leon McQuay III intercepted Penn State's pass with 33 seconds left in the game.

41Then, USC's kicker Matt Boermeester kicked the winning field goal with no time on the clock. USC won 52-49 over Penn State! Trojan Candy also saw this Rose Bowl Victory in person! It is still unbelievable!

42Football Coach Clay Helton, the Spirit of Troy and the football team gave Dr. Bartner a #50 jersey to celebrate his fiftieth year as Director.

HCT Events Committee Chairman Jay Berger joined Dr. Bartner for the "Question and Answer" segment.

In the next segment former Spirit of Troy members paid tribute to Dr. Bartner. The band alumni were Terry Cravens, Harry Joseph, Paul Brosche, Ted Meyer and Rick Nordin. A 1968 original Song Girl Sue Bennett thanked Dr. Bartner for embracing us and breaking the barriers for us.

Dr. Bartner's friend Tom Bahler said that "We Trojans are proud to claim you as our own."

Jay Berger and Janet Tonkovich presented a beautiful plaque to Dr. Bartner which he held up for everyone to see. Our current Helen of Troy had personally presented the plaque to Dr. Bartner at his home.
The Spirit of Troy ended Dr. Bartner's Salute.
Thank you and Fight On!

62If you look at the top of the last picture, you will see a tiny picture. I have enlarged it here. It is Dr. Bartner with 2020 Helen of Troy.

Our Associate Director/Generational Programs Tanya Moran-Adolph has posted a video of our HCT Salute to Dr. Bartner on YouTube. CLICK HERE to see the video at https://youtu.be/em6J2JCWjDA